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  1. I somewhat think they will. Prepare to have over 1000 hours for 100%ing AC Valhalla.
  2. I'm not sure about this at all. Given a lot of people's backlogs (we have people on this site including myself that haven't Platinum'ed/played PS3/Vita games), it would be absolutely pointless to buy BF2042. By the time, I would get around to it 1) whatever seasons content that is there would be finished and may not even be available to play, 2) knowing that it's EA and trophies just glitch on them without being fixed, there will be glitched trophies (see: the infamous conquest launch maps trophy from BFV) or worse trophies for modes that are no longer available, 3) probably a bunch of DLC trophies that may require season pass purchases, and 4) the servers will shut down by the time someone like me finishes their backlog and plays BF2042. But if you're able to keep up and Platinum every game that comes out, buying Battlefield 2042 is not a problem for you.
  3. Confirmed that they are working as well although it took multiple attempts to create a match.
  4. I won't be able to boost this game. My copy has a redeemed online pass and online pass has been removed from PSN Store.
  5. Thanks, I may just look for a boosting group for this. I have a hard enough time with it as it is.
  6. Can this be done solo with 2 PS3s and 2 copies of the game? And I've read over it a few times and I'm finding it confusing.
  7. The person or the game? The game being Shift 2: Unleashed.
  8. Someone in one of my message groups is claiming that this game requires a constant online connection, did they simply misread this thread? Can anyone with the game now verify that the game can be connected to offline? (my copy doesn't come until this weekend)
  9. Which DLC is needed for the 100%? Legends and Speedhunters and that's it? Does the Fast Five DLC help with the 100%/Platinum?
  10. Need For Speed Shift has 1 online DLC trophy, which will take a shorter amount of time to complete compared to the others. There's also online badges which may shorten the time to Platinum the game. I found I couldn't ever connect to Need For Speed Undercover's online multiplayer without the system freezing.
  11. Need For Speed Shift just has 1 online DLC trophy. I found Need For Speed Undercover to be impossible to connect online (constantly freezes for me).
  12. Where's Space 1?
  13. Can anyone send a Tweet to Sega to ask them to fix the trophy list? Usually Sega responds to tweets.
  14. If you have two PS4s and you download the game to both, login on a different account with the 2nd PS4 and search at the same time, I imagine that would be possible once the player population dies off.
  15. You would think Sega would give this game a Platinum for the amount of work that's involved. The 1200 match trophy doesn't say anything about online matches, so I imagine someone could put tape over the X button (or whichever button continue/search is assigned) and do it that way. Unless it involves something else, then well, that's going to be harder.
  16. Same thing for me as well. I also did the running dive car jack as soon as a vehicle was available and unlocked Bo-Duke-Em. This is just weird.
  17. So after messing with it for over an hour, synchronization doesn't seem to work completely for PS5 version for me. I have a NA PS4 disc copy of the game and downloaded my saves I had uploaded to PS+. I loaded up the PS5 version of the game and five trophies unlocked but the rest didn't. I tried different saves from PS4 version but no luck. I looked at the challenge list and looked at the map but nothing seems to happen. Keep in mind I have the 100%/Platinum for the PS4 Remastered version. I think I may have to start over with the PS5 version on a new save file. I've Platinum'ed Saints Row IV FOUR times so re-doing Saints Row isn't a problem for me (I still have Europe PS4 Remastered and Japan PS4 Remastered to go for 100%/Platinum).
  18. I installed the PS4 version of the game and downloaded the PS5 version, but synchronization doesn't work. I may have done it out of order (started the PS5 version before the PS4 version was installed), but I'm not sure it would make a difference. I'll delete the PS5 version and redownload it again (ugh).
  19. Given what I know about the drama surrounding this, why doesn't Sony sue the shit outta the person who hacked the server in the first place (and take that person's access to a computer away)? And how did that person get access to the server? Whoever did it may see time in a federal prison if they are sending messages through the server to target people. Sony doesn't want that smoke.
  20. More than likely no. It depends on when they did the scrap crew challenges. If they did those prior to the server shutdown and backed up their save, then the remaining challenges can be done after the shutdown.
  21. Another question will be if they will do all three regions of the PS4 Remastered version (USA, Europe and Japan) as separate trophy lists for PS5 version or if there will be only one trophy list for the PS5 version.
  22. It's on sale on Amazon for $15. So yay?
  23. All we need is Hannah Montana Remastered for PS5 and the system is redeemed.
  24. So there's a multiple of trophy lists for this game (TestYourself + DLC and Psych Yourself). In the PS3 PSN store, there's a TestYourself XL Bundle. What's included in that? There's also a separate PsychYourself. Is that part of the bundle or separate?
  25. So I have this game and two PS4s so I could probably self-boost. Do the servers still work?