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  1. Oh damn didn’t think it’d be that quick
  2. After watching some reviews and gameplay I’d rather just play FFXV
  3. side note but how long does this take to platinum?
  4. Yea long gone are the ps3 ps4 and vita shared trophy lists, still can’t really decide if I liked them or not…
  5. They aren't neccarily "blocked off", my understanding is, if you're overlevelled, you'll probably bull doze through your enemies. If you do that, you don't let them actually attack you and/or inflict status aliments on your party (to get Risette to say the lines about that). A way to get around this could be just guarding a whole lot and letting the enemies pound on you, I did that a few times and got a lot of lines that way. That's my understanding, however some lines may actually not appear at all if you're too high level but that doesn't really make too much sense haha
  6. You can always just make a save in the final dungeon and farm lines from her, no need to do it on a whole new play through either
  7. There's no save transfer feature unless I've missed something? Just played through the campagin once on Vita just then, will do the second playthrough sometime in the future. I did a pretty blind run first go through, and got like 38 of the 50 trophies (with Hardcore Risette Fan popping in the final fight of the game luckily). I reccomend first playtrhough try to do everything yourself (but just make you sure max out your 4 peronal attributes), then the second one use a guide to get every social link. My first playthrough was amazing and very fun, I fear it may be spoiled if you used a guide but up to you!
  8. well thats good to hear!
  9. That is an amazing idea but they’ll never do it hahah, I’d love to be proven wrong tho ! They’ll probably stop the ability to buy on the store soon same with Vita, the day they stop you downloading titles and most importantly stop syncing trophies will be a very dark day lol
  10. They won't. The dream is the the PS2 games and the Future Saga remastered in 2 collectons both 4k 60. We can dream on though 😭 How times have changed, if you're talking about phyiscal copies, Trails 1 and 2 go for about $250 AUD combined lol
  11. yea for sure, may need to look up a guide for the Ratchet 1 tricks on the board, just a bit of hand placement you need to be sure of
  12. Colin from Sacred Symbols has definetly mentioned something is going on with Bloodbourne and at Bluepoint. A PS5 version will come I suspect. I'd still just play the PS4 version it's great 😀
  13. Sword fighter in Skellige was a great surpirse tbh
  14. Just to chime in, pretty sure I versed quite a lot of people online who were streaming via PS Now when I was playing a few years ago when I was native on PS3, I found out via messaging them after
  15. I've been very obsessed with my pet cats recently, I wasn't really expecting much but really loved Stray, played the ps4 and ps5 versions as well
  16. Ah dang that sucks. Maybe check if you’ve got a previous save uploaded to the cloud if you’ve got ps plus?
  17. Damn I'm sorry, I remember getting really frustrated at it when I missed the trophy. Leave it for a few months and try again one day! Also I remember the time I got the trophy, I used a video guide instead of the text.
  18. Sony will never port anything from PS Vita, they're not interested in porting any of their 1st party PS3 stuff over (Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, Resistance, Killzone the list goes on) even though 4k 60 ports of those games would be amazing. They're only interested in mega big budget games that sell loads not smaller projects, that's pretty clear. The PS Vita PS4 era Sony where they would do smaller projects is long gone
  19. From my experience, it took me 3 goes to get the Markhor trophy. It's not bugged, but there's a few things to look out for from my experience: - It is very easy to pick an item up, save your game, but you never get to the next area which saves item progress. Then if you quit out of the game and come back in, and don't pick up the items in the area you are in again, they wont count. - I think I actually missed one of the snakes in the final boss fight. There's 3 to collect as you know, but there's also a generic snake in that area, and I think I got a generic snake and 2 of the new ones, might be worth playing the final boss fight again and making sure to collect all the snakes. Hope this helps
  20. yea true, sorry I should've rephrased it to say that it is bugged but still possible to get the trophy
  21. yea its not bugged, but they do die in one shot and do little damage, you've just got to manipulate their oponents to have really low heath so they (the puppet) can one shot the other opponent
  22. So true chicken sandwiches are OP
  23. Yea its' so true you should be able to play offline FUT with your squad, it's just such a downside of an strictly online mode like FUT if they take it down everything is gone, even if it had single player functionality. I still need to grab the offline division 1 trophy in FUT in 18 and not sure if I can be bothered 😅
  24. Once you've played throuhg the game once (on any difficulty), subsequent playthroughs on Death March I personally have found very easy, whilst still being engaging enough where trying different builds and item combinations is extremely fun and rewarding. This is because Death March can easily be conqured with a half decent build, and upgraded/good use of potions and and oils consistently. It's a bit daunting knowing you'll probably have to play through it twice for the plat (if you're completely new) and that would probably put me off a game I never tried, but the game is truly worth it. Going in blind on a lower difficulty is probably a good bet. This game essentially got me into RPGs and singe player games in general, and also made me starting to want to hunt trophies
  25. yea in my current endgame save I've already aquired all of the bomb recipes so can't get Bombardier, but the majority of trophies unlock the way Bookworm and Lets Cook do, the combat ones for example you just need 1 kill if on your current save you did all the kills