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  1. I'm checking the JP store and can't seem to find the DLC. Did it get delisted?
  2. Looks like a decent list and very doable. It's also stackable, so you get to do this more than once (EU and US versions?).
  3. All of them. Even you Pic-a-Pix Color and Midnight Deluxe. In all seriousness, probably Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and DriveClub. I'm not very good at racing games, so I had some trouble with that. NFS Hot Pursuit I was able to get the handle on the controls (surprisingly well done and responsive) but DriveClub was designed by some idiots who should get fired for their incompetence and never make a video game ever again. They should (maybe) get hired to manage the queue at McDonald's. Maybe.
  4. I wouldn't mind if the service worked for PS3 and PS4, yay I can host a server for MAG now and get the Platinum! (probably not going to be true)
  5. OK, I confirmed that US purchased content works for the UK version/download. Awesome!
  6. This may be a dumb question, but do the songs purchased/downloaded on the US store work for the EU version? There's actually 4 stacks for this game (PS3 US, PS3 EU, PS4 US, and PS4 EU). If you really f'n love singing, may as well get the Platinum? Also, keep in mind that the game doesn't use trophies until you have 10 songs in your collection. So buy SingStar Celebration or start downloading/buying tracks.
  7. I hate that they are shutting it down but I thought Sony had already shut most of the game down (a lot of the songs not being available from the store). Probably the other important thing to note or wonder is if the SingStar Mic will be pulled from Android or iTunes before or after the shutdown.
  8. Eh, I'm fine with the trophy tiles. A Platinum is a Platinum. I would keep an eye on "Don't Quit Your Day Job." If it's a Daily Challenge and based on EA's track record with daily/weekly events/challenges trophies, I would do this as soon as you get the game. It could potentially become unobtainable if EA suddenly stops with the Daily Challenge. Nice little callback with the billboards trophy to Burnout Paradise.
  9. Same here, I'll do this after I Platinum Lost Planet 3.
  10. So essentially, if they are going to do future patches, updates, etc., then whatever issue that is occurring won't get fixed because Randy "Squirt Magic" Pitchford is a fn dbag.
  11. Getting reports in upcoming server shutdown thread that the servers for this game on PS4 are not currently working for over a day. No official announcement of server shutdown and no response from Gearbox as to the status of the game. Gearbox forums have chatter about this as well. Hopefully, it is temporary, but keep it in mind when starting this game.
  12. The Lion King is no joke and will prevent a Platinum. See: Level 2 for the game. I don't want to image trying to do that on the highest difficulty.
  13. I see God of War 2, Horizon 2, and Spider-Man 2 coming but not at launch or even the first 2 years.
  14. The legend that is Terminator Salvation's trophy list continues with this. Sorta glad there's not a Terminator Salvation Remastered. Or Hannah Montana Remastered....
  15. I like this list. It always bug me with COD with the multiplayer trophies in past games because I rush like mad to get those done, then never go back to the game until later; by then the multiplayer is completely broken (COD BOII) or there's no one doing the DLC trophies (almost all of them). So I can get this game much later than launch and focus on the campaign without worrying about multiplayer trophies.