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  1. Can't speak for the others but back in business is for hero levels not power levels so that one may not be a problem depending on what level each character is. Earn a total of 250 Hero Levels across the entire Hero Roster
  2. I would say it depends on your goals with the game. If you want the platinum then my advice would be choose another game, but if you want to play a fun basketball game then I'd say go for it.
  3. My suggestion would be to go after another exotic (well at least that is what I did as I couldn't get the D50 to drop, whereas my mate managed to get it to drop from a random enemy during a normal mission). I haven't played the game in a while so my info may be out of date but I found getting the chatterbox was much easier to do. That's how I got the trophy.
  4. I would also say check the MyTeam twitter account for the locker codes. They have had locker codes recently that have Galaxy Opal players. Yes there is no guarantee but you might get lucky and get one for free.
  5. In many of the levels you can run past most of the enemies and there are only a few that you need to kill to progress. Honestly from memory most of ACT 3 I just ran through. All up an entire playthrough only took me a few hours. It's not as bad as it seems.
  6. The trophy GOAT will become unattainable once the online servers are shut. It's only 2900 for the GOAT trophy, but it definitely not an easy road. I played since launch (early September) and I finished GOAT in March. I'm not sure if they Series 1 Collection and Heat Check packs are still available (please correct me if you know) which might make the trophy a little tougher considering you would have to buy these cards from the Auction House. Its definitely a long grind and I was lucky getting a few Galaxy Opal cards in packs (through coins earned playing MyCareer mode) that I was able to sell for lots of MT, which allowed me to buy quite a few cards. Good luck if you decide to do it.
  7. Mate I pretty much had to get someone from another region to invite me. When the game came to PS Plus a while back the servers were briefly populated in Australia but they died quickly again.
  8. I'd say it depends on the region you are in. For instance in Australia you cannot find and elimination/skirmish match to save yourself, but in other countries you may be able to find one quite easily. You are able to join a friend (from another region) and have them search for matches which is how I finally got wins for skirmish and elimination. For the campaign, I did realistic difficulty in co-op which made it much easier, especially as the game does not adjust for the extra player. But if you are a good player, realistic is tough but doable. Other than that I'd start soon because one trophy needs you to play in one season and then come back in the next season to see your results. I'm not exactly sure how long a season is but there may only be 4 in a year (i'm ready to stand corrected on that though).
  9. The other thing about this trophy is there is the opportunity to be quite lucky and obtain the trophy from a delta daily (I forget what they are called in this game). These are community events that only have two tiers. So if you check each day you may be lucky enough to be able to finish an event in the top 50% and get the trophy. In my time with the game I saw this happen twice with cars from Group B 4WD so keep checking everyday and you might get one.
  10. Unless you are able to get a second hand copy from Australia, but you would have to check that it had 1.00 version and there wouldn't be that many.
  11. I'm not an expert on the game but i also played games of MyCareer to earn VC, as well as doing the daily challenges and spinning the wheel daily. Once I got some VC I bought some packs and got a few cards that I could sell ( I did get lucky and pick up one Galaxy Opal that I sold for 250K which allowed me to buy more cards. I was also able to sell all shoes and injury cards that I got which do add up after a while). Anyway thats what I did.
  12. The trophy is buggy, from memory try buying one of the lower engines again and then change back to the top engine. I did have a little trouble unlocking the trophy. I used this to help me get the trophy.
  13. That was the only one I had to use tuning for. If you make the gear ratio fully long to take advantage of the lengthy time at full throttle and then make both the springs and dampers soft so that you can ride the curbs effectively it might work for least that is what worked for me.
  14. Games can be won in single player, no need to play online.
  15. Yeah mate, all can be done with 3 in private matches (thats how I did them). You also don't get kicked for being afk.