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  1. Which boat did you use? Is the double coins one the best one? Or is it the legendary luck one the best one? Also how do coins work? Does 100 cents transform into 1 cash? Cuz right now im at 361 cash and 71 cents/coins.
  2. Do you know if it works or not, for EU PS3 and EU account with NA copy of game + NA account where you buy the vip pass?
  3. Is it still obtainable or not?
  4. I have started a new carrer, even did the whole license again, but it keeps happening for me again and again...How will i ever get the 2 4000 reputation trophies??? Do you do EVERY SINGLE RACE AND QUALI? And never skip, even tho you already have points to win the championship? And what contracts do you sign? Per race contract or season?
  5. Same for me. I've done it. Didn't pop. Talked to them and showed the video. They said they had unlocked it for me but it's not popping cuz of a bug that they are still trying to fix. I have no idea when will they fix it...