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  1. This is entirely different since the person is consistently been able to join sessions for disruption and seems to know what time they are occurring.
  2. I'll PM you and I can vouch for what Fira1128 is saying.
  3. Without revealing too much, what the OP mentioned is what's been happening to me in the last few months as well. A group of friends and I have been dealing with a similar person seemingly getting around any attempts to block communication and seems to know when we're boosting on this particular game. It's quite troubling that this is happening and the person doing it doesn't care that other people are getting mad and frustrated with him.
  4. I can confirm the online/servers are down for Hot Pursuit on PS3. Most Wanted on PS3 is still up though. Not sure with the Vita version.
  5. I can confirm this as well and glad they weren't wiped too.
  6. Just checked the servers for PS4 version and they appear to be down. Strangely, Vita servers are still working. EDIT: PS3 servers working too.
  7. Ugh, looking at when the event ends, it'll be 10 am tomorrow for me. If I start now, I would have to play the game until 4:30 am to get to the point where I get the Pyza Suit not to mention the amount of time remaining to do the challenge. I hate missing out on this, but I'll come back to it and just deal with a harder challenge when I have more time. I hate it when stuff like this happens to me.
  8. If it's coming from MediaTonic, they don't know what they are talking about unless they have greater pull than we realize with Sony and the trophy system. If it's something officially from Sony about Fall Guys and removal of their trophies, I would trust their word on that. So far, my Platinum for the Fall Guys old launcher is still there.
  9. If you're starting from 0% on this game, how long will it take you to get to that point where you can get the Pyza Suit and be able to complete the challenge? Or can you dive right in immediately to the challenge and to the suit and complete it?
  10. That's really disappointing but I'm somewhat glad at the same time. In the past, Lego games with season pass had DLC trophies even for character packs.
  11. I haven't load the game up but saw that there were character pack/season pass DLC out today. Has there been any additional DLC trophies?
  12. I'm also hoping it doesn't affect Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (which has online base game trophies and online DLC trophies). I did Tomb Raider PS3 & PS4 platinums and now I have Rise of the Tomb Raider to go through.
  13. The acquisition is expecting to close in July - September of this year. As far as a timeline for a delisting after that - who knows. I think we'll know more if Disney announces a continuation of the games/agreements with the new ownership.
  14. Although there isn't word yet and this shouldn't be treated as confirmation, Embracer Group said that with their pending purchase of Crystal Dynamics/Eidos Montreal/S-E Montreal from Square Enix, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers will depend on 'external approval' for them to get it. That external approval would be Disney, which owns Marvel. If it is the case that Disney doesn't approve for Embracer Group to get GOTG & Avengers, here's what we would potentially see: 1) Delisting of both games 2) Guardians of the Galaxy doesn't have any online trophies, so it'll be fine (DLC costumes will no longer be purchasable) 3) Avengers will see their servers shutdown and thus the entire Platinum for PS4 & PS5 become unobtainable (Investing in the Future trophy is already unobtainable if you haven't previously played the game) 4) If there's no server shutdown for Avengers but development is discontinued, that would mean no patches or content updates for the game (and thus keeping Investing in the Future trophy unobtainable) Keep all in this mind and with a grain of salt; hopefully, Embracer Group will announce a shutdown for Avengers. Given Volition's track record (who also Embracer Group owns) with not announcing the server shutdown of Agents of Mayhem, I'm not expecting any heads up for Avengers. Also, let's not forget Marvel Heroes Omega shutting down without any warning when Disney/Marvel discontinued their deal.
  15. Based on the achievement list, it makes me wonder if there won't be a Platinum, which would be a bummer. If there is a Platinum, it needs to be a clever name or description.