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  1. going through this game now and its still up
  2. only game on this account is max payne 3 online including dlcs
  3. offline: collectibles- most of the time its pointless filler unskippable cutscenes-first playthrough is fine but when you cant skip it during 2nd playthrough or others it just gets annoying online: multiplayer-I find it pointless prefer to boost it to be done with it as fast as possible boosting partners-Mean the people that leave after getting there trophy pointless online grinds-bf bad company for example getting 10,002 kills online that gets shutdown within a year
  4. going for ridge racer vita plat
  5. Plat #8 La noire Plat difficulty 5/10 enjoyment 10/10 the story was pretty good don't have any complaints really.:)
  6. any type of rhythm game from guitar hero to rock band even crypt of the necrodancer
  7. for me it's star ocean 4 getting all the battle trophies took me around 640hours to plat. under this new name it's max payne3 grinding to level 50 online
  8. hopefully is not flaggable might need to hop on it if its ok on here
  9. right now I have zero don't see the point in hiding anything
  10. I'm slowly going through la noire
  11. any telltale game is easy enough like the walking dead or wolf among us lots of options there. mostly every visual novel is ez
  12. both vita and ps3 are still obtainable
  13. you could go after tekken 7. but you could use advise next platinum to help you out will link thread when I find it
  14. hopefully you reconsider boosting at least for ps3 anyways since some of the games are impossible to do legit anymore due to dead servers
  15. good luck to anyone trying to finish this up