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  1. $20 and looks like a gorgeous polished game but no Platinum. And it's from Konami. So $20 saved.
  2. If the servers are back and you are reading this and have this game, work on this game ASAP. I imagine that Sony will announce a shutdown for this and potentially Killzone Shadowfall (which I need to finish up soon for the 100% on Intercept and main game).
  3. I just checked the game and got a message to always connect which is weird. I'm downloading the update to confirm the online issues. I'm glad I got the Platinum when I did but I always get mad when I see stuff like this happen. EDIT: I tried all three modes in public multiplayer and got a message that matchmaking services have failed. So I think the servers are dead.
  4. Great, I'm sure someone is insane enough to go for two more stacks of Vanquish Platinums. Prepare to lose your life to tactical challenge #6.
  5. Thanks for the help on boosting this (although I really need to get back to this and finish it). Why oh why did I start this game? I'm not sure 'fun' is the operative word. It beats playing Rogue Warrior or Hannah Montana The Movie though.
  6. So there appears to be two trophy stacks (presumably one for US, maybe one for EU). It appears the same except they got rid of "Jumped In" trophy. I know as soon as I get SRTT Remastered, I'll be working on the Platinum /100%.
  7. Oh boy oh boy I can't wait to climb a fucking water tower in 4K resolution to look for a Playboy magazine (I haven't Platinum'ed Mafia II yet so I know how ridiculous it is).
  8. It's also Thanksgiving too. Last year, I gave Black Friday 2020 as a prediction for both Xbox Series X and PS5 to someone who works at Gamestop that I know, she looked at me, took a deep breath, and said "I would quit my job if that were true."
  9. The developers also sound like they don't know what the hell they are doing if they are asking people what trophies are bugged. You mean to tell me they said a game was ready for publication, they didn't test it thoroughly, they signed off on it being ready, the publisher thought it was okay based on what the developers said, and now they want to know what exact trophies are bugged? Gimme a break. The QA process probably consisted of "does the game run?" "Yes, it does." "Does it crash to dashboard?" "No, it doesn't." "OK, we're done here."
  10. Based on the gameplay, it's weird (but awesome) combination of God of War setpieces plus Assassin's Creed parkour/combat with the Prince of Persia Sands of Time time shifting. I would so play this.
  11. Last time this happened to me, I sent a tweet to Sucker Punch and they got everything working in a day or so. I would strongly encourage anyone if they bring the servers back up to do the online related trophies asap. Don't wait.
  12. Also, someone at Naughty Dog or Sony should get fired for having very lax security and cloud implementation. If Sony is smart, they would change all of their cloud related passwords for their developers or do a thorough evaluation of their security measures. Naughty Dog may not be the only developer with this setup if all of Sony's developers are set up the same. The big question is how they got the stolen AWS key in the first place.
  13. I tried co op campaign with 2 PS3s and 2 copies of Ghost Recon FS on the same network and it connected right away. So that tells me there's serious issues with Ubisoft's servers for this game. Another friend that I clear could see online both in-game and on PS3, I couldn't connect with at all. I had similar problems with Guerrilla Mode earlier but could eventually connect. Multiplayer I hear has gotten worse on connections. With co op campaign, I didn't have the same luck. I was able to connect to someone over 2 years ago but not since then.
  14. I read some of the leaks and I'm still skeptical about any of them being true. I'm getting the game day 1 anyway. I've waited this long for it. If the leaks are true, the last game started with the main character losing his daughter. I wouldn't be too beholden to anything with this game series.
  15. I have Stealth 2: A Game of Clones and I wasn't even aware that there was an online trophy until I saw this thread. I let the idiots at Curve have it and about their piss-poor communication skills.