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  1. Well I didn't see anything like this topic so I though why not. My habit is collecting coins/ U.S money and Canada money. Now what's yours good or bad?
  2. It’s not just a pop up add for me it takes me to a new page called happy go lucky I can’t even select somethings without being taken there. I had to cancel a game session because I could not get to it.
  3. Hello😁

    1. GT__Jedi


      Hmmmm....love is in the air?

    2. Zonpakuto


      How’s it going?

  4. Caution aubreyplayful is a spam account for an adult web site.

    1. ShadowStar83x


      I've blocked anyone not a friend from contacting me, so I'm not worried.

  5. Anyone run a NETGEAR R7500-100NAS Nighthawk or any nighthawk series?

  6. Does anyone own a netduma r1? If so do you like it?

  7. Is warframe good? I see there lots of dlc is it worth the money?

    1. snakebit10


      Warframe is free to play and all the dlc is free.

    2. Condemned09


      Warframe is a good game especially playing with friends

    3. Zonpakuto


      Dlc are free nice think im going to check it out. So it a coop game ill have to find some people then

  8. Is call of duty black ops dead?

    1. skateak


      The original? No but last I heard the lobbies have been affected by hacks giving people God Mode, Infinite Kill Streaks, Invisibility, things like that.

    2. Zonpakuto


      Think about buying dlc not sure

    3. skateak


      Doubt the maps would be populated

  9. I know some of you dont work, so to those under that age what are you going into? Me im a security Guard i like it most of the time when the weather is nice.
  10. if you can do any type of programing stay with it.
  11. best of luck !
  12. Would anyone like to help i need two kills Resident evil siege dlc for 100%

  13. So pissed "Your permissions to access online multiplayer may have changed or your profile may have been signed in elsewhere." Dam bungie!

  14. i dont live near water, my girlfriend loves the water she always talks about it.
  15. I have a picture of your doorstep view?
  16. any type of retail is a pain. nice.
  17. what are you mining for?
  18. looks like you have a plan!
  19. Shin-chan!
  20. hight school, collage?
  21. I believe Alaska is very expensive place to live i imagine the people appreciate what you do .
  22. M media as in news media?
  23. i was a cashier for 9 years and i do not miss it, well other then the i candy 4th of july that i miss. what type of law enforcement are you?
  24. are you a collage student?