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  1. Seems to be down again for few hours already Also on ps3, wiiu, x360...
  2. The issue can still be fixed, and the best way is to still contact them even though sometimes the answers are dumb depending on who from ubisoft support is responding. After the massive ubisoft outage on March 3rd, most of their game servers have been back up within 12 hours, but I know three old games that have been down for a lot of time: Far Cry 2 (ps3, x360), Rayman Legends (vita, ps3, wiiu, x360) and Watch Dogs 1 (all platforms) After a lot of messages to @UbisoftSupport on twitter (and a lot of unhelpful, completely wrong/false answers sometimes), Everything is now back up except for far cry 2 ps3. Do not lose hope and still contact them for this game! Rayman legends (vita) fixed on March 10th Rayman legends (ps3) fixed on March 11th Far Cry 2 (x360) fixed on March 17th Rayman Legends (wiiu, x360) fixed on April 4th Watch Dogs (all platforms) fixed on April 4th
  3. This message right there is precise and sums it all very well. All these games went down on the ubisoft outage last week and are still down right now. Please everyone keep contacting UbisoftSupport via twitter so we have a better chance of them fixing the servers for this game!