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  1. Mmmm delicious, now I'm even more excited haha!
  2. Soon™ =p
  3. Been waiting anxiously for this to arrive, pretty good list. Glad they added the 100% game completion trophy, should be a good time!
  4. Managed to get up to 412/603 before catching the bug. I didn't turn off the game during that entire time and just put the PS5 into rest mode when I was ready to attempt to get some sleep. The game only closed when it crashed while exiting a Battle Arena. As soon as I started the game back up, the tracker stopped working. It was good for a few days in the rest/don't close app method.
  5. Rarely link YT stream videos but you can see the contract in all its glory confirm as is here EDIT: It has come to my attention that I'm an idiot, lol. This links to the live stream but he covers the topic in the first 20 minutes. Apologies.
  6. Seconding this. As stated on the cousin site, you still have a few weeks worth of these games being released. The change will be noticeable closer to late December. Anything submitted after the new terms were sent are in lieu, anything before is ok. The new terms start Dec 1 but a lot goes into publishing games, it's not a "tomorrow I'm going to release a game" thing.
  7. Breaking my post promise once again mostly because I love your name, I respect this, DM me on Discord. Don't ask how. Just do.
  8. I take my last post comment to post because I get what you're saying. The issue is being "first". The reason the initial article was "anonymous" is that the policy isn't live yet so actively saying "I confirmed this!" can be frowned upon. I can confirm from... 6 sources that the contract is real and happening. I have asked for permission to post screenshots but due to Sony being mum, I honestly don't want to get anyone in trouble. Idk how to say that it's not my place nor worth my time to make these claims, but I trust my sources to keep my beer cold, and they always have and always will. There might be some in Discord that can better back this statement up, but as forums go, I can't post yet. I had every reason to not believe the story, then had every reason to hate that it was true.
  9. This will be my last post in this thread for the sake of the Mods because babes, but this isn't slight confirmation. It has been confirmed this is happening. It's not a rumor, it's in written.
  10. You picked a helluva day ok, let's go. My argument was people complaining about members responding in a thread, members who were on topic about said thread when the person I called out had nothing to add to the conversation (at that time, again, their most recent post was more on point). If you read their post, you would see that the only thing it added to the conversation was along the lines of "if you played these games, you have no say" which he later went into better detail with (again thank you). No, I didn't. I ridiculed them for thinking that their definition of an "actual" game was the only definition of an "actual" game. If you're going to argue with me, get it right. Idk who came up with the word strokers, but let it die. Are these games available on other platforms? yes. Do people still buy them? yes. And as I stated, I'm well aware people buy these games purely for trophies and that's neither my place nor worth my time to argue at this point. The entire post I made for this user was based purely on nothing to add to the conversation and purely bashing people for buying games, from a game store, whether or not anyone thinks they're real games, are purchased from a gaming store. It's not my place to define a game, it's not yours, and it's not anyone's. They're purchased from a gaming store, they were developed as a game, so by definition, like it or, they are games. I tapped a jar of Mayo for 15 minutes. I'm in no better wrong or right to have an opinion on what does or doesn't make these games. A lot of us have ezpz on our profiles, but who are we to say what should and shouldn't be allowed? The topic at hand is the Sony article that has since been confirmed and the conversation surrounding it. Those responding on the topic, good or bad, love it. Those here simply to bash profiles who "aided" in the "problem", nah. That's what I was calling out with their original post, nothing more, nothing less. I'm here if you want to try again.
  11. Oh bless your heart. His post was "look at your profiles, you're sad, RIP your wallet, so sad". Not to do with the topic. Purely member-bashing. That was the point. Had he complained the trophy hunters were purely buying these games to boost trophy counts and he didn't like them, nothing would've been said as others have already made that argument. His follow-up response I didn't respond to because it was on topic. Also disingenuous attempts at arguing that anyone is buying strokers for the gameplay... I literally said they could be buying them purely for trophies and that's ok. Try again with someone else, I ain't the one Darling.
  12. Man, I gotta say, one of my favorite past times is when someone creates a thread about a topic and people chime in with their opinion about said topic, then other people chime in bashing those people without having anything to say about the thread topic itself. People are allowed to play these games and not like them. They're allowed to stack these games and not like them cluttering the store. They're allowed to spend the money they earn on what they want, be it just for trophies or something else. Your opinion of an "actual game" isn't the definitive definition of an "actual game", so for you to sit there and assume it is... glorious. Let people have their opinions on thread topics in the threads they're responding in. It's not that hard, I promise you.
  13. Logged on for the first time in awhile just to confirm that the news is true. I didn't believe the article because of the source so went around this morning asking a few dev friends who would know more or less if it was fake and true and all confirmed that this is indeed real. That is all. Cheerio, PSNP.
  14. Their contact page says to contact Sony directly regarding the game (can open up a ticket through CS), but if you want to just translate a message to them, it'd be here:
  15. @The Alchemist will know why I liked that post but... Press X for Trophies has been removed from the store and all listings, and the developer has canceled the project. While I'm in the boat that it wasn't going to be press X for 3 minutes for plat, I'm disappointed he didn't get a chance to have his say. We've recently discovered so many shady practices happening within the "ezpz omg 1 minute plat developer" community --- NOT PLAYER COMMUNITY -- don't come at me for yelling. You play what you want babe. I love you for you and your plats, earn them as you please. But the devs involved with these have been far more shady than expected and I hate that "press X for trophies" was not related to them and got so much hate to the point that the project was canceled. I feel like they honestly had something to say, even ironically, and because of Jump this, turbo that, nitro this, animal A that, not even a chance. Most of these ezpz stackers 2 minute plats are the same person selling you these games across different names, oversaturating everything. I've always defended indies, I will not defend this.