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  1. To conclude this entry, I received a New PS4 today via Overnight. It was stripped of the cords and controller and shipped in original box with the system still fresh in it's wrapping. Incredible turn around. From Return to new System, 5 days! Impressive.
  2. There are several solutions and varying degrees to which people can be affected by the Blue Light. It's only a very slim majority of people that have to ship it back. There are solutions from switching the HDMI Cables to inserting a game in and out a few times and it will click. Some have a defect in the system to where the metal in the back of the system in the HDMI Slot is protruding a hair too far causing a less than perfect connection with the cable. It's recommended on some sites that you can simply push the piece down and it will fix the problem. The other solution if you are able to get that far is to boot the PS4 in SafeMode and then reset the settings. Unfortunately, I was one of the very slim number of people with a defective and inoperable unit. It happens. Still have all the love in the world for Sony and the fact of how efficient and kind all the staff was that I spoke to at Playstation, I have no worries that I will be gaming on it again in no time. If anyone else gets the Blue Light, please share. I would be interested in seeing how many people have had it happen to them already.
  3. The "Blue Light" will appear if you turn on the PS4 and you don't have a signal to the TV. It's not a solid light. It is a slow flash. You can still eject games and what not, you just will have ZERO output to the TV. I was having no problems with connecting to PSN when I switched to Wired. The moment I went to try to connect Wireless it just told me there was an error. Didn't even go through any steps. As for your problem, do you hold the button for a few seconds? If you hold the PS4 Power button for more than a few seconds it will beep twice if you have a controller connected to it and then you will access the Safe mode settings. I told my wife that I was set on the PS4, I have tons of games I have not even played yet on the PS3 and would be content waiting for them to work out the bugs. I shouldn't be complaining but the only reason I have a PS4 now instead of later on is because we won it at in a contest from a local store that pre-ordered it on Launch day. I appreciate having one but there isn't enough out there for me personally enough to warrant the purchase. Had there been I would be a little more on edge about my PS4 being gone right now. Too busy trying to earn my first Plat of the Year. Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus.
  4. As a follow up from this post: I received my box to return the PS4 on 2/5, the very next day. I packed it up and shipped it back to them the same day. It came in an overnight box. I will update you when the PS4 returns. I have taken a pic of the serial number to find out if I get mine back or another one. Curious to find out what the hardware issue is that is causing the blue light in the first place. One of the tech recommendations is to try a different TV. If the PS4 worked on one TV and not the other, I wouldn't be happy with that solution. Not really "Gaming how you want it".
  5. I am in desperate need of some "friends" who play Resogun and Zen Pinball. Nothing is more deflating than filtering a leader board to show friends only and you are by your lonesome. PSN ID is TUFFERWEAR Would love to do some Resogun online with someone. Can't seem to connect with anyone beyond the Experienced Setting, if at all. Thanks ahead of time!
  6. I don't know how common it is for people but I was unfortunate enough to have received the infamous PS4 Blue Light. Before I received it I was having problems with the wireless network. It just all of a sudden stopped working. When trying to connect or grab an IP it instantly popped up an error message. I was able to connect via LAN and play fine. Next evening, go to turn it on and I get a blue light and nothing on the screen. I did all the trouble shooting needed however the reason for this post is to comment on the Sony Customer Support team. On the site it said that you can expect about 15 minute wait time to talk to someone and the moment I pressed PS4 option I was on the line with someone. Better still it was the shortest tech support call ever. All I said was that I had the Blue Light and they immediately got me set up for service. I was told it would take a few days for them to ship a box to me. I was ok with this as I am not even close to done with the PS3. I called Sony back when I didn't receive an email from them about my return and the guy I spoke with expedited the matter and the box was shipped out that day. I didn't ask for anything but an email and he went above and beyond to make sure it was taken care of. Are there any other people who had the blue light? Was anyone who had it able to fix it with the safe mode repair feature or worked on another tv? Curious to see about the fail rate. When it was first reported they said it was very limited and most of what I see on the net is people saying their problem was fixed. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. All I can comment on the topic is to say that service pays for itself regardless of location. The discounts are terrific. The Free Game aspect is tough but people also have to take culture and personal choice into consideration. Certain regions are prone to different types of interests. The cloud saving alone is a great insurance policy. One thing I noticed that they stopped doing, giving out freebies. Remember when they would give out Dynamic Themes or Avatar bundles exclusive to Plus? Plus has a lot of perks in PS Home if that's your bag as well. Personally, I'd always envisioned a virtual reality where you would have avatars start talking to strangers since the debut of AOL. Now that it's actually here....never use it. It is fun to watch the creepers go nuts the moment a single female avatar walks in to a location. My personal frustration is when games I already have are offered for extreme discounts and/or Free the following month. I suppose that's the price you pay for Now instead of Later. And what hurts most? I am so damn backlogged I probably didn't even launch the damn game in the first place so if I had just waited a bit I would have saved money.I think I am a DLC-aholic? Do they have those? So yeah, I dig PS+ and pity Morgan's job because there is no way to please everyone. Morgan is doing his job which is to avoid speaking for the company while also relaying vague messages as to allow people to feel as though their thoughts and concerns are heard.
  8. FINALLY I CONTRIBUTED SOMETHING TO THE BOARD! Gonna be a long while before I am able to do that again. Can anyone confirm for me about Spartacus being Freemium?
  9. Isn't Spartacus Freemium? It's a 2 Gig install and then the add ons that are available for it are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. Not sure if it is worth the download. I am open to counter points if there are any because I am always open to trying a new game. The more you try the more you can find what you do and don't like. Will have to try Derby with the Move though, thanks for the suggestion.
  10. If it helps I never took it as you being a Dick. I was just trying to have some fun. I hate that tone is not conveyed Textually. And a side note...The Home Run Derby is likely in the game. This was just an off shoot of the game that Sony was selling for $7 before and decided to make it free this week. Don't know if it will last long but it has 3 GOLD trophies. Had it been bronze trophies only, then it's up to you if you want to do it. But if you can time pressing "X" at the right time for less than 10 minutes you will earn 100% Completion, 3 Gold Trophies, 1 Bronze and you may even find yourself having fun in the process. Anyone who isn't a sports person...Neither am I, but this is the best part of baseball...Just batting. No Strikes, no Bases, just hit the damn ball. You don't have to love Baseball to know that in order to win you hit the stitched ball over the fence. It was a fun game and I personally enjoyed it. I'll go play that game over and over again before I even once consider picking up MLB 13 The Show to play. That's just me though.
  11. Captain America and Green Lantern were Easy Plats. Honestly, both games got ragged on in the reviews department but they were more fun to play then they are given credit for.
  12. Yes it is ultra rare. It's because the only people that knew of it or wanted to get it were "Trophy Hunters" or by your words "Trophy Whores". In fact it was featured on IGN on "Trophy Hunters" and said what an easy completion it was. I don't think you are observing the humor here. I am trying to show you that you are embarrassed or concerned that you would appear as a trophy whore for getting the game when in fact you have games that are in fact the staple of a "Trophy Whore's" diet....easy games to complete...LOL. Cheers mate.
  13. Wouldn't want to make people think I was a trophy whore said the guy who has 100% on "The Wake Up Club" and "New Paint Park" for the Vita. LOL
  14. Just want to let fellow Trophy Hunters out there know that "MLB 13 The Show:Home Run Derby" Is now Free on PSN and comes with TROPHIES. It's free to ANYONE, not just Plus members. Just looking out. Enjoy! Forgot to Mention that their are only 4 Trophies to get 100% and the Free Trophies are 1 Bronze and 3 GOLD!!!
  15. I have the game and have played through the first few levels. It plays just like Wolverine: Origins and has some very clever dialog. The game play is no more repetitive than any other game that has a light attack and a heavy attack.There are a lot of upgrades and Deadpool's commentary throughout the game is entertaining. There is a lot of voice over throughout the combat and after playing for a few hours I didn't notice a repetition of annoying lines, all were pretty fresh. It's worth a look.