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  1. The only thing I noticed is that is takes a second for the nullifier to take effect. The time that the trophy did not pop for me I ended up killing him before the nullifier took effect.
  2. Yes I'm pretty sure you have to kill her and then jump off the platform to get the final trophy (thats what I did and the trophy popped). If you want to get it quickly just shoot her just as you start to walk across to her platform. I'm basing this on what Powerpyx wrote in his guide.
  3. Mate thanks for the tip about changing the mode to friends only. Made doing some of the trophies so much easier!!
  4. Did you enter the RAK, take the rocket, confront and kill Julianna and then jump off the platform?
  5. I haven't played the games you are talking about but with NBA 2K it is usually relatively easy to get most of the trophies, but there is always at least 1 trophy that is challenging. For instance with NBA 2K21, the online trophies were relatively easy but to get all Stars on Domination wasn't straight forward (yes the very skilled players probably found it easy) but you still had to win matches against the best cards in the game on the hardest difficulty. Yes it helped if you did it at the end of the year when you could get some really good free cards (which were rewards from challenges which themselves were not straight forward), but you still had to win the games.
  6. I'm interested in the card grading. The trophy "Have an original owner card graded a 10". Does the card have to be very rare? Might make it hard, however if reward cards can be graded a 10 then it might be easier.
  7. I'm not sure how many it took, but at 4000 exp a race I think it was around 100 races just to get from level 49 to 50. From 0 to 50 – 2’343’707…From 46 to 50 you need (1’226’000) more than from 0 to 46 (1’117’707) I got this from So to get from 46 to 50 is more xp than 1 to 46. I was getting 4000xp per race so you can see how many races it took.
  8. Depends if you want easy or shorter. I'd say the quickest way was to drive Blue Moon yourself (around 8000 exp per race). The way that I did it was using a McLaren car I found it could still win the race grinding against the wall, so I just taped R2 down and used tape to steer the car slightly into the wall and let it go. It only gave about 4000 exp from memory but all I had to do was press a couple of buttons every 12 minutes so I could do other things while it was going. Someone out there might have a quicker method but it seems they were all patched. The thing I found hardest is at level 45/46 (I forget which) you were only halfway done with the exp grind. Good luck, I'm glad I never have to do it again.
  9. I just went with a cheese play. I used HIgh 5 from the Pelicans playbook. Started the play, then just manually passed to PG/SG as they ran to the bucket. Always shot above 80% and won every Domination game without losing. Didn't even need to change any defensive settings either (although I finished Domination recently when I had a full 99 squad - especially as some really good DM cards were very cheap in the Auction house).
  10. Thanks mate, followed what you did and it worked for me.
  11. Have you upgraded your bikes? Better engine and tyres etc...
  12. My extra mile trophy popped as normal. The trophy Rough Terrain glitched for me so I'm stuck at 97%. I did try on the PS5 and it did not help me.
  13. I'm in Australia and there were times (usually between 4am and 5am) when I raced in a lobby by myself. Both the win and pole position counted towards the trophy (all up they probably counted for about 5-7 of my total so it was quite rare). However if you are in a region with more time zones your chances of getting a solo lobby are probably a lot smaller.
  14. On world tier 15 I did get a legendary drop from an enemy, but I was the only one. The two people I played through the game with didn't. I also got a legendary drop from failing an expedition at CR15 (from the box in the preparation area) so it can happen. I have also played through the game 3 times (on different characters) and only had it once.
  15. I am a very average player, but I can tell you what I have done. I play with a defensive diamond coach (forget the name). I have my PF and C basically there to defend and rebound, so I went for the biggest players (yet somewhat mobile) I could find and I keep looking out for good cheap cards every pack. I then use my wings to do the bulk of my scoring, I usually try and find players with Quick First Step who can beat a defender 1 on 1 along the baseline for a dunk. If not I'll try and get my PG to the bucket. The above post is great advice about mismatches. I try for high percentage shots and try and keep my shooting percentage above 75%. When they have the ball I use my PG with a high steal rating to pressure them around the halfway line to try for a steal and easy bucket. When my bigs rebound I look for an outlet pass for one of my quick wings to get a fast break score. I would also say is look at some of the PD cards as they are very cheap at the moment. If the card has the badges you want I would use them. I saved up and bought Dark Matter Jordan and he does the bulk of my scoring. The rest of my team is Don Ohl (free from Triple Threat) and I rotate players from the Spotlight Sims depending on the opposition (ie mismatches from the post above). While constantly looking for cheap cards in the auction house, for instance the PD Dwayne Wade or D Yao Ming in the most recent set (who I have started using because they are quite cheap). Anyway there are much better players that probably have some excellent suggestions but that is what I do.