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  1. Interesting that the website says to earn Uncommon trophies, yet the app says Rare and above.
  2. https://www.focus-home.com/en-us/games/a-plague-tale-requiem
  3. Initial question would be, is it only the lack of HDMI ports that's making you think about swapping one of them out? (I have no space in my entertainment unit, but due to the size of the PS5, it's going to be stood up slightly behind my TV, I pre-ordered the digital edition so I don't have to be concerned about access for discs) Because the answer could be to use a HDMI splitter for your PS4/PS3 and just keep it on the PS4 and switch it to PS3 when your hankering takes hold. If you have your whole PS4 library available on External HDD/SSD/Hybrid that you can use on your PS5, then plug it in and don't waste precious PS5 SSD space on those B/C titles. If the title is going to benefit greatly from moving to the internal drive (not all will as the game engine used may still bottleneck it) then move it to play it, then back to the external if you're going to park it again for a while. Also, do you have PSVR? Whilst you can order your camera adaptor FOC from Sony, depending on which model you have, it may be easier to keep the PS4 hooked up as a PSVR machine for now. To answer your other questions: Your PS4 library should show as available to download with the exception of the small list of non-compatible games, if you have any of those. Playing your PS4 title in Legacy mode should still work as if you were using the PS4 natively, with compatible titles gaining from the extra horsepower of the PS5. Only the answers to the questions above may change your view on what you keep, or don't keep hooked up.
  4. Based on the fact that it's free for 2 months, I think it will be a bonus one.
  5. Buy the PS4 version as you'll automatically get the corresponding PS5 version anyway. Don't risk buying the PS5 version to find out the hard way that you don't automatically get the PS4 version (don't see why you wouldn't, but the new store is a mess, so who knows). Rumours are that they will be separate trophy lists so you may be able to double-dip for no extra cost.
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