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  1. If you miss it, takes all of 10 minutes from starting NG+ to get it.
  2. If you have them all, simply move to storage and back and it will unlock.
  3. Not sure you understand how the statistics work if you think it's an impossibility lol.
  4. Just quit and load again
  5. Play the game, delete save, upload PS4 save, profit
  6. There is no reason why the PS4 version would run better on a PS4 pro than a PS5.
  7. Nah they are great and how they were created by our system overlords. You simply cannot comprehend what words I speak. Either that or you are of the lower level brain computing power
  8. Unfortunately you have been taken in by the fallacy that we actually see anything. The human eye was constructed to see 30fps by our makers, only with a visual upgrade to the connected chair can you see more. We being normal.constructs do not get that.
  9. The human eye can't tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps.
  10. Get the upgrade, launch the game the same way etc
  11. Don't need to win, just complete. Shouldn't be too long as you can do a lot as you go for the rest. Depending on how long it takes to unlock tier 3 upgrades, those could be the longest for all the cars needed.
  12. The trophy is 100% unmissable. Had a friend not know he could press R1 and didn't until finished the game, still got over 300 for the trophy.
  13. Nothing is missable.
  14. Was patched a long time ago, mentioned within this thread too.
  15. You can very easily use them from the PS app. I have used them many times.