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  1. The guide is outdated. There's only one way to get this trophy and is scripted, you have to follow a precise script. It will take a lot of time though, it took me until year 2035+ to get it:
  2. Want to read it again? Thank you leaker for saving me $60.
  3. @MANU1950 @Hibari-shugosha Nevermind, found an old save on the cloud, went directly to Downtown Cab Co, purchased it and next day got the call from Raul and the Platinum, so it was definitely glitched. This saved me to replay half the game, so I highly recommend having multiple save files on different points of the game in case something glitches and you need to backtrack.
  4. Glitched for me too. Purchased Downtown Cab Co. weeks (in-game time) ago and still not a call. I have tried everything: killing myself, switching to online then back to sp, quick-saving as Franklin then reloading save, switching to other characters then back to Franklin, doing misc stuff (sleeping, playing Tennis, etc.), nothing works. And now that I think about it, I've never received a single call from any of my properties (they say they may call me from time to time to help with the businesses, this never happened). It's the only trophy I need for plat. I have both Downtown Cab Co. numbers on my cellphone, I even received a call from the manager (Raul?) when I first bought the property congratulating me and introducing himself, but never again.
  5. They still have a lot of room for trophies (128 is the limit... for now). Don't be surprised if they add a trophy for achieving the maximum Mastery Rank (Grand Master, at rank 30, which btw has a Steam achievement already), so be very well prepared for that.
  6. A couple people already unlocked Right Back ‘Atcha but I can't get that trophy no matter what I do, I have tried several times already. Nobody in this site has No Hiding Place, but if you check the rarity % in the PS4 console it reads 0.2%, so somebody in the world unlocked that trophy; nobody has the plat though, it still has a 0.0% rarity on the console's trophy list.
  7. Only need these two trophies for plat. Right Back ‘Atcha is not popping no matter what. Finished the game twice and did not got No Hiding Place, it seems a lot of secrets are not registering when discovering them (see this picture of my speedrun/deathless playthrough, yes, I discovered all secrets yet it reads 6/22). I got both achievements in the Steam (PC) version no problem.
  8. Game is full of glitches everywhere. If you found all 6 fervor oils and no trophy, then it glitched for you.
  9. You can't boost this "game". The game will put you in a random server with random people, even if all your friends are from the same region and set an alarm at the same exact time, there's no guarantee all of you will land on the same server. You have to get all trophies legit. The only two problematic trophies are: Best Pals and Get This Party Started. - For Get This Party Started set alarms at 3:30pm, 4:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:00pm, 5:30pm and 6:00pm every day (assuming you are on the Americas). These times are filled with japanese/asian players and there's a high chance you will land on a FULL server and luckily unlock this trophy. - For Best Pals: same as before but you can do it at any time, just set alarms every 30mins, eg: 5:00pm, 5:30pm, 6:00pm etc. You need at least one other player and everybody must wake up for it to count.
  10. All that money they make with the Premium and still no mobile/responsive website? It's 2019 guys, every website is responsive.
  11. Seems like I'm skipping this one too. I skipped Wolfenstein 2 because of Mein leben, now this.... They are ruining this franchise.
  12. After I wasted 4 hours on that time trial..... 😒
  13. Amazed that this Plat is not an Ultra rare, the Oxide Time Trials trophy is a HUGE Plat-block. Some dedicated people in here.
  14. Can't sign up to either 1 month or 12 months subs, it asks for Credit/Debit Card every time. I have enough credit on my PSN wallet so.....