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  1. Finally finished up golf. Ready for whatever is next.
  2. #4 Completed. Since I keep seeing it brought up the only games on my profile I do not have access to anymore are Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces as both were removed from PS Now. Besides that there should not be any problems aside from unowned dlc packs.
  3. Done, rolling the dice again what will it say this time.
  4. Done This was pretty fun to run through again. What's next?
  5. Sounds interesting, I'm up for it. Can't wait to regret this later
  6. Game # 8 Complete Cat Quest Fastest Completion: 3 hours 35 minutes 50th Fastest: 6 hours 15 minutes My 8th vote for green turtle. This is going to be a very close race to the end isn't it? Best of luck to all.
  7. Game # 7 Complete Kitaria Fables Fastest Completion: 17 hours 37 minutes 50th Fastest: 5 days 49 minutes My 7th vote goes to green turtle.🐢
  8. Game # 6 Complete Chicken Police Fastest Completion: 57 minute 50th Fastest: 2 hours 28 minutes Need I say anything else? Vote 6 for green turtle.
  9. Game #5 Complete Stray Fastest Completion: 2 hours 44 minutes 50th Fastest: 5 hours 55 minutes I see no reasons to end support for the green turtle till the very end (or at least my 10 votes). Vote 5 for Green turtle.
  10. Game #4 Complete Ratchet and Clank (2016) Fastest Completion: 8 hours 10 minutes 50th Fastest: 22 hours 37 minutes Vote 4 for green turtle, as I remain the sole member of the turtle army. It will be a week for stray tomorrow, can't wait for the flood of votes.
  11. Game #3 Complete Okami HD Fastest Completion: 16 hours 32 minutes 50th Fastest: 3 days 1 hour Vote #3 is continued support towards the green turtle army. Time to return Okami to the library and find something else to sink my time into.
  12. Looks like my 2nd post fell under the radar.
  13. This sounds great, would give more time to complete stray. Game #2 Complete Ape Escape Fastest Completion: 2 hours 18 Minutes 50th Fastest: 5 Hours 54 Minutes Vote #2 remains green turtle.
  14. Finished Spyro the Dragon today. My vote goes towards Green Turtle to get it on the board. Not yet sure of what I will do next. Fastest Achiever 1 Hour 59 Minutes 50th Fastest 4 Hours 35 minutes.