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  1. It just looks fishy, that's all. You (and your friend) could have very well started a farm a month before actually digging in and playing the game, which would cause the trophy to unlock "early". Not unlike the 100 days trophy in Minecraft - go for that trophy first, then work on everything else when it's close to popping. It's a possibility. As mentioned before, the plot trophy can be explained if you and your friend earned it on another person's farm and not one of your own. Even if you both had consistently full boost meters (which didn't happen), there's no way you would've been able to get it on a farm that only you two worked on.
  2. You can definitely create multiple farms, but you absolutely must wait 1 month real time for that trophy. It doesn't matter if you have a single tree or nothing (most of the farms start with at least a few trees and crops though).
  3. Oh hey, a game I've actually played. Quick question, lol. How on Earth did you unlock all the farm plots in only 8 hours? I know the time to get has since become ridiculously long with the DLC, but even without it, it takes a lot of money and a lot of XP to get that trophy. Not accusing of anything, just genuinely curious about it. However... the platinum itself, unless they've changed it recently, takes at minimum a month to get because you can't change your system clock to cheese the Never Too Late to Do Well trophy. Edit: You got the plot trophy after the DLC was released, making 8 hours impossible, even if you played your heart out for the full 8 hours. The DLC boosted that trophy to an insane amount of time needed. The only way I can see it unlocking that early is if you were on someone else's farm when they got that trophy.
  4. MMDE I know you hate when I vouch for people in this stuff, been trying to be better at it, promise, but Disco is legit just insanely good at these games. He has the majority of Pinball games available and all complete on his profile as they're just his gig. Some of the timestamps jump around like they do (bouncing all over) because there were events over on .org taking place, mostly the 2013-2015 trophies. Get the easy first, crank out what a normal person would consider hard later, lol. I know you're looking into it, just adding the two cents in as it's quite surprising to see he even got flagged for this, of all people.
  5. It'll all work with chapter select, even after you've "completed" the game. I 100% missed Leap of Faith on my first few runs and used chapter select to get it. When you reach the "FIN" screen, hit Options and it should open up the "pause" menu to allow you to select whatever chapter you want. I think I had to spam it a bit for it to actually open, but it eventually did. Otherwise yeah, closing the game/reopening works just as well.
  6. Video guide here: I know it's frowned on to create threads for video guides. Doubt this is much better tbh, but it's there if you need it. EDIT: Alright you sneaky Mods
  7. Really enjoyed this one. Some of the puzzles are a tad tricky, but nothing too crazy, and the collectibles aren't too horrible to find (there's just a lot of them, lol). There is chapter select so if you miss anything, you can go back. Leap of Faith, Breathe, and The Other Speaks are the only miscellaneous ones you really need to look out for. All of the others are story/collectible related (Where did she go should pop naturally as you play). Can be done in about 3 hours, but will most likely take you about 5-6 if you're not using a guide on your first run.
  8. Suddenly happy to have saved over 5 TB of gameplay/trophy footage over the past 8 years so I can claim a top spot on a possible new leaderboard. 

  9. Heads up guys, there's a glitched trophy currently. Hard Choices can only be earned if you pick the Sword as your starting weapon. Switching out the Axe won't pop the trophy. Devs are aware and are looking into it. Old Enough can be cheesed a bit. You are correct in saying you can't die more than 3 times, but the autosave feature is very forgiving so if you're going up against one of the Guardians and feel you're getting your ass kicked too much, just pause the game and exit back out to XMB. Start the game back up and it'll start you back at the beginning of the fight. Should definitely be done on Casual. Can only imagine how insanely difficult it'd be to do on the hardest difficulty, and you'll want all those fancy perks that come with aging up from dying on that difficulty anyways as those bastards hit like boulders.
  10. Would it be bad form to apply, lol. Asking for a friend who's definitely not already staff on .org. Promise. EDIT: Just in case, jokes my loves, much appreciate what you guys do on this site. Best of luck to everyone applying =] If it matters in the slightest (which it might not but eh), just noticed Squid and Minato have applied - as a seasoned guide writer who had the opportunity to work with them both recently, would like to confirm that not only were they incredibly respectful with their criticism, but were also very easy to work with. If this thread had a reference section, would like to be that for both of these gentlemen. Good luck everyone ^-^
  11. *I do not have baby fever* *I do not need the baby simulator* *I do not have baby fever* *I do not need the baby simulator* *Self control* *Self control* *For the love of God practice some self control*
  12. I just answered "Blind Mango" instead of "Blind Melon" for a quiz question and even though it was incorrect, Mango will now forever be the one who sang No Rain. There's no going back. 

    1. dovah


      hahaha! Always knew he had it in him though.


  13. Guys, you all forgot, it's 2020. Fun is cancelled, even if it only costs $1. No one's allowed to have fun ever again. Not the tiniest bit of silly enjoyment. Shame of you all for thinking otherwise.
  14. I just like being able to tell people I've been gaming for *decades*.Not quite 4 decades yet, but getting there.
  15. Finally, all those years of speech therapy is going to pay off.