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  1. For the league trophies, yes you just need one other person and do 5 quick races. But I only got the league medal trophy once I had checked my in game mailbox and claimed the medal from the email there, after winning the 5 race league.
  2. I've had the same problem. Also I think there might be a problem with the relic hunt trophies as well.
  3. I found mine as a drop from a random enemy during a mission played on normal difficulty (I did get a purple d50 from a control point). Given that the dark zone has the highest loot drop rates it probably is a bet to try there, but in reality it could drop anywhere.
  4. Mate I have played the game for about 100 hours and i still haven't found one, a mate i was playing with found his as a random drop from a normal enemy during a mission. I found it was easier to farm hyena keys and craft the chatterbox if you are just going for the trophy (that's what i did).
  5. I got the trophy when the person i went to revive held up on the D-pad (when they were downed). A message came on my screen saying agent needs assistance, I revived them and i got the trophy. I had a look when I was downed and there was an option to call for help. So I think the trophy refers to them requesting to be revived and not calling for backup, of course I could be wrong.
  6. G'day mate, I'm a very average for honor player and I managed to get it by playing dominion. If i saw someone on my team with their health flashing red I just ran to the fight and hopefully got the kill on the person attacking them (I got about 35 of them this way). Did manage to boost the rest of them. If you already have the 50 max renown in Dominion you probably already have quite a few of them already. Some better players might have some other suggestions but thats how I did it.
  7. I'd also say this has been helpful for me. I'm a very average driver (highest DR "B") and I have been able to get all 91 wins and 65 pole positions a lot easier than I otherwise would have been able to. Yes there have been some races that I have had very little chance of winning (because of racing against drivers in the top 10) but I also found that racing against them helped me improve by watching them, allowing me to win more races (I will also say that it can be frustrating when you see their standing start time faster than my qualifying lap). I have also had a few races where I have been the only competitor (usually between 3am - 5am) and while I found it challenging I did manage to win those races, so if you can race during those times you might also get some easy wins.
  8. Basically the only way to build your team up to 85 (you need this for the two styles trophy) is to get cards from completing challenges or from getting seasons collectibles (10 of them will get you a high rated player). Fortunately seasons is easy to boost at the moment as there is hardly anyone playing so you can easily get collectibles by making the playoffs and winning the superbowl (at least it was in September when I did it). From memory you get about 5 each season (not sure of exact number). If you look at the auction house you may be able to get some cards but most of mine came from seasons matches. I'd help you out but I gave my cards away when I finished it.
  9. Well support for this game has ended so it will not be patched.®-dev-update
  10. Yes its still possible at the moment but the ultimate team part will be a huge grind as you cannot buy packs from the store. You will have to earn players either by solo challenges or through seasons matches etc. If you have already started MUT it does make it easier. I played it years ago and got my team to 75 OVR, but it took quite a long time to get it to the 85 OVR needed to unlock dual styles. Other than that it was very easy to boost seasons matches.
  11. The safety first trophy took me about 12-13 races but I was driving very cautiously in last place each time. You need to complete 5 qualifying races to receive a rating. If you hit other players it might take longer. Might be quicker if you finish higher up. I hope I'm wrong but I think the skill rating trophy might be glitched as no-one has it yet and I did receive a rating after the 5 qualifying races. If anyone who reads this knows about that trophy it would be great to know.
  12. You can also get XP in unranked/private races. The safety and skill rating trophies still need to be done in ranked races.
  13. Just to add that one of the bonus xp needs 4 to complete it. The bbq one where you have to shock 3 with the arc welder. You also need 56000xp for the last bonus.
  14. Mate I lost about 5000xp last night!! I'll have to remember to change something.
  15. Mate Ghost Bustin 2 is done on skills. If you go to the skill and check the leaderboard (select the friends option) you should be able to see their score. You select it and use their ghost. I got mine on an escape mission. The highlights are things like ground speed, ground jump etc. They are on your map. I got mine driving the boat when my friend drove really slowly through a section of river that I hadn't been down and then I drove along the same stretch at a faster speed.