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  1. I usually buy them every week because I suspect at some point Sony will force a delisting of them.
  2. Pantsu Hunter doesn't appear to be in the Vita storefront in the US right now. But it is on PS3 storefront.
  3. I located the publisher through a Google search and what I think is the contact information. I emailed them about the trophy list. I'm not looking for them to make it a Platinum, just make it look similar to the Xbox achievement list.
  4. I can't help but feel the trophy list was released too soon or was missing items after looking at the achievement list. It's possible the publisher/developer will patch the list. Unless they are like, "Fuck it, fuck trophy hunters, be glad what you get."
  5. I would hope the trophy list would get fixed to have a Platinum but....what is this? I don't mind games not having a Platinum and still being great (Iconoclasts, Retro City Rampage, Outland, etc), but....this is disappointing. And $30 for a game with 100s of hours of content that's a re-release of a PS2 era game.
  6. I'm curious as to the difficulties for Hardcore and Village of Shadows. I hope it's none of this "wipes your save if you die" shit.
  7. Is the trophy list for this game applicable to the Japanese version or the North American version?
  8. If Godfall is rumored to be on Plus this quickly, may want to go ahead and go for the Platinum.
  9. I think it will be a small number of PS3 games just like Microsoft's backward compatibility to Xbox / Xbox 360 is not the entire library (577 out of 2154 Xbox 360 games are backwards compatible). Let's be honest: Besides people on this site, would anyone want to play Monsters Vs. Aliens or Hannah Montana or The Smurfs 2 on their PS5? More than likely, the people who want backwards compatibility to PS3 would want to play games like Infamous, or ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection or Call of Duty: Black Ops or MotorStorm or Killzone 2. I would love to have 100% backwards compatibility to PS3 (and PS1/PS2 classics to boot) but who knows what Sony has planned now.
  10. Has anyone tried to contact Activision about this or do they only really respond if it's COD related?
  11. Although the crisis is averted with the shutdown of the PS3/Vita storefronts on July 2, it may be good to go ahead and get what's on the stores. I tried to look for this game on Japan's PS3 storefront but can't find it. Judging by the trophy list and last played, it appears to be delisted. Is that correct?
  12. The thing is the last time DJ Max Respect DLC was on sale was around the time of August 5, 2020. It may or may not be likely that the DLC will be on sale again. I'm going to go ahead and get this and the last two DLC's I need, probably after the July PS3 store closure.
  13. So there's a multiple of trophy lists for this game (TestYourself + DLC and Psych Yourself). In the PS3 PSN store, there's a TestYourself XL Bundle. What's included in that? There's also a separate PsychYourself. Is that part of the bundle or separate?
  14. Before anyone buys this game + DLC for US accounts, has anything changed since the previous post?
  15. Additionally, it should be noted with Hyperballoid HD that the DLC trophies will not unlock regardless of region you buy (it's hard to determine if that has been fixed since it was last reported).