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  1. MG Cerberus gear is still the best gear in the game. The Jericho Legacy gear is extraneous. The Kraken DLC is excellent though and you should buy it!
  2. I agree. I tried 4BC after the most recent update after a year hiatus and it felt like a completely different - but far less fun - game. Each difficulty level used to feel tough but fair, now 4BC is absurd to the point of comical.
  3. Why are people complaining about getting more of a good game? I also bought the complete edition and don't mind shelling out a few more bucks to support a good indie developer, especially if they continue to put out quality games and DLC.
  4. This game took me months of practice on and off to finally 100%. Don't give up!
  5. As long as you are cordial to each character, you'll continue to boost their affection. You can also send them greeting cards from the desktop to further boost your affection with them.
  6. The DLC adds some really great upgrades to your drone and your character. Plus, the final boss of the DLC is more fun and challenging than any of the main game bosses.
  7. Solbrain, Knight of Darkness and A Bastard's Tale are far worse than this game, in addition to dozens of other low budget titles.
  8. If you're not playing this amazing DLC, you're really missing out. It adds at least a dozen hours of new gameplay and exploration to the game, something quite rare in an age of 1-2 hour DLCs.
  9. Blade and Bones (if you like Souls style games)
  10. Even without trophies, this was an awesome DLC.
  11. It's a great DLC that has the funniest boss fight in the game. The only downside is that it's 2 hours long (about 3-4 if you're collecting everything).
  12. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age