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  1. Thanks for your reply. I think I will pick up a copy 👍
  2. Hey guys, now that fifa 22 is out how is matchmaking for fifa 21. Is there still a healthy player base to get the online trophies?
  3. Hey guys with the imminent release of the GTA trilogy on PS4/PS5 it got me thinking about how awesome a GTA IV remaster would be. What are your thoughts and would this be something you would like to see? - Anyone heard of any R* intentions on this?
  4. For anyone trying to obtain this trophy without a second controller I have a couple of tips to save you some time: 1. Head into ‘kick off’ - Use a 5* team and play against a 2* team. i.e (FC Barcelona vs BK Häken) - Select amateur difficulty. 2. Gain possession and then dribble the ball around the outside of the opponent’s box (aim to get as close as possible) - This will make it easier. 3. Once you gain a free kick, make sure to aim for either top left/ top right corners. 4. Should you miss, make sure to use the new rewind feature in FIFA 22. (L2+R2+Options Button). - Retry the free kick until you score. This trophy can be buggy if you use the right stick to knuckleball, top/side spin. (Best to try and score without using any of the additional skills).
  5. List below the best PS5 releases you’ve played so far:
  6. Hey guys, what’s everybody’s opinion on this trophy list? - Difficult/Achievable Platinum?
  7. Hey guys, does anyone know if ‘New World Interactive’ or ‘Focus Home Interactive’ have mentioned a potential PS5 release?
  8. 1. Turn difficulty to 'Hard' 2. Fast travel anywhere random. (Just so your game refreshes) 3. Leave your operator unattended for approx. ten minutes. an operator at random should then be kidnapped.