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  1. I submitted a ticket as well. Hopefully enough of us will bug them to get this straightened out again.
  2. I'll try to do that today. I'm just 6 characters away.
  3. Ran into the issue of not saving again tonight. Nearing the end of this grind, hope it saves again soon.
  4. I stopped awhile back because nothing was saving. I hadn't heard it was working again until I saw someone playing it.
  5. Played yesterday and all matches saved. Have done 2 tonight(March 26th) grinding out stuff and neither have saved.🥴 Someone mentioned a new Borderlands dlc was supposed to start today. I was making good progress on this. Ugh.
  6. I've played over 20 matches and have yet to encounter the newer boss. This is nuts. I just want to get back to 100% lol.
  7. Yeah, I'm in the same boat again. It's not even saving story mission progress. Played the 3rd one twice and it won't unlock the next.😕 Is it really worth the hassle? Ugh. Sucks.
  8. Same here my man. Nothing has saved for me the past couple of days. The match can start but the data can't be saved. Sounds like they're lazy.
  9. I've been doing private matches but my gawd none of my progress is saving. I've played 3 matches and did the prologue twice and none have saved. Such shit. I want to do this but am literally getting nowhere.😔
  10. Thanks for the info guys, I have a ton of characters but apparently I don't have a single one of those except for Kraken. I was trying to use that one and not once did it devour one of them(maybe they were immune, I'll have to pay closer attention).
  11. Anyone else having some issues with achieving this trophy. I'm up to the 7th of 8th tiers(I'm sure it will time out before I could beat it) but the amount of health those characters have is intense. I see the rarity isn't really low so I figure maybe I'm just using a horrible team? Tips?
  12. I was working on all 3 versions at the same time, and I ultimately gave up on doing the Vita version(still working on the other 2 still). I'm not sure why they require you to get a diamond cup on the least populated version of the game versus the other 2 requiring you to just get a gold(which is easy peasy). There have been a few times Murphy jumps over a landing spot where the wind blows but there are a handful of people that can get past it somehow, even though you can't. Stupid trophy pure and simple. Should have been a gold just like the other versions.
  13. MP?

    For what I can tell it's just local mp.
  14. Was there anyone else out there that was having an issue of the Vita version of not getting any trophies. I should have got the one stone trophy from the get-go but nothing.
  15. I would love to obtain this trophy as well. Whatever the list is, I would like to be put on it. Thanks!