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  1. They can all be earned now! Make sure when you download it, you're on version 1.05 as that's the correct version that has all those delicious patches.
  2. I didn't get very far into the game, but definitely struggled a bit in the first few levels. Can only imagine how difficult the game gets from there.
  3. I consider these more of guidelines than rules. Just things I *try* to follow when gaming. 1. Give the games a chance, no matter the genre and even if only one part of the trailer caught your attention (one single character, the music, one background scenery, etc) 2. Anything over $20, wait for a sale 3. Nothing is impossible unless it's glitched and it's okay if you find something difficult that others found easy. Just keep at it. 4. Some trophies aren't worth the headache, no matter how UR the plat is 5. No hiding games (no little blue H on the profile), even if the trophies are now impossible due to server closures and the such 6. Be the online-trophy booster you were born to be. Accept that without boosting, those trophies would remain unearned. Some people are good at online-oriented games, you're not one of them 7. Games without guides take priority 8. If a friend accidentally starts a game on your profile, you are required to remain friends with said person until they finish said game, no matter how long it takes (stares heavily at Ninja Gaiden...) 9. No shareplay-earned trophies. If you can't get it yourself, get better until you can 10. Take no shame in the games you decide to play. It doesn't matter what others think 11. Platinums aren't required for play, PSN games can be just as fun, even if not as rewarding trophy-wise 12. Don't forget to turn on the WiFi every now and then on your Vita to avoid the Missing Timestamps issue. Please.
  4. For those who have to do all 100 again, just a heads up, all the gold nuggets you pick up count, no matter what Farm they're on. I just tested on a farm I went to get the boosting meter filled on and all the gold nuggets I picked up on that one did count towards my overall total on the stats page.
  5. Yeah I'm not sure about this one. I started the game back up after the update and had over 200 on hand, no trophy. Picked up 1 gold nugget, no trophy. Spent them down to 99, picked up 1 to reach 100, no trophy. =[ It's looking like all 100 will need to be earned again, but those who only had to get 1, you're lucky!
  6. Been waiting for this - I'm excited to get back into the game for these!
  7. Definitely going to grab this. I used to play Contra all the time when I was younger. Really don't care about the platinum (or lack there of) as it'll be fun just playing it again.
  8. No, but you just made that sound like people aren't allowed to be against it is all
  9. Um.. he asked for our opinions on the matter?
  10. Someone please feel free to call me out if I missed something previously... but... Adding the ribbon... wouldn't change the leaderboards? You'd still have your same lb rank, just some additional flair on your profile. So I'm not sure how this (the ribbon) solves that (the leaderboard) problem? EDIT: Just re-read the first post. He did mention a lb based off the ribbons alone. Carry on. Nothing to see here.
  11. The only reason this would be an issue (from what I can tell) is review/early access codes and profiles earning platinum before the game has even been released. Those who want to go for first achiever sometimes don’t even have a chance to.
  12. I like this as a compromise. The problem itself is that of a small one that won't effect many people, admittedly, but doing something like this would help. Even something along the lines of "the game won't be added to the eligibility list for x days from release" or something. I know it's more work to setup, but just something for the staff to think about. Better to get it all out on the table and whatnot. Fair play on this. I'll sit at the table of the minority that would like the option to turn it off/on if possible, even if it's a Premium member only feature. I have more commons than anything else on my account and I'm not fully against this. I have stacked Ratalaika games and I'm still not fully against this. I just think there's a lot of gray area. If the cut off is at 50%, I'll be looking at about a number of 152-ish for the rarity ribbon, which I won't complain about. I'm more on board with there being leaderboards added before the ribbons are, as those will let you guys fight among yourselves for those top spots while letting the more casual trophy hunters do our thing, but if ribbons are being added, they need to be discussed, which is what is happening with those for and against them.
  13. Ok so another patch is in the works for this game. The trophies for collecting Grails and killing the Worshippers are little buggy, so they're currently looking into it to get those fixed. Just another heads up for those looking to get this game. EDIT: Grail trophies have been patched.
  14. Hi Mango ^-^ Ok so firstly, I don't think this is a horrible idea, just in case that's how the below comes off, lol (it's still early, coffee hasn't hit yet). I do think this might open up a bit of a can of worms, though. Two ribbons to start, then down the road you're going to find yourself 20 ribbons deep to keep all bases covered. This is a clear response to Ratalaika, Sometimes You, and even in a way, Lightwood Games, with a much higher emphasis on the first one. It's okay, we all know it, we're all thinking it, we can say it. I get the frustration of having to load multiple lists for one game and I understand people's annoyances with those who like to stack games for platinums, but I still stand by the "to each their own" statement (easy to say as someone who doesn't care about leaderboards, though). If this does get implemented, I personally am not a fan of it being on the trophy bar. Just as our rare trophies are in their own widget, I personally think the ribbons should be in their own as well. Away from the general trophy stats that are shown on the trophy bar. The bar as is right now is clean with everything clear as to what it pertains to. Adding ribbons might clutter it up a bit as well as cause some confusion to those not active on the forums, new trophy hunters, people who see the cards posted on other sites, etc etc etc. You can even put an additional box on the member's forum profile pages with all the other stats on there. Just my two cents on that. Obscure games. My bebes ☹️. These will by default most likely have a higher % rarity based solely on them being unknown and not many people showing interest in them, but that doesn't mean they were easy. How would that be handled? The sole 5 players could have the platinum in an unknown little indie title, but it could take them 20-30+ hours to complete and even be given a high difficulty rating. Millions of people can buy TT games, Spider-Man, and the sorts, and because there is a large # of players, the chances of the rarity % being lower is much higher. I'm wondering if there will be a counter-balance to that? If this is meant to show that "hey I did this difficult thing", sometimes the rarity % doesn't always tell the whole story. Then you have the games that are "easy because it has a guide", and I'm going to use Warlock's Tower for this as it's the perfect example. With a guide, the game takes maybe an hour to complete. EZPZ. Without one, though, that game is definitely not easy and would not have nearly as many platinum earners. So sometimes it's not the game itself that is easy, but the help that was provided for said game. Those will still remain in the same boat though, I assume? I have other questions, but again, coffee, lol.
  15. Tried playing this today and it appears there is a bug in Level 1 (the second level you play). Level 0 plays fine and the worshippers follow your cursor as they're supposed to, but when you get to Level 1, they just stand there. They don't follow the cursor, they barely move outside of kneeling down from being idle. I've tried to hit every button to see if there was some sort of "go" button, but nothing. Nothing but defiance! They all die when the clock hits 0, causing you to fail the level. The game is setup so you have to do them all in order. Being unable to complete Level 1 will prevent you from continuing forward with the game. Just a heads up for anyone interested in buying it. Just in case matters, I downloaded the game from the NA store (not sure if it's available in EU). The devs have been contacted about it, so fingers crossed? EDIT: Patch has been made as and as of 25/6/19, the game is now fully fixed ^-^