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  1. Where can i import this North America disc version from in the UK at a reasonable price?
  2. Added link guys!
  3. Ok after weeks and weeks of trying too get a response from Gearbox i have finally gotton one on Twitter so fingers crossed we could get this fixed yet!
  4. More people need too head on over too the Borderlands forum and let them know. Even the people that have not got these games on your lists there will be a time when a series of yours and this happens and you will want fellow hunters support so i advise you too make some noise and be heard for the community. I cannot support and buy more of there games while they have unrealised DLC. So those if you that are affected and have not made a post over there i suggest you do so and fellow trophy hunters can help the cause too.
  5. Same maybe they mean the ps store version preordered
  6. Nice term of wording there real class of you using something as serious as that. Anyways like I said I don't give a shit close the thing for all I care so BORED of you stupid people.
  7. Well technically you have faked them because I would like too see this guys proof aswell like I said I don't really give a fuck but his name is OOHighwayOO could you of spelled it out any clearer it was not hard too trace and I notice he is very quiet can chat a lot of shit in messages with you but not towards me its laughable!
  8. Because he does not play anymore can you not tell there has hardly been any activity he is on PC these days You are such a liar I removed myself from that group because of the 5 open game limit if you had more than 5 on the go you could not be part of the group so I did not see the point and I left and I was asked by several members for me too join back so your so full of it. Also way too sell 1 of the people that reported me down the river you didn't think I would find out I know who one of them is and I think I know who the second one is aswell so congrats on the discretion there boys well played.
  9. As far as I'm concerned no its not a public dispute and it never should be a public dispute and like I said I don't care what you people who don't know me say as that's all irrelevant respect goes both ways maybe if people gave me the respect they would get it back and my dealings with these staff members via pm has not been nice in the slightest but they would never admit they over stepped the mark and spoke too me like shit and actually say sorry for saying such things so if you want respect it goes both ways!
  10. Keep telling yourself that ive seen it all now fake messages too make me look bad lol
  11. Don't remember talking too you ^^ so I will just ignore you as you are irrelevant
  12. Oh I see so you fake some messages and scrub out the names with paint and have a conversation without yourself too make me look bad again proves this is an personal attack and these imaginary people who apparently are checking out this thread no my PSN so why don't you people message me but you don't got the balls hey wanna stay anonymous you are hilarious. Ice age listen too you behave will ya.
  13. I think its grimy? Where did I say that I never said it was him who reported me and tbh I could not care less who did it I have my suspicions and I can guarantee I know who it was and the fact that you don't say is because you don't want any backlash you just want people abusing the report feature that was implemented on digital images that mean nothing in real life there just a sense of accomplishment and mean nothing too anybody but the user who earns them and that is a fact. The fact he did not want too comment in this thread tells me that this is personal its nothing too do with being nice too me why would he do that when he outright called me a SCRUB and was rude as fuck when I first spoke too him about all of this so yeah excuse me for not taking much of a liking too a staff member that should always be professionial but was very rude too me so I have every right too be pissed off. I tagged you as I seen you was the most active recently it had nothing too do with who was on this elitist cheater team and at the end of the day I know the truth its as simple as that I'm innocent and I'm so BORED of this now and you wonder why people who are generally innocent don't bother disupting this shit because you guys seem too think we fucking record all of our gameplay and take screenshots 24/7 in order too prove you are legit just lol WHATEVER.