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  1. Oh, I just downloaded the game and I think they really have patched it. I'm actually shocked, the game is so dead. There isn't an overpowered alternative but Korras forward punch has a lot of knockback or depending on what way you are facing. I hope this is useful. Also if you are fighting 3 hard AI's, you can fight Patrick, he has no projectiles and he doesn't gap close like Shredder. For anyone else reading this post, it seems that Aangs exploit no longer works, this Korra method is pretty decent though as an alternative, It's actually how I did it originally.
  2. not patched, still works
  3. I have a question for anyone who is at level 50, is there a reward? An armour perhaps? I don't want to start a boosting session without knowing if the goal has a purpose.
  4. The 'Getting to know the family' trophy along with the 'GO NINJA GO!!!' trophy can bug out but the fix is simple enough. When you move your Left Stick on your primary remote, P1 will appear. When you move your Left Stick on your secondary remote, P2 will appear. Simply play normally as P1 and play every standard character once and also play 50 times. The trophies aren't popping, that's why you are here but they are ready to pop. The Fix: So simply make sure that when you return to brawler selection, use your secondary controller to select a character first and this will be you and once you have definitely selected a character, then you can use your primary controller to select a character. So you should be P2 Then proceed to start and end the match and both trophies will pop.
  5. The prices of many of the items are definitely extortionate, a lot of the skins for example seem to cost around 15 bucks
  6. 😂 I was playing online matches a few days ago and someone got me with this cheese cos I was playing as shredder, who doesn't have the projectiles to counter it lol 😁 Glad it helped you. 👍
  7. Oh very nice. I hope so. I want to 100% the collectables over time if I can afford the second mortgage to pay for it all. 😂 Call me crazy.
  8. That's a shame, I actually feel pretty motivated to 100% collectables/rewards in this game if I could go for it cos it's fun, I can see myself playing it for all of the seasons in the long run
  9. I bought Season 1 pass thinking all the rewards would be included but I noticed the 'That's all folks' ringout is missing. Can this never be earned anymore along with anything else that was a reward from before?
  10. I would honestly be completely useless, I love fighting games but being ambushed by multiple players as it turns out is my kryptonite 😬
  11. Hi, I just got my PS5 and I unlocked completed games that do appear on the PS4 when I click on the actual trophy list, however the number on the dashboard reads 910 instead of 915. On the PS5 it reads 915 perfectly fine and also here on psnp, my profile reads 915 as well. Not sure what the problem is with the PS4's dashboard tally. But if anyone was wondering if they are alone, then I have this problem too. We can feel worried about it together. 😭
  12. The easiest method for beating the arcade on 'Very Hard' difficulty to unlock the 'Ultimate tool of destruction' trophy and the 'Unleash the DOOM' trophy that requires you to defeat 3x level 9 opponents is to use Aang as your main and hold down on your left stick toggle and press square , this move is called the 'Air Ball' and once you are on the air ball you can hover left and right and walk into your opponent. 99% of the time, your opponent will instantly launch out of the map and lose a stock.
  13. I would need someone to play with tbh, I am complete garbage at this game lol. It took me around 2 hours of non-stop playing to get a k.o. with the stop sign, and I was the one with the headache in the end! 😥 But yeah this seems like a good plan, thanks for the information. 👍
  14. Reindog: He can cast a firewall that is initially launched as a fireball, the fireball and the firewall deal damage, while the firewall also blocks projectile attacks. He can also rope an ally back to safety His projectiles can be spammed quite a lot more often than most characters because it's unlimited, it can also be charged. And his melee is generally useful with a spinning attack that is great with the snowball perk, a tail whip useful for spiking and a forward leaping attack that has knockback Finally he can stick his tongue out as an emote when you win and it's cute + cheeky
  15. Usyk all the way in the rematch 😆👍 I'm a really big Vasyl Lomachenko fan and I would like to see him fight Devin Haney I also want to see Terrence Crawford fight Josh Taylor but that's probably too much of a stretch