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  1. I got the trophy yesterday afternoon after about 2 hours. The boss was a little bit easier to manage compared to the one last week. I'm not sure the game records hits correctly, but whatever. Still, NetherRealm should be doing invasions every week but WB Games isn't doing so hot right now (Mad Max saw a server shutdown in October, Shadow of Mordor at the end of this month, maybe Mortal Kombat X is next?)
  2. I'm able to get PS store on PS3 to work -- but I want to point out that even there a LOT of games pre-February 2011 are now gone from purchase. If you have bought anything prior to then, you'll be fine, you may have to look in your download list on the console for it.
  3. Thanks, it doesn't help me now, but thanks anyway.
  4. Based on the way the trophy is written and the stats for your in-game profile, I believe so. Now to get NetherRealm to do another Invasion mode.
  5. Worked on it all day and it has not rolled over to a new invasion mode if anyone was curious. I didn't get "Die Will You" trophy because the game loved to have the boss spam attacks and the suggestions (Jason, Raiden) didn't work and cause enough damage. Raiden would go down after about 2 attack spams and Jason dealt enough damage (therefore hits) but it wasn't enough. Fuck everyone at NetherRealm and Fuck Ed Boon for pulling this shit of not having this mode regularly and then having absolute bs when it's up.
  6. I tried doing that but I can't seem to pull off the combo without Sektor spamming away with attacks. So I'm not sure I'll get the trophy in time. EDIT: Average match is 2 - 8 damage done while the enemy spams attacks. It's a frustrating experience. With 3 hours and 30 minutes to go, I am not sure I will get this trophy and may have an unobtainable if there is not another invasion mode anytime soon.
  7. So after about 2 hours or so, I'm at 320 damage for the invasion boss. Here's what I did: 1) select Jason and Unstoppable 2) It will tell you the amount of damage you did in the fight at the end of the fight 3) Go to Faction Leaderboards and look for your ID 4) Scroll over to Invasion when you're profile comes up and it will tell you the amount of damage you did. I've done 80 fights with 320 damage dealt -- which averages out to 4 damage per fight. At that rate, I will need ~170 fights to have 1,000 damage dealt. Each fight takes about 30 seconds to last. So it will be about 1 hour before I'm done. My complaint has less to do with the nature of the invasion boss, just more to do with having the boss not allowing any attacks in the fight. I'm not expecting to win, just deal enough damage where it won't take longer to get to 1000 damage. I have had fights where 0 damage was dealt. EDIT: I just realized the trophy is for 1,000 total hits. So other than counting the hits per fight, there's not an easier way and it may take longer than 3 hours as the guide indicates. JFC why can't they make this sh*t easier?
  8. Fuck NetherRealm for that shit. We wanted invasions to be back and this is how they repay us. Someone should beat the shit outta Ed Boon and shave his stupid caterpillar looking eyebrows off.
  9. FUCK. Why couldn't it be every silver star? Stupid developers.
  10. According to a guide I read, it only unlocks for gold star events but the description says otherwise (or leads you to believe it's both silver and gold stars needed). What's the word?
  11. I really think that CD Projekt Red needs to 1) not have the game for sale on PS4 and Xbox One and have it for sale on PC/PS5/Xbox Series X, 2) if they have to have it on sale for PS4/Xbox One, put a disclaimer saying there are significant performance issues with the game on base PS4/Xbox One and to play it on PS4 Pro/PS5/Xbox One X/Xbox Series X and 3) delay it again until it's at least playable on base consoles. It's pretty bad that IGN does a review for it on PS4/Xbox One, complains about feeling sick due to the framerate, complain about the game hard locking the system....yet it's 4/10.
  12. Because the counter confused me and made me think I reached the requirements to get the trophies. I've had to do separate playthroughs before on Dark Souls/Dark Souls II to get all the spells/miracles/pyromancies/hexes.
  13. That's really stupid if that's the case. Perhaps they shouldn't have a counter if people get confused and think they are home free.
  14. Well, no not currently. I did on an earlier playthrough/save and it counted towards the 11/12 miracles.
  15. So I think I've encountered a glitch in this game. The counter for the trophy says I have obtained 11/12 Miracles for the Saint's Trophy. I defeat the Leechmonger to get the Writhing Soul and learn Cure. The trophy doesn't pop. Restart the game, same issue. Turn off and back on, same issue. Attuning miracle doesn't work. WTF.