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  1. Is hives playable totally offline too?
  2. I'm unable to connect from PS5, even with the procedure, I resolved playing through streaming of the PS Plus version
  3. I had the same issue, needed to completely delete my save file
  4. 90% of the trophies is quite simple, since the game has a lot of accessibility options, but the Out for the Blood campaign callenges are really hard because they ask to perform a lot of combo points! The game, btw, is really great!!
  5. Yes, now it is fully obtainable
  6. The game will never be patched
  7. They updated PS4 version, but it seems the speedrun trophy is bugged (all people are getting the 2,5 max hours related but not the 6 max hours one) 🙄
  8. I can confirm
  9. I reloaded a previous cloud save and the trophy poped once I recollected the last heart piece!
  10. Wow it worked like a charm. I suggest to use Lion too, and scan before the battle so you can gain extra point
  11. Did you do the tutorial requirements too?
  12. Try to play on Nightmare difficulty, at the start of the Drop there are 3 more ghosts (only 2 and 3 can taint) so in less than 15 minutes you can get 5 counts. I got it yesterday, after finishing the other trophies, with infinite films upgrade and some mirrorstones, in less than 1 hour
  13. Yes you can exit after getting the missing collectibles, you only need to reach the next checkpoint before leaving the chapter.
  14. Just a question, if i upgrade camera for making more damage I will get less point from each fight or I can safely fully upgrade and start my road to S+ on nightmare?
  15. For 100% episode you need to complete all episodes in both normal and nightmare, the rank doesn't count here. S+ ranks is needed for Peerless Perfectionist however.