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  1. Nice drawing. You might want to get a better eraser for the mouth.
  2. Just beat Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon on CD-i using the spoon controller. Overall, it wasn't as god awful as everyone make it out to be. It still sucks, but I've played far worse.

  3. Just got a temporary website set up at Drunk Duck until I complete the main site. The web comic, called "The Overture" is now updating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sadly, this has started to eat up much of my video game time.
  4. The infiltrator is the most powerful class in the game and the second most fun to play. The Vanguard I found the most fun just because you have to play the game with pure aggression to survive. Infiltrator is also the best for the insanity play through.
  5. Bought a copy of Monster Hunter 3 from Gamestop. When I get home, I find that the clerk accidentally put a copy of Monster High roller derby in the box. Now I have to go back into town to get my game.

    1. Wolvie_181


      I had that happen to me too.

      I bought Sly 2 and when I got home to play the game,it was Sly 3 disc.

    2. --Deleted--


      Wow...Makes me glad I avoid most brick-n-mortor stores. Especially Game Stop. I rarely go in there, but when I do, it's always one big sales pitch.

  6. You're work's god damn amazing!
  7. Super, Ultra, Mega, Turbo Turkey Puncher 3, Alpha edition

  8. 9th Platinum. The Sims 3.

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    2. grayyyyyyyyyyyyy


      Either one of the Mass Effect games or POP, the Two Thrones.

    3. MrCostari
    4. bmj14772


      Well done sir!

  9. 98% done with the Sms 3. All I have to do is uninstall the game and reinstall it due to one of the easy trophies glitching out on me.

  10. There's bound to be hate for the Xbox on a site that deals exclusivity with PS3 trophy hunting. I'd love to get a Dreamcast 2 if it came out... With new power stone games to boot.
  11. Finally finished all 3 Mass Effects games in a row. The ending was pretty disapointing and it's a shame that I can't download the extended version.

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    2. Captain_Cutscene


      I didn't mind either ending to be honest (i'm weird, i know hehe) but i preferred the extended ending for sure. Definitely no way you can download it?

    3. grayyyyyyyyyyyyy


      I can't download it because I have a satlite internet connection. It's one of the drawbacks of living in the country.

    4. Cabhills


      I know what your going through grayyyyyyyyyyyyy. I use to have satellite also. Got rid of it once I got a 3G smartphone which isn't a massive upgrade for highspeed but its loads better than satellite.

  12. Love JRPGs or Western RPGS