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  1. Not a problem, X-whispa2K8-X ☺ In a game where it's best to talk to everyone and see dialogue options, the fact that the trophy comes up by not talking to anyone is pretty silly. Also for Always There, make sure either you or Rene are working for the city, just in case. Everything after should be pretty easy. Now Acquired Tastes is really the kicker... hopefully there's a simple way to go about it, because I still have no clue 😖
  2. For Direct, just go straight for the dog, don't talk to anyone, that's at least what happened for me. Always There is a bit tricky. I at least know you and Sege both need to be offered a contract but then you turn it down. The way I got it on my first run would be to do the Humphrey sign the way they want it, Sege's street lamps and sculptures, and a traditional christmas. Hopefully that works
  3. For some reason, I'm still stuck with the Acquired Tastes trophy. Does anyone have any tips on how to get this?