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  1. Really? Damn that sucks. I really thought they had fixed everything.
  2. Full patch notes @everyone - The number of indicators on the map for collectibles and missions has been increased - Fixed icons not appearing correctly on the map after purchasing the Atlas of the area from "Drake - The number of thrones has been increased in both difficulty modes to facilitate exploratio - 1 new throne in "Heroes Rest - 2 new thrones in "Ascension Cave - 1 new throne in "Wasteland of the Fallen" (west - 2 new throne in "End of the World - 4 new thrones in "Cosmos - 3 new thrones in "Royal Stairs - 1 new throne in "Aeterna Palace - The gold obtained in the chests has been increas - Errors in obtaining some achievements have been corrected (Achievements already completed will be given to players when accessing the progress menu - Checkpoints have been increased in some section - A bug that allowed unlimited money to be obtained through the "collection" has been correcte - Fixed a bug that modified button actions when using PS4 controlle - The action "Interact" has been included in the remapping of controls, this will not modify the interaction notice prompt
  3. Patch is live, trophies are fixed. Go get that plat!
  4. Patch coming to consoles in January. Supposed to fix crashing issues. Not sure if it'll fix trophy issues.
  5. Glad you got the gems one.I assumed it was bugged too because the trophy was still at 0%. You appear to be the first. I'm one shard away from finishing the quest and gem trophies, but I think the shard is bugged from the game crashing on me while I had it on me
  6. The trophies for all skill points, all gems, and all abilities are bugged making the platinum unachievable until a patch.
  7. Thanks for letting me know. It set me back from 63 to 61 the first time. Then 71 to 68 and most recently 82 to 79. All forcing me to replay really frustrating sections I had just been so relieved to have finished. Really put a damper on a top 10 entry in my personal GOTY list.
  8. Anyone else getting constant late game crashes? Didn't start until I was on the 6th fragment. I'm definitely over 10. Each time losing around 2% completion. Also, if I close the app my save seems to revert to several checkpoints prior to my last save. It's ruining an otherwise amazing game.
  9. There's a reason these entries don't show yet. It's not a bug. Just give it time.
  10. It's in the shop to the left of the first thrown. Right by the fragment monuments. You need to hand it in at the station on the east coast of the infinite sea. It's to the left of the building with the fourth fragment on the western side of the map. The yellow arrows damage and activate switches. The blue allow you to teleport short distances.
  11. Yes he is in all areas. He's hard as hell to find in some though. Took me my third exploration to find him in the abandoned mines. Still haven't found him in light tower, but I've found him everywhere else. I'm on the 5th fragment now. Also the exploration is retroactive. So once you find him the areas you have already been through will be defogged.
  12. That totally sucks. I'm sorry you're having these problems. The only one I had that didn't pop at the "right" time was events, because it's 100 Different events, not events in general. For the FFA's, do the weekly playlist instead of the standard FFA. They count just the same, but with far less wait time. This is the only one that seems to have a tracker on the Ubisoft connect website and not that in game UC portal. Hope any of that helps. BTW thanks for your help in game!
  13. I just gave up lol
  14. From Kyle Thompson dev "Hey thank you! Definitely is something were aware of and hope to fix soon, sorry about that!!"
  15. Add me to the list. I tweeted the dev and publisher. Let you know if I hear anything