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  1. If it's back online now, may want to do whatever online trophies are there for ACIV PS3 now.
  2. I just had a thought. This doesn't mean it will happen but what if this is a similar situation as Batman: Arkham Origins and that game's multiplayer? WB Games indicated that the online functionality would end for that game too but it's still up. Maybe the only thing that's ending is the WBID connection and as long as you are connected to PSN, the scrap crews will work. Again, this does not mean it's the same situation. I would plan on working on the challenges and the Platinum between now and October 31.
  3. If it's true, kudos to them for putting in the effort to update the trophy/achievement list after the shutdown. I wish more developers/publishers would do that.
  4. Can the Platinum be obtained offline once you get the multiplayer trophies done or are you screwed after November 17?
  5. Where do you look in-game to track scavenging locations so that you don't have the bug happen? I've died a few times trying to complete a challenge and complete a location and it was marked as 100% so am I safe or did the bug happen to me?
  6. Apparently, there's no Platinum for this. It won't top the greatness that is WWE 2K20, but nothing will. May be an easy 100% to do, but if it's $30 or so, not worth getting.
  7. Does Limited Mode on AC3 for PS3 affect the pivots trophy?
  8. Someone on this site in the year 2030 will complain that they didn't have enough time to complete it.
  9. Yes, why do any work on a patch or promise to do work on a patch when you can close the studio to avoid doing the work?
  10. Can anyone confirm this?
  11. I don't feel 'entitled' to anything -- I just don't like the attitude the developers are taking regarding it. There's too much random chance involved to obtain the trophy, which defeats the purpose of it. If it involved actual player skill or challenge, then I would agree. But it's just RNG bullshit and then you have players actively preventing people from obtaining it in the game (which is wrong and every player that does that should be messaged or pointed out in a video online). So if people are getting the trophy, it has nothing to do with their playing ability.
  12. The devs should remove it or modify it. Their response to anyone asking for the change were like a bunch of aholes and I refuse to play the game as a result. I'm hoping 'gaming journalists' (ha) take them to task over it but they are cowards who don't do their jobs.
  13. I thought the warning was about the amount of screen tearing that occurred with the PS3 version. Compared to Game Of Thrones (PS3), Life Is Strange (PS3) actually runs really well and is pretty advanced for the PS3. Game of Thrones managed to barely run at 1 fps when there's a lot of action on screen and is a boring slog to play (I don't care what happens to the Forresters, someone tell that lard ass George RR Martin to finish his fucking books so I can be as disappointed in them as I was with this game and the show). Getting back on topic, yes, it's a bit cringy and the soundtrack is god tier (I get goosebumps every time with Max going into a hallway and playing "To All of You," Max and Chloe listening to Bright Eyes, "Sacrifice Chloe" song at the end...) and I cried like crazy when I originally Platinum'ed it on PS4 - I was going through some things then....but it holds up so well. And I got Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within on Blu Ray somewhere.....
  14. You'll only need 75 hours to do all of this with 60 people (based on matches lasting 10 - 15 minutes). No problem. Sleep, what's that? You'd be better off just buying 60 PS4s and solo boosting it.
  15. Based on the developers' track record, it'll be easy to boost unless a game breaking bug that the developers refuse to acknowledge kills it.