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  1. Dude that suuucks! I'm assuming that was in dragon Castle? I know I should stop playing because the same thing will happen to me, but I'm so invested and enjoying what I can play. I hope the patch comes soon, but they're not promising one for steam till the 23rd
  2. Same room is bugged for me. Impossible to progress. Managed to do a bunch of optional stuff. Made it to 78.5% completion, but that room is completely broken. there's also a bugged drone in the top right of the laboratory. They said a steam patch is coming by June 23rd. No word on consoles or if it'll fix these problems.
  3. Thank you both! Just ammo upgrades and the final boss left
  4. I'm nearing the end of the game (I think at least) and just wanted to check if I need to make a backup save for anything? The tree perhaps? Thanks ahead of time for the help
  5. Do you know if there are any missable trophies? Getting near the end and want to make sure if I need a backup save or not
  6. That is correct. EU version had the data cube at launch. Just our version I hit up the devs on discord again. They said the patch is going through certification now. So maybe soon? I'm not holding my breath.
  7. Sorry, but I don't know. I got the platinum before they added any difficulty options. I know that, at least when they initially added the lower difficulty, trophies were only for Noctis. I'd say your best bet would be asking on their discord channel. They're pretty responsive.
  8. I cheesed the hell out of the beast with a high intelligence build using the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War. Simply run behind em and spam.
  9. I can confirm, as long as you play on expert difficulty, you only need one playthrough for the platinum.
  10. Thanks for this! Super helpful!
  11. Really? Damn that sucks. I really thought they had fixed everything.
  12. Full patch notes @everyone - The number of indicators on the map for collectibles and missions has been increased - Fixed icons not appearing correctly on the map after purchasing the Atlas of the area from "Drake - The number of thrones has been increased in both difficulty modes to facilitate exploratio - 1 new throne in "Heroes Rest - 2 new thrones in "Ascension Cave - 1 new throne in "Wasteland of the Fallen" (west - 2 new throne in "End of the World - 4 new thrones in "Cosmos - 3 new thrones in "Royal Stairs - 1 new throne in "Aeterna Palace - The gold obtained in the chests has been increas - Errors in obtaining some achievements have been corrected (Achievements already completed will be given to players when accessing the progress menu - Checkpoints have been increased in some section - A bug that allowed unlimited money to be obtained through the "collection" has been correcte - Fixed a bug that modified button actions when using PS4 controlle - The action "Interact" has been included in the remapping of controls, this will not modify the interaction notice prompt
  13. Patch is live, trophies are fixed. Go get that plat!
  14. Patch coming to consoles in January. Supposed to fix crashing issues. Not sure if it'll fix trophy issues.
  15. Glad you got the gems one.I assumed it was bugged too because the trophy was still at 0%. You appear to be the first. I'm one shard away from finishing the quest and gem trophies, but I think the shard is bugged from the game crashing on me while I had it on me