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  1. So excited!!! 8 days left and Uncharted 4 will arrive!! :D Anyone else who will get it on release?

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    2. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Me! The collector's edition is the edition I'm getting! :) Will be definitely playing it at launch.

    3. Ruliya


      What can I say Klaudia? The Hype is reaaaal xD Love the series.

    4. Klaudia


      Oh the collector's edition, I wanted that too. But it was expensive here so only special edition for me! (:

      Sound awesome! Good luck and have fun with the game on launch everyone! ;D

  2. Anyone playing Smite on PS4? :)

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    2. AlphaTrash
    3. Gate_Guard


      let me check if it's still good

    4. Gate_Guard


      Sorry, don't have one /:

  3. Thief, what do you guys think about the game? Buy? Don't buy?

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    2. Klaudia


      Okay thanks! Well it is good to know! But hopefully I'll enjoy the game like I did with Dishonored! ^_^

    3. Roster13


      Let me know how it is. It's been sitting for ages on my backlog.

    4. Klaudia


      Haha I'll let you know! :)

  4. Well, Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Good, short, but not the best game in the series and tooo easy to achieve platinum o;

    1. StrickenBiged


      I've heard a lot of conflicting opinions on it. Based on that, I think £20 is my price point for Syndicate. Would you agree that that's a fair price, or is it worth more/less?

    2. Killah184


      It's the best one Ive played since part 2. I'm just glad there was no multiplayer

    3. Klaudia


      Well, I have played every AC games so far ( Unity not so much though >< ) and I have to say that £20 would be a fair price for the game actually. Syndicate missed the fun we had in the old games! In my opinion, they where trying to make the game look good instead of making a good gameplay! But that's what I am thinking! o;

      Haha I don't like the mp either. But this isn't one of my favorites in the series /:

  5. Finally, I got platinum in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time!! :'D

  6. Finally, platinum in Need for Speed: Shift!

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    2. Klaudia


      Hahah thanks!

      Yeah, I can play other games now :'D

    3. Cooltedan


      GRATZ!!! :D Then i can delete the game from the hdd again ;)

    4. Klaudia


      Hahaha yes u can! And thanks for ur little help ;D