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  1. hello who gives me a tip to get this trophy Dance player, dance! I don't know how to try to avoid being killed or hurt
  2. Bad controls, it is noticeable that they only play the PS3 or PS4 versions and they do not have to say experience if they have already had experience in the game since the original version, it is a piece of cake to pass the game even in hard mode
  3. I see that you have not played since the PS2 version if you have played and you have already had talk, it is super easy and I say it from my own experience
  4. I need help and I only need 2 trophies and the first is to explore the entire island but I'm still stuck with the trophy of killing 5 infected in a row in a single hit but I can't get any advice
  5. one question is the Chapter of Eniess Lobby that you mention??????????
  6. someone who has been able to get the Sanji coin from the new world to advise me that is the last coin I need
  7. What great news to know that Jump Force is going to close its servers next year and I deserved it for being very repetitive and that J Star Victory is still open the servers and although you can easily get the trophies online in my opinion it deserves to be closed its repetitive gameplay its lack of characters its character passes its lack of content its absurd microtransactions.