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  1. just use copy glitch to get "This is mine?"
  2. Hi,I have verified that this glitch is available and can complete the trophy “This is mine?”. If you need help, contact me
  3. This method is out of date, now only 100 gold coins will be rewarded for a game.
  4. I found a glitch that could copy money and equipments to other accounts, assuming ps4 had two accounts, account A (rich), account B (no money or less money), and it can be reproduced with the following steps: 1. Login into the game use account A, into the career, casually into a 1-star event, in the appearance of "tournament tree map"/"simulation"/"start the game" this page, click "start the game". The point is, after clicking "Start the game", long press the Ps key, select "power - switch users" immediately, switch to the account B. 2. After switching to the account B, open the game, we will find that the event continues to load, and then after a while will prompt "the handle disconnected, reconnect to continue" like that, do not care, all the way to confirm, enter the game, at this time will find that you can not skip the entry animation, wait for the "start the game" page, click "start the game". When we enter the game, we can finish the game normally. 3. After playing, exit to the main menu, will find that the upper right corner also shows account A , and the money added to the prize money of this competition, but in fact this is already account B. 4. After killing the game, start the game with account B, we will find that all the money and purchased equipment, has been copied to account B. 5. kill the game, Re-enter the game of account A, we can find that the gold coins and equipment of account A are still the same as before the game. After the third step, there may also be an error of the game directly exiting. Don’t worry about this problem. Reopen the game and you will find that the copy is still successful. with this glitch, we can quickly unlock this achievement: 1. Find a friend who has bought all equipment or has 1.22 million gold coins. 2. Use your friend's ps4/ps5 to log in to your account, as account B. 3. Use the glitch above to copy gold coins or equipment. 4. Win a trophy Now I just lack a friend who has bought all the equipment. Are there any friends who have already won this trophy willing to give it a try?