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  1. Hiyaa are the 2 Online trophies boostable? Tried doing them legit my the lag on this game is unbelievable lol Can’t even see where the ball is half the time hahha
  2. I know the feeling mate haha , my ocd hates seeing mine stuck on 97% too lol. Yeahh I don’t quite understand that too but I guess it’s one of them things you don’t notice until you need it lol
  3. I tried this and unfortunately that’s true
  4. Absolute piss take this trophy , been trying since 10am this morning! 8 bloody hours! I must be doing something wrong
  5. Mine popped after winning two then losing my 3rd game , Pretty weird lol
  6. Yeah same happened to me , since I reduced the modifiers I have not had a single crash