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  1. The realm forsaken boneyard is currently closed making this trophy unobtainable does anyone know when it or if it will open again ?
  2. Ah okay glad that it wasn’t an permanent shutdown yet those video challenges against other players is quite fun to do ngl
  3. Hey so i was curious why just dance 2016 video challenges were discounted early so i decided to check the game and the game mode is still up for me ??
  4. Is the showtime mode still available?
  5. You forgot dreadnought march 19, 2023
  6. can someone make a video of how to do this because i dont understand it
  7. If you own this game make sure to login today as today is the only day you will receive the “You wasted your life trophy” for playing on Christmas legitimately
  8. Sadly no
  9. aside from the Dissapointing trophies and the fact that you cannot play this version on PS4 you also need PS plus to play the game online this is pretty sad considering that in previous versions you did not need any subscribtion on the playstation to enjoy the multiplayer content
  10. The trophy you are a star is unobtainable without the playstation camera since showtime mode requires to record yourself while you sing, so if you only had the JD controller APP avaible to play JD 2016 with then you cant get the trophy and the platinum at all
  11. .
  12. does anyone know a trick to have a higher score chanche? i know that for the neo drive shot or drive shot when you are in penalty area you have alot of more chance to score when you are in the corners shooting then if u shoot right into the goal but is there an trick for the other shot moves too like for sacred shot?
  13. so it does not affect trophies but they recentely added an game mode for DLC so if u want to play that mode u can buy it but otherwise i wouldn't the character pass and accesories aint worth it
  14. same and it just feels good actually playing these games at those times and getting those trophies rather then cheating to get them
  15. i can confirm that during october halloween bosses do appear on world dance floor i saw one but i wasnt able to defeat it