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  1. I can confirm
  2. I reloaded a previous cloud save and the trophy poped once I recollected the last heart piece!
  3. Wow it worked like a charm. I suggest to use Lion too, and scan before the battle so you can gain extra point
  4. Did you do the tutorial requirements too?
  5. Try to play on Nightmare difficulty, at the start of the Drop there are 3 more ghosts (only 2 and 3 can taint) so in less than 15 minutes you can get 5 counts. I got it yesterday, after finishing the other trophies, with infinite films upgrade and some mirrorstones, in less than 1 hour
  6. Yes you can exit after getting the missing collectibles, you only need to reach the next checkpoint before leaving the chapter.
  7. Just a question, if i upgrade camera for making more damage I will get less point from each fight or I can safely fully upgrade and start my road to S+ on nightmare?
  8. For 100% episode you need to complete all episodes in both normal and nightmare, the rank doesn't count here. S+ ranks is needed for Peerless Perfectionist however.
  9. I go for next checkpoint because I'm not sure if restarting from last save reset the counter or not (with ghost hands dodging I'm not able to take the trophy restarting from nearest checkpoint). It would be interesting in knowing if it counts, in that case the grind would be super fast (only 10 attempt).
  10. I found another easy way, from Drop 4. After taking the physical photo in the backyard of the dollhouse, 3 children appear (Shizuma Amaki, Koto Okudera, Yurine Uno) who can be contaminated. Defeating them grants a counter increase of 3 per attempt, for a total of "only" 10 total attempts. It's quite fast to reach that point if you skip all encounters.
  11. Thank you for this great thread, is it possible to have a similar checklist for other collectibles (ghosts, traces, archives), or they are the same I can found here?
  12. Do you know if restarting checkpoint resets counts for achievements like 100 fatal frame, 100 Shutter Chances or dodging ghost hands? I'm trying to unlock the last one but even if I took 5 dodges it won't pop.
  13. When you see a purple circle, wait for it to return to his ghost, and then let it touch you. Hope it helps
  14. Thank you so much, it looks so hard to do 😬