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  1. A couple people already unlocked Right Back ‘Atcha but I can't get that trophy no matter what I do, I have tried several times already. Nobody in this site has No Hiding Place, but if you check the rarity % in the PS4 console it reads 0.2%, so somebody in the world unlocked that trophy; nobody has the plat though, it still has a 0.0% rarity on the console's trophy list.
  2. Only need these two trophies for plat. Right Back ‘Atcha is not popping no matter what. Finished the game twice and did not got No Hiding Place, it seems a lot of secrets are not registering when discovering them (see this picture of my speedrun/deathless playthrough, yes, I discovered all secrets yet it reads 6/22). I got both achievements in the Steam (PC) version no problem.
  3. Game is full of glitches everywhere. If you found all 6 fervor oils and no trophy, then it glitched for you.
  4. You can't boost this "game". The game will put you in a random server with random people, even if all your friends are from the same region and set an alarm at the same exact time, there's no guarantee all of you will land on the same server. You have to get all trophies legit. The only two problematic trophies are: Best Pals and Get This Party Started. - For Get This Party Started set alarms at 3:30pm, 4:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:00pm, 5:30pm and 6:00pm every day (assuming you are on the Americas). These times are filled with japanese/asian players and there's a high chance you will land on a FULL server and luckily unlock this trophy. - For Best Pals: same as before but you can do it at any time, just set alarms every 30mins, eg: 5:00pm, 5:30pm, 6:00pm etc. You need at least one other player and everybody must wake up for it to count.
  5. All that money they make with the Premium and still no mobile/responsive website? It's 2019 guys, every website is responsive.
  6. Seems like I'm skipping this one too. I skipped Wolfenstein 2 because of Mein leben, now this.... They are ruining this franchise.
  7. After I wasted 4 hours on that time trial..... 😒
  8. Amazed that this Plat is not an Ultra rare, the Oxide Time Trials trophy is a HUGE Plat-block. Some dedicated people in here.
  9. Can't sign up to either 1 month or 12 months subs, it asks for Credit/Debit Card every time. I have enough credit on my PSN wallet so.....
  10. Fun fact: online leaderboards for the Vita version are still up, 3-4 years after the game was removed from the PS Store. That's some serious brand commitment.
  11. Prepare for the 70 Gold medals. All the requirements for gold must be achieved in ONE attempt, not like GTA5 where you could complete requirements in multiple attempts and eventually get gold. There are some crazy missions with requirements like time limit + no damage + 15 headshots + capture-a-NPC-in-45-seconds. This trophy alone could bring this plat to 8/10 IMO.
  12. Wolfenstein 2. Those Mein Leben trophies are terrible. Too bad they ruined that trophy set as I got 100% on the previous games but I am avoiding this one, not gonna put that on my backlog.
  13. EDIT: it works on v1.26. The thing is there's a little important detail not mentioned ANYWHERE: you have to spawn right on the speed pad in the tunnel for it to work. When you spawn you have like 1sec invulnerability window, the speed pad will push you forward immediately and you will hit the wall while still being invulnerable, and respawning again over the speed pad. --- This isn't working for me. Uninstalled the game, downloaded it again from PSN, disconnect from internet before starting it and the glitch it's not working. When I checked the version it says 1.26, so it downloaded that version from the store (I never installed any patch, I was offline all the time). I purchased the Base game + Fury Bundle. I am doing something wrong? Do I have to hit some specific pixel on the tunnel for it to work? Or is the game already patched on PSN? In what version does this works?
  14. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformers. I have played a bunch of racing games, including both WipEout (HD and 2048), but this one takes the cake. It looks innocent and easy at first but soon escalates with trophies like Yokozuna and Gale Racer, requiring perfect execution and dealing with merciless and unrelenting AI. Honorable mention goes for Need For Speed (2016), although not required for the Platinum, the DLC has a trophy for getting all Gold medals in Prestige races, these races are extremely difficult with times and scores to beat that seem impossible to get the gold.
  15. Ew, you actually have to "git gud" to get the plat, those A+ grades are not getting by themselves. People seem to confuse "git gud" with "master the game until you can beat it blindfolded, then you will like it".