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  1. What digital only Japanese CERO-Z rated games are there?
  2. Look around at the site you're on. Again, if you already have the Platinum for Hardware Rivals, the 10,000th hour of it is not going to be any different than the first hour of it. Why continue to play at that point? I mean if they really don't have anything going on with their lives (trust me, I've looked at the people playing regularly that are acting as boosting breakers, they don't), then maybe they need to. Let me explain something to you: Most of the people playing Hardware Rivals "for fun" are preventing people from obtaining the Platinum. No one's entitled to the Platinum, but dealing with people trolling a player base that are just after the Platinum and will likely leave after getting the Platinum makes it more difficult. If you want to go for the Platinum and you have better luck with obtaining it, be my guest. Apparently you also want to act as a 'white knight' for them too. And may I add that most of the non-trophy hunting regulars for this game ate paint chips in their share time so I'm amazed at the defense force that has started for them. They should be proud.
  3. There isn't a best time really. It's not like other multiplayer games I've seen where the game is dead and you know what time whatever regulars won't be available. I have seen one of the 'tryhard' regulars play for 10 freaking hours (like seriously that dude needs to get a life or play something else).
  4. So investigating Super Cloudbuilt further -- there is a Ranked Mode, but I'm wondering if it's in-game Ranked Mode or if it does require a connection to a server (leaderboards, etc). Problem is it's locked (I would probably have to beat the game to open it). Can anyone that has it unlocked test it out by having their internet unplugged to see if that mode does require an online connection to do?
  5. Checking a trophy guide, no there doesn't appear to be. EDIT: Of course I've been fooled before, so I'll download it (since I have it already) and check and make sure there isn't some server it connects to when you boot up the game.
  6. Good, I'm glad I was wrong about Challenge Mode. I'm able to access it as well. Is anyone able to make progress on Single Player grinds? I'm looking at the grinds menu and a lot of them appear to be 'greyed out' but I'm not sure if that means anything.
  7. Just checked at 1:30 pm EST and servers still appear to be up. This doesn't mean that they will be up forever and somehow Rockstar Games missed this. When I go to Rockstar Social Club for this game, it only shows the PC version and nothing on the console versions. If you're starting today and you haven't paid attention for months, you're likely S.O.L. Also, it should be noted for emphasis: CHALLENGE MODE REQUIRES AN ONLINE CONNECTION TO GET BOTH TROPHIES. In order to get both trophies, you have to have beaten the game. Once the servers shutdown, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET THESE TWO TROPHIES.
  8. Does anyone know if League of Friends trophy from DC premium content can be obtained offline or locally? EDIT: Just tested it! IT CAN!
  9. If it's an allowed offline game, it might be a decent and fun Platinum. Hopefully they won't patch stuff out that allows for it to be boosted (i.e. you can't invite friends to play either as Juliana or Colt). As is usually the case, developers/publishers seem to want to make getting a Platinum harder than it needs to be. Also, I hope there's no servers involved; if so, the Platinum's on a timer.
  10. It's on the first page that people need to be online to complete challenge mode. If they can't figure it out, I can't help them.
  11. This game makes me want a new Bayonetta on PS5 along with a PS5 remaster of Nier Automata and Bayonetta 1 & 2. Get this into my veins. Hopefully it's not some online bullshit MMORPG that's using this as a base.
  12. Online is working; just earned an online trophy with another person this afternoon. It's likely they didn't find anyone, therefore they concluded the servers are shutdown.
  13. They made Toy Wars too hard. NOTE: If you are designing games for kids, make that shit easy!!!!! Team Asobi seem to get away with this a lot (look at Astro Bot Rescue Mission and its challenge mode).
  14. I second this. The 'regulars'/tryhards on this game are probably the most toxic community of gamers/gatekeepers I've ever seen. Even if you aren't trophy hunting and just wanted to play casually and play against your friends, they spend the entirety of the match running around and getting kills. Then the casual audience leaves and go play something else rather than deal with it. One of them literally played from 3 pm EST to 10 pm EST and he was already done/had nothing left to prove/had the Platinum. They have a YouTube page where they essentially stroke each other about how great they are.
  15. I'm getting reports that All Of The Above trophy is an online trophy - can anyone confirm if it can be done offline or at least progress towards it obtained offline? EDIT: Just tested it while signed out of PSN. I was able to access grinds menu offline so it's likely obtainable.