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  1. Is the survival horror trophy something hidden or is it just for beating the boss? I'm worried it may have glitched on me. Thanks for all the other tips!
  2. So it remained bugged for the new game+. But the story related ones popped and the audio log one as well. I still needed a 3rd playthrough for the murals. Luckily they're all accessible from the jump. Still not sure what happened.
  3. 2 sorry related trophies are bugged on me too. I have the ones for 1,2,3 and 6,7,8. No 4 or 5. Also missing the audio logs trophy. My whole game just appears to be screwed.
  4. Obviously, it's not bugged for everyone, but it is for me. I have scanned all 12 murals. They each appear in the database as completed, but no trophy. If anyone knows of a fix or something I need to progress to unlock it I'd appreciate it. I'm going to try again once I get to ng+.
  5. Thanks for the tips! 300 mil is my high so far. I've used pretty much the same strategy you laid out, but I've only been using one ball.
  6. No problem! Yinzers gotta look out for each other lol
  7. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Clean minimalist art style. Quick, responsive - also fairly basic - combat. Some interesting gameplay quirks. But no it's not on the level of a Salt and Sanctuary. Glad I played it and plat wasn't too bad - 2 playthroughs - but it's not at the top of my Metroidvania recommendations. You can wait for a sale.
  8. Hey thanks for the help! Much appreciated. I have to do another run for Horpyna and Doppel, but oh well. Do you know how the Ion depart the kingdom unlocks?
  9. Exact same thing happened to me. Quit to main menu after Agginox. 93% completion. Uploaded save. Opened game. I had 3 separate game files for each class. All of them are gone. Only option is New game.
  10. Just made it to the final boss after the patch let me clear the fire temple. Saved, exited, uploaded to the cloud, opened it back up... Everything is wiped. I had 3 game files saved. One at 92% completion, the other 2 around 7%. But they're all gone now. There's 70 hrs I can't get back.
  11. I have the same problem. It's my last one left. They told me they'll post any news to their social media, so you might want to join their discord.
  12. Dude that suuucks! I'm assuming that was in dragon Castle? I know I should stop playing because the same thing will happen to me, but I'm so invested and enjoying what I can play. I hope the patch comes soon, but they're not promising one for steam till the 23rd
  13. Same room is bugged for me. Impossible to progress. Managed to do a bunch of optional stuff. Made it to 78.5% completion, but that room is completely broken. there's also a bugged drone in the top right of the laboratory. They said a steam patch is coming by June 23rd. No word on consoles or if it'll fix these problems.
  14. Thank you both! Just ammo upgrades and the final boss left
  15. I'm nearing the end of the game (I think at least) and just wanted to check if I need to make a backup save for anything? The tree perhaps? Thanks ahead of time for the help