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  1. I did Jonhhy cages FATALITIES like a good 5 times over and it did not pop at all. I Did 10 towers and i didnt even get the one for doing 1 tower or even the 10 with 10 different characters i think the patch has fucked it all up. That being said i closed the APP and restarted it and did Johnnys again and his trophy popped along with performing 15 different ones as when i was doing those towers i had the AI do them so they have deffo fucked the game up with this bloody patch its beyond BROKEN so if things are not popping trying restarting game as it is all saved on the server anyways.
  2. Basically they remastered Borderlands 1 on PS4 and with that they released a patch so you can use character transfer but the Japanese version of the game on PS3 never got the CLAP TRAP DLC and with this patch it added the trophies too the list thus making them unobtainable.
  3. I have tried reaching out more on Twitter and via 2K Support i think im about ready too accept the fate this will be forever 88% as there simply is not enough interest from fellow trophy hunters or completionists alike for this too get a fix. This is the last lot of replys i got from 2k as Gearbox on Twitter have gone back too ignoring again.
  4. Hopefully with this being fixed after almost a year then Borderlands 1 (JP) Will get fixed lol
  5. Where can i import this North America disc version from in the UK at a reasonable price?
  6. Ok after weeks and weeks of trying too get a response from Gearbox i have finally gotton one on Twitter so fingers crossed we could get this fixed yet!
  7. More people need too head on over too the Borderlands forum and let them know. Even the people that have not got these games on your lists there will be a time when a series of yours and this happens and you will want fellow hunters support so i advise you too make some noise and be heard for the community. I cannot support and buy more of there games while they have unrealised DLC. So those if you that are affected and have not made a post over there i suggest you do so and fellow trophy hunters can help the cause too.
  8. Same maybe they mean the ps store version preordered
  9. Nice term of wording there real class of you using something as serious as that. Anyways like I said I don't give a shit close the thing for all I care so BORED of you stupid people.
  10. Well technically you have faked them because I would like too see this guys proof aswell like I said I don't really give a fuck but his name is OOHighwayOO could you of spelled it out any clearer it was not hard too trace and I notice he is very quiet can chat a lot of shit in messages with you but not towards me its laughable!
  11. Because he does not play anymore can you not tell there has hardly been any activity he is on PC these days You are such a liar I removed myself from that group because of the 5 open game limit if you had more than 5 on the go you could not be part of the group so I did not see the point and I left and I was asked by several members for me too join back so your so full of it. Also way too sell 1 of the people that reported me down the river you didn't think I would find out I know who one of them is and I think I know who the second one is aswell so congrats on the discretion there boys well played.