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  1. PSN ID TheCapinXT Region EU PS Systems PS3, PS4, PS5 Accepts Blank Friend Requests NO, put PSNprofiles or something like that so I know Mainly looking for ppl that are trophy/plat hunters. But I will accept anyone really. P.S also looking for ppl to help grind out some trophies in 7 days to die, and various other Co op games if needed
  2. I'm interested in getting my plat level higher as I assume most of us do. Any decent games easy or hard on PsNow that can be recommended? P.s sorry if this isn't the right topic, still figuring out the forums haha (boomer alert)
  3. Just asking around for any suggestions on some good couch co op games, on the ps4 or the ps5. I know the popular ones like A Way Out, Overcooked, Moving Out. But was seeing if anyone knows any that are maybe not as popular, a bit different. But also let's both players get trophies(massive thing for me and my partner) TheCapinXT
  4. Just wondering if I was to play this with my partner in the couch, with both his and my profiles. If player 2 would still get all the trophies, or is it like Overcooked?
  5. Ermm it was just in passing through some sites I was looking at, high change it was just rumours No it wasn't a tweet, it was on a website I was looking atvgame news and seen it. It might have been false info
  6. I have just heard from a site , that the servers are getting shut down. So if the trophies haven't popped now I don't think any of us will be getting them. They gave up on this game a long time ago, I think it's now our time to also give up.
  7. I have read when looking at lego harry potter 1-4 it is known for its bugs only for the PS3 version though. I might give it a go and if it bugs I might just have to hid them on my profile 🤔
  8. Thank you for the heads up, I might give it avoid on ps3 if that's the case
  9. Ooooo thank you I'm not bothered about 100% or anything just the plat trophy is all I need, my profiles sits at around 90% complete rate so a few none 100% games wouldn't harm. Harry potter 1-4 is buggy, do you know about the other one? I would rather avoid it if its buggy for more than 50% of players. I understand some ppl have trophy problems but if ALOT of ppl say it I will avoid them. I made the mistake of playing knockout city, and those trophies are super buggy
  10. For me that doesn't matter, I really enjoy lego and even if I'm not interested in the movie I.e Indiana Jones, I will still play the game. I would prefer quickest/buggiest first. But saying that I have completed lego the movie on different consoles before, so that one I can breeze through without a guide. I would in the long run like them all on my profile, I feel that would be a nice thing to have. So really doesn't matter where I start haha
  11. Looking to complete most of the lego games. I see some on psnow for ps3, I know star wars the complete collection does not have trophies. But yeah which ones would you guys suggest to complete first? Doesn't matter which console PS3/PS4/PS5. Thanks 😊
  12. Mmmm strange, not sure about the 2 versions, I currently haven't installed it again. The thought of bugged trophies really irritate me. So until I know 100% if this game is fixed I won't be re-installing. But I hope you get your trophies sooner rather than later 💙
  13. Oh thank you
  14. Thank you all for the replies I will be looking through them all and seeing what ones suit my playstyle the most Haha that's okay. I understand not everyone looks at profiles
  15. I actually just recently did concrete genie, in fact it was my last plat haha. I will look at some of these thank you