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  1. I have always wanted to give this game a try, and its on sale as part of the superhero bundle this week on psn. But I heard a lot of games servers went down along with Gamespy back in May. I couldn't find any conclusive evidence this game was shut down though. Does anyone know? The plat looks pretty easy and it would be a shame if it was now unobtainable.
  2. I'm trying to get the survive 40 flags trophy and finish up the game, but after flag 10 I get this debilitating lag that makes the game MUCH harder to play. I managed to stick with it all of the way though to flag 30 when the game freezes and did not let me continue, is this typical or is there something wrong with my version of the game?
  3. As a Mileena main myself, I found this pretty difficult when I started too. Then I found a nifty thread on with specific directions on how to wake up with Mileena. they are as follows -Go to bank. -Transfer life savings into checking account -Shower and dress nice. -Go to Outworld bar. -Order Henny on the rocks. -Notice Mileena but don't look. -Pay for drink intentionally drop bank slip. -Walk away -Mileena sees slip and gives it to you. Notices money in checkings account. -Thank her. Ask if she comes here often. -Engage in small talk. Order her another drink. -Ask to be excused while you text your employees at your company. -Actually transfer savings back to savings account via online banking. -Break ice with such lines as: "How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice clone." "Am I in Quan Chi's trance, or am I just captivated by you?" "On your knees" -Go back to Hotel -Wait patiently as she goes to bathroom to freshen up. -Answer her ringing phone and say " Fuck you Reiko you had your chance" -Marvel as she reappears strikingly teleporting out of her attire. -Intercourse -Sleep -Wake up -Mileena: Was it good for you? Congratulations, you've just woken up with Mileena.
  4. So, I backtracked into the sewer to get a RYNO schematic and gold bolt I missed and now I cant get back out. The main sewer door is shut and even if I reactivate the sewer system the door dose not open and I drown. Is there something im missing?
  5. Yes but there hardly seems any point of going for trophys now since the game is no longer being supported and the platinum is now unachiveable. I may pick it up anyway and play it on a alternate account.
  6. Add the ability to organize the download list. Mines a mess, with huge amounts of demos, DLCS, vita games, ps1 & ps2 games, online passes, and ps+ games I'm probably never going to play. its like 600 things I need to navigate though just to see what i have or locate something.
  7. me aswell, add me THEQXD
  8. As gamers, it seems to me we have given our self's titles to show our dedication to what we do. Some of us play casually so "casual", while others are called "Trophy hunters". But what do you call yourself in this regard? I would probably call myself a "Trophy Escort"because I"ve never liked the way trophy whore sounded.
  9. MAG, and Resistance 2 very soon
  10. Mines Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and i mostly have to settle for playing online, which is riddled with Doom/Virgil try-hards. But the amount of fun playing with your friends and still learning new stuff about the game 3 years after its release is still a blast!
  11. To my understanding, you get Deadlocked when you but the game, is that a code you get or is it available to download from the disk? I was not sure If I should buy a used or new copy.
  12. Plat 53 Deadpool, great game. Dumbass trophy list.

  13. BAM! Plat 52 God of war Ascension! That makes all 6 GOW Platinums!

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    2. THEQXD


      I liked it, but it definitely felt way different from previous GOW games. I think they augmented it to fit a multiplayer audience and put that combat engine in the game. It was just different, not bad. The only real issue i had is they made the parry system harder to use and highly punishable but again they did augment the combat for multiplayer.

    3. xf22Razgriz



      as a prequel and succeeded in conveying but it is somehow flat.. Unlike in previous instalment wherein you have this urge

      to go after the next.. Ascension will only give you " it was done" making the entire exp. dull.

    4. WuTangJase-
  14. This is sooooo Dumb, at 3 plats i'm like alright, maybe this sorta thing will only happens to all 3 platforms once. But 5 freaking times! Now I got to either make friends in Hong Kong or Make another Asian PSN account!
  15. Although a high level is somewhat impressive, a high completion is sort of what makes that high level impressive. To me anyway. It really depends on how serious you are about trophy's. If you are trying to get every trophy possible but don't necessarily have the dedication to go for the plat or 100% you could have a relatively high level without the completion because 1 playthough of a game may net you around 50% of the trophy's BUT the plat may be another 1 or 2 playthoughs of the same game. So how I see it in the grand scheme of things is a high completion sorta translates to how many plats you want over the grand total of trophy's you want. Sorry for rambling
  16. Thanks was losing my mind over this
  17. I have a friend who had activated multiple accounts on his friends multiple PS3 systems and now after deactivating his own system, he can no longer download or play any of his downloaded games or DLC packs. Anyways after trying to do research on the subject we could find any actual help outside of deactivating the account physically which is impossible on some of the systems. Is there any way to deactivate your account remotely? Or his he just going to have to make a new one?
  18. Thanks guys! I will let him know.
  19. 49 and counting, on the verge of about 3 more but waiting to play a specific game for my 50th milestone. By this time next week I should have 53 7 of them being ULTRA RARE!!!
  20. Normally I would say Mortal Kombat 2011, i might have to go with platinuming Catherine not once but TWICE! That tower is officially my bitch!
  21. No, just a Gloom Shroom setup using instants, but now i have to start all over
  22. Ok, so I Have a HDMI to VGA cable and I'm trying to set up my HP monitor to play games on it. But the monitor does not seem to read the PS3. I'm sort of just wondering what settings my monitor or PS3 need to be at to work here?
  23. It did not work but I think I found the issue, I guess the cord only transmits an analog signal vs a digital one so it makes sense that the connections do not work. thank you for your effort though
  24. My monitor only supports 1600x900, but i tried you method earlier and it unfortunately did not work, i also tried using the VGA input though my HDTV and my HDTV did not pick up the signal either, even after waiting for the second beep to reset the output settings.
  25. I dont think so, I used to have this set up using a stubby little converter and it worked fine. the only difference is it has a cord attached to it now. I really think my setting are just mess up or something.