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  1. Couldn't it be the other way around as well? If they add (lets say 10) more accessoires and have separate trophies for them as well? That would make things harder, since the item-pool would grow as well.
  2. Thats interesting, so it seems like there are only two possible combinations for the shops? I wonder if the trigger, which changes the shop-loadout also affects the cat-drops in the next area, if there is a cat. We know that choosing a different door leads to other drops, but maybe the cat-drops are also related to the same trigger as the shop-loadout?
  3. I think what he means is, the offers in the shop depend on the "timing" you enter them, for example: do 3 rooms -> shop -> offer 1 do 4 rooms -> shop -> offer 2 do 5 rooms -> shop -> offer 3 So, the shop offers varies depending on how many rooms you went through before you visit the shop for the first time.
  4. Just to be sure though: You already had the level two item beforehand, right? It didn't give you the level three item straight ahead. Also, thank you for the information about the saves and doors. Good luck with that nasty trophy :-)
  5. Hey mates, is it possible to "cheese" these items, which stack? For example, the one that shoots a water-projectile, whenever a water-elemental attacks. There are 3 steps in that item, every subsequent collection raises the power, but you need to find the 1* item first before you can even find the 2*. My question now: Is it possible to "save-scum" this? Lets say you have 2* of a certain item already and you save. You proceed with your run and you don't find it. Can you simply reload the save and try again, or is the seed set? Wasn't able to try it out yet. Thanks for any feedback.
  6. Hey mates, sorry for the dumb question, but how does the save-scumming work on PS5? I backup my save into the cloud, disable auto-sync with the cloud and try to beat the boss. If I fail, I download my save-file and try again until I get it done without being hit once. Then I re-enable my auto-sync until my next run?