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  1. "The worst part is these games are such high quality that the whole idea of someone skipping the games(without seeing in full glory all the enhancements the ps5 has given them)is pretty wrack." So skipping good games is pretty wrack for you. Should i look into your Profile to see how many hundreds of good games you skipped? Your sentence doesn't make any sense.
  2. "most of the bugs"? Just because you can't get a PS5, you don't need to shittalk the console. It is a great piece of hardware.
  3. The only nonsense is your rant. Trophy policy comes from SONY. They decide. They deliver. Sony platform.
  4. The Xbox Gamepass is full of shitty games. And the overhyped Microsoft only Starfield looks like shit. There is a reason, why everyone wants a Playstation 5.
  5. ///Analysis/// You can't get a PS5 in Great Britain. Your fault. You can't backup your saves to USB? Your fault. That's why you are angry and threatening Sony by changing to Xbox, shittalking people, who autopop PS4 to PS5 Platins, cause you can't. ///Analysis done/// I hope, that you get your PS5 fast.
  6. You got a message from me.
  7. Try it with another copy of the game. If you have a friend for example.
  8. You don't need to be prepared. It is called "Tomahawk"
  9. Car wash
  10. The 3 cars you can buy. Can you buy Gold?
  11. Just did my last ones. ALL GOLD now 😎 It was hard, especially A-9, S-7, IA-10...S-10....S-4...and so on, but hard work pays off. Just try again and again and you will make it eventually. Thank god i don't tell you now how EASY PEASY everything is. (Elden Ring Platins on PSNProfiles: 22.775) (Gran Turismo 7 Platins on PSNProfiles: 101)
  12. The 3 cars you guys mentioned, were the 3 cars you could win, when you set your birthday to that car's years in Gran Turismo 5 PS3. I made tons of money with that trick. Trade was possible at that time.
  13. Hm, i would call it a glitch, cause Polyphony Digital already said, that this is not alright and that they will patch it.
  14. Better farm the Tomahawk 600 pp glitch, before they nerf it. I have 25 million Credits right now.
  15. Can you stop making science about a VIDEOGAME? I mean, jesus. Let's just race and earn money.