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  1. I said this from "I understand the surprise when after a long time another player appears to be making 100%") because by the time I got 100% it was about 3 years ago that nobody could do it. I started playing at the end of 2018 and only after about 6 months did I get the last trophy. This means that it has been over 1 year since completing everything on the cloudberry. Now that we are about to go to 2021 a guy comes to report me doubting just because I didn't appear in the online ranking? I think psnprofile will have to review a lot of accounts then, because almost nobody cares to go online on ps3 if it is not mandatory for any achievement. Majority only comes in to sync with sony. If you close the game server then you can already disregard everyone who wins the trophy, because no one else will appear in the ranking. Are we going to invent a new type of rules now?
  2. I appreciate your participation in the subject, even more with such relevance in the game in question. Based on what I said we can conclude that the "online ranking" proof is not enough to keep the accusation on me. Guys, it's been over 1 year since I suffered in this game and the learning I share with the community is that certain games are not worth getting 100% due to the stress during the period and post-conquest. Our greatest achievement is to plague the future and challenge the reputation that has been nurtured for years. My interest was to get the trophy and not go online to show up in the ranking. I'm glad I stopped trying the platinum of the game "super meat boy" because I just proved that extreme challenges open doors to do everything to bring us down. When there is more doubt than certainty the defendant is absorbed and not condemned ...
  3. If a game does not require to be online, this is the proof in which I do not appear in the ranking of their server. On ps3 I only go online when I'm playing multiplayer or just to sync the profile on sony. Unfortunately a few months ago I had to format the ps3's hd and lost my saves, which means I wouldn't even be able to prove it in any way. What remains as a defense is my argument, just as the accuser has his. The verdict is due to the coincidence of those responsible for these bans. Initially I would like to thank you for the attention given to my topic, but I hope that you will make the correct choice from my point of view, because if I remain out of the ranking for such a weak accusation, the respect I had for this site fell due to injustice.
  4. Reason: Although these trophies are technically not in an impossible order, it is pretty strange that this guy is nowhere to be seen on the in-game leaderboards. Every single 100% achiever on this site can be seen on the in-game leaderboards, except for this guy.
  5. kewemina Cloudberry Kingdom We know that many games of the ps3 generation no longer have adequate online support, resulting in many inconsistencies in the online table data. In my opinion, relying only on this as evidence is unfair, given that the game does not require the player to be online to win the trophies of the game. In theory the last trophy of the game "Shenanigans!" (considered the most difficult) it took me almost 6 months to win. <br /> <br /> I understand the surprise when after a long time another player appears making 100%, but the accuser himself agrees that the trophies were won in the correct order. I believe that just having as proof the online ranking of a game from 7 years ago is very little to accept. At the time I was not in the habit of recording feats of my gamer routine, so I have no way to share images of the achievement. However, my reputation in other high difficulty games shows that I win trophies honestly. <br /> <br /> Realize that I have no history of dishonesty. Regarding the community, I have no interest in making a guide or sharing tips regarding the game, just as other players of 100% also do not and have not been reported so far. I hope that I can be in the game ranking again because it is one of my greatest achievements since I became a platinum player. Grateful for the attention...