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  1. Anybody else have this same problem? The trophy 'Global Warfighters' is suppose to unlock when you reached rank 13-14. Unlocking at least one of each of the soldiers/warfighters. I'm already in rank 71 and had no clue. I thought it was going to pop along with the trophy 'Warchief'. If there's any solution please help! otherwise this game will have an unachievable Platinum trophy!
  2. 10/10 Flawless..
  3. "hehe she doesn't suspect a thing!"
  4. 10/10 SOOO Beautiful!
  5. Uncharted 3 Multiplayer 2.0 and Tomb Raider MP to sum it up.
  6. Yes I do have battlelog, I've done that and still nothing pops. DId this trophy glitch on you too?
  7. Also Sprach Brooks
  8. Mooooo! I'm a spider!
  9. Haha the first time I saw the Xbox One, I said.. "Wth? a VCR?" Let's just hope the PS4 won't come out looking like crap.
  10. Levi's Hot weather or Cold weather?
  11. I finally got the chance to see The Melancoly of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 1, 2 and The Disappearanceos Haruhi Suzumiya.. they were amazing!
  12. Rosario + Vampire- Season 1 and Capu 2
  13. Wesker Spend a vacation in.. Raccoon City? Or Arkham City?
  14. Medal of Honor Warfighter Job Done Completed 3 Combat Mission objectives
  15. I don't know why, but I think Franklin's story looks more interesting IMO.
  16. Resident Evil 4!! What can I say? Leon is the best!
  17. After a year or so, I'm certain Sony will release a newer and better model.
  18. Scorpion Anime or Manga?
  19. Fruits Basket, so awesome!!
  20. I wonder what the xbox's new features will be.. I mean it's already great as it is.
  21. I hope they don't ruin it...