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  1. Stroking around at the speed of sound, got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow. Surely Stroke The Hedgehog is better than Big The Cat.
  2. The game was made by a bunch of a f*cking hacks formerly at Evolution Studios, so what's to be expected. I can't see sh*t either when it's dark and have run into too many rocks while driving on night time tracks too.
  3. I checked as well and didn't see it. Friend I talked to claimed it was supported.
  4. Carmageddon: Max Damage may also be affected by Gamesparks server shutdown too. There's only two online trophies for it. Same friend told me about it too.
  5. Not too sure that the Platinum for Onrush will be possible in the number of days left. Friend of mine pointed out that Geared Up trophy requires level 78 to get (since the level is online connected). I'm testing my copy of Onrush to see what works/what doesn't before I start it.
  6. I did the survey and asked them in every fill-in question why they haven't fixed the PS5 autopop yet. And using Trello is pointless for them if they won't actually fix issues.
  7. *checks profile to see if you have Dirt Rally online trophies or it even completed* You really don’t have any room to talk since you didn’t even try. Let’s get a few things straight: 1) There was no way of knowing that EA would shut down the servers for the game on the same date as removal from EA Play. Typically removal from EA Play and server shutdowns are spread out. Although it’s interesting that EA is removing a lot of early Codemasters games now. 2) Even with having 7 years, it would take longer than currently is possible to get the online trophies not to mention the grind for wager trophy and the random nature of events being available. 3) Honestly, your post goes against the spirit and nature of the trophy hunting community. We all know we should have done it sooner. We get it.
  8. So after doing a daily rallycross event with a dummy account....yeah, I'll be skipping this one.
  9. It sounds like an actual job at this point smh.
  10. Yeah, if they don't appear as often that may lean me towards not bothering. The last obtainers for Circuit Trained was on September 4th and last obtainer for The Way Is Up was September 13th. So the events may still be occurring but judging by the last obtainers, it's probably not a good idea to start now.
  11. I'm not sure with the amount of time left if it'll be possible for me to complete the online trophies on DIRT Rally. The trophies where you have to finish in Top Tier of daily events may be a bit hard depending on how many people are still doing it (and the wonderful thing with lifers on the game driving the top 33.3% to an impossible reach). Monthly event requires a lot of caution to complete, so if you wreck the car, you're screwed. Unless I'm just grossly underestimating my own abilities or how easy it is to do the daily events.
  12. So I looked into Babylon's Fall and the free PS5 upgrade and....it's true that it's no longer available but in certain regions. My UK account offered the free PS5 upgrade but said it couldn't be purchased at this time (I already had the upgrade installed on my main account but that shouldn't affect it). It did load the PS5 version right up though. Hong Kong account still have the free upgrade available. Japanese account didn't offer any upgrades at all, just a chance to wishlist it. US 2nd account lets you upgrade with the disc, but doesn't show it available for purchase.
  13. I'll confirm it with one of my dummy accounts later.
  14. There's a limit to doing the quit method. For the trophies to pop on 25/50/100 wins, you have to play a match and score goals for the trophies to pop. That happened to a friend of mine boosting on this game.
  15. Question for people going for the Platinum for this: Would it be easier to do the campaign trophies first (Cosmic/Galaxy Cup stuff) than to dive straight into online trophies? Seeing the comment about AI becoming harder the higher the level you are has me wondering. Also is there any idle timer? I have 4 consoles (2 PS4s and 2 PS5s - yes I know) so I literally could load the game on all 4 and probably have an easier time with interceptions and not dealing with AI.