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  1. Just wondering how long it takes to complete these 3 trophies. I've 100% the maps, finished the story (and got the car thefts and challenges that are missalbe) in about 13 hours, does the rest really take like 20ish hours? Just wondering from anyone else whose Plat'd the game, thanks.
  2. No idea what I missed on both times, I had a checklist nothing was missing. I did the my 2 playthrough 8 months apart tho. I reckon something was lost on a save/death, so I died and forgot to reget something. It's all good I'm doing a third run skipping cutscenes and only going for the trophy, pretty sure it'll only take like 3 hours or so touch wood. Yea the EZ gun unlocking had my thinking it thought I got the Markhor rank, almost like a glitch but oh well
  3. So I played on very easy and had it to begin with, but in the post credits seen it said I unlocked it? Bit annoyed missed the Markhor trophy 2 playthrhoughs in a row lol
  4. So I finished the game it said 47/48 fauna, no Markhor trophy. However I obtained the EZ gun, isn't this a reward for receiving the Markhor trophy or am I misunderstanding this?