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  1. Aye earning a trophy did it - many thanks =]
  2. Mainly posting this in case someone else has the issue as well, the trophies themselves are anything to really hoot and holler about, lol, but it would appear as though the "Rarest Trophy Cabinet" widget has disappeared from my profile 🤔 I tried adding a trophy to the other cabinet to see if it would do anything but it was a no go.
  3. Is that the same excuse you tell the rest of the CRT when you explain to them why you mass approved illegitimate flags and then leave them to clean up the mess?
  4. What was the point of this thread then, haha! Jolly good chat, all!
  5. I come in peace, promise. My main argument with this is the scale of it. You're asking an entire website of thousands of gamers to theoretically change how/when they sync, all to catch the one guy (I know it's not just 1, but you get what I mean). There's gotta be something else that can be done to catch them. I know you guys are trying to find a way to make it easier for the CRT, but this just feels like the wrong approach to me personally. Getting flagged is one thing, getting unflagged is a different story. "As long as you're innocent, you should be fine" doesn't have a stand here. Those of us who haven't done anything wrong don't want to go through the game of "will it [the flag] be lifted or not" because of something as silly as not syncing your trophies right away. There's just gotta be another way, imo.
  6. Please don't put time-constraint rules on something that is supposed to be a hobby. Everyone has too many individual varying factors that already makes the idea of this not viable. Unless you're doing a case-by-case basis, it's not going to work. Trophy hunters already get a lot of flack in the gaming community for being bling bling addicts, please don't add to it by adding a "YOU MUST SYNC" rule to it. Get better software/tools to detect the cheaty cheaters. There's no reason we should have to worry about following a time constraint rule because they decided to be assholes.
  7. Roughly 16 trophies are missable, though some of those are incredibly hard to miss. No chapter select is available, but everything can be done in one playthrough. The trophies that aren't missable are Conquer Fear, Here Comes a New Challenger, Not Enough Challenge, Genius, and Foxey.
  8. First impressions - the game started off pretty fun. Lasting impressions... sigh. Ignoring the fact that my trophies won't sync, lol, this game is unnecessarily grindy. Unlocking all the turret combinations is fine as you just need to look for the planets that have the parts, but upgrading all the spuds is where I'm regretting picking this up. You can only do so by getting tokens from planets, but there's no way to tell which planets actually have tokens. There's no pattern as far as I can tell either. There are 5 spuds to upgrade, each (I'm assuming) with 4 levels, each level will require 1 token - so 20 tokens total. I've completed everything else and only have 1 spud upgraded and another only up to level 2 because either those tokens are just really rare or they're not dropping as they should. The worst part is that when you try to replay a planet you've already cleared, it tells you "you've already earned this token"... even if there was no token earned... so I'm left to believe something has gone wrong. There's no rhyme or reason as to why they are so scarce and require you to play the game long after you've completed everything else. Idk.. crossing my fingers that it's a bug that can be fixed, but it has pretty much ruined the game for me =/
  9. The platinum is very much obtainable. The game is a bit of a grind - especially for the sell/donate trophies. I've played well over 500 expeditions and barely have both of those bars at about 25%. The Frames are just about mastering explorers, but the Platinum frames increase the difficulty of the game by a substantial amount. You can use secret/hidden explorers for those, so trying to narrow down which 19 are the best to use for gold/plat frames. The Items is most likely unearned because there are a handful that are basically RNG based - I only have two left to get: The Yeti Paw and the Eye of Horus. The former requires a rare spawn and the latter requires you to get lucky with loot in caves/temples/shrines, so it's really just a matter of luck. When I first picked up the game, I grossly underestimated the time required to complete. My initial guess pinned it at about a 20-25+ Hour plat (the Platinum/Gold frames stack), but now that I've done a deep dive and completed most of it, it's going to be closer to a 45-50+ Hour plat, if not longer. Others may find it to be quicker, but you'll definitely be putting some time into this one. But honestly, it's such a quirky game. Even with it being grindy, I've found it to be quite enjoyable. Except that Yeti. Pardon my French... but fuck that Yeti.
  10. I hope your pets have a good Friday!.. and you too, of course =p

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      They seem to be having a good time.  Rin keeps sleeping on my feet and Kira's a primadonna as usual.  But I love the furry little menaces <3 

  11. I really like your shoes. 

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    2. Lum


      Thanks! I like my Pro Wings too :awesome:

    3. IntroPhenom


      @MidnightDragon  I think outside is that stuff I can see through my window, but honestly, I can't be sure.

    4. Rally-Vincent---
  12. I don't think it's going to be that horrible, tbh. The game itself is incredibly fun. That trophy will just take a bit of practice (and some skill upgrading haha) but it'll be a fun challenge to complete.
  13. Gah I love the look of this game, I won't be able to start for another day or two (maybe... priorities are hard sometimes lol), but even without the platinum, I like the look of the trophies. Should be a weird/good time.