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  1. Well support for this game has ended so it will not be patched.®-dev-update
  2. Yes its still possible at the moment but the ultimate team part will be a huge grind as you cannot buy packs from the store. You will have to earn players either by solo challenges or through seasons matches etc. If you have already started MUT it does make it easier. I played it years ago and got my team to 75 OVR, but it took quite a long time to get it to the 85 OVR needed to unlock dual styles. Other than that it was very easy to boost seasons matches.
  3. The safety first trophy took me about 12-13 races but I was driving very cautiously in last place each time. You need to complete 5 qualifying races to receive a rating. If you hit other players it might take longer. Might be quicker if you finish higher up. I hope I'm wrong but I think the skill rating trophy might be glitched as no-one has it yet and I did receive a rating after the 5 qualifying races. If anyone who reads this knows about that trophy it would be great to know.
  4. You can also get XP in unranked/private races. The safety and skill rating trophies still need to be done in ranked races.
  5. Just to add that one of the bonus xp needs 4 to complete it. The bbq one where you have to shock 3 with the arc welder. You also need 56000xp for the last bonus.
  6. Mate I lost about 5000xp last night!! I'll have to remember to change something.
  7. Mate Ghost Bustin 2 is done on skills. If you go to the skill and check the leaderboard (select the friends option) you should be able to see their score. You select it and use their ghost. I got mine on an escape mission. The highlights are things like ground speed, ground jump etc. They are on your map. I got mine driving the boat when my friend drove really slowly through a section of river that I hadn't been down and then I drove along the same stretch at a faster speed.
  8. If you have a turbo controller you can do it afk by finding a fighter with a simple one button combo (changing the controls to make it the X button) and fighting a match against the CPU on easiest difficulty. The XP is less (you generally still win the match) but it does allow you to do something else during the grind. I did this to get from lvl 61 to lvl 65 overnight while I slept.
  9. I got the trophy recently and the trophy popped mid match as soon as I had enough xp for level 50. I had gotten to level 40 a while ago but I did the last 10 levels during the double xp weekend. I got the rank 25 trophy at rank 24 actually but that was quite a long time ago before the update that seemed to mess everything up. At least by the post above it seems they will be fixing it.
  10. I managed to get the trophy last night. I was playing with 2 other people and when a featured map came up we all voted for it. Then in the next round you can also vote for the previous map, so a couple of times we were able to get that map twice in a row. Then of course came winning the match, especially considering that I'm not the greatest player (the guys I was playing with were quite good thankfully). Also when you get to choose the map you can filter it so you can choose the featured maps.
  11. I finished getting all the crowns (after about 240 hours) and I started crown hunting pretty much as soon as I finished the story. I got all 28 crowns available from the event quests and I got most of the others by answering SOS flares only on quests that had gold and silver rewards. I also found that quests that had 2 gold and 2 silver rewards often had crown size monsters that were not the target. I never did quests that had bronze rewards and I was usually getting 2 crowns per day. Only thing left for the plat is to find one of the creatures and complete the 50 arena quests.
  12. FINALLY got all the gold crowns. Only took 240 hours to get them. Spent about 7 hours on the last one...Radobaan.
  13. I'm about 230 hours in and just need 3 more large crown. The azure rathalos, dodogama and radobaan don't seem to want to give up their crowns. Anyway back to it...
  14. Mate did you try and play the game unpatched (which means fewer cars) and then try and take other drivers out by getting just in front of them and hit the brakes? If you have a look on the net you should be able to find more on this method.
  15. The difficulty wasn't too bad at all and I'm not the greatest player either.