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  1. Mixed feelings about some of these responses, but I'll bite and see where it goes I guess. Personally, I have no issue with "easy platinums". If you want to spend $10 on a game that you can plat in an hour, more power to you, honey. If you want to spend 500 hours on a game to get the plat, more power to you as well, love. What you do with your money, what you buy, and what you play is really no one's business except for your own. There are games that take 1 hour that are good. There are games that take 50 that are good. There are games that take 500 and are good. All those also can be bad. It's hit or miss [insert meme]. I do steer towards games with easier/quicker Platinums because I just don't have the time in my personal life to dedicate to long, drawn-out games. If I play something, I want the best experience possible, and games that take 50+, 100+, etc, hours to complete just don't mesh with me. Games like that can easily take months to complete and I'd rather play a handful of games in that time versus just one. It's a personal preference and also why I tend to play more Indie games than AAA. I want to play RDR2, I have it, it's sitting right next to me. But I want to play when I have the time to dedicate to it, and that's a very rare situation, not only for me, but for a lot of people. So I get my trophy fix from the EZPZ pile, the quirky and the quick, the odd and the unfamiliar. I still earn all the trophies in them, just as other gamers have in those harder, more difficult games. I just didn't spend as much time doing so, simple as that. Imagine if trophies weren't a factor. Imagine if we went back to the days of NES and you went over a friends house to play games, but their library was full of TT games, POWGI, etc (theoretically speaking here). Would you care then? Or would you just want to play. Would you skip the TT games because they were easy? No, you'd play them because they were there to play. Available for your entertainment. The only difference is that a digital trophy has been slapped onto the Playstation games, causing a ruckus all over the place. TL;DR You do you, boo.
  2. Congratulations to all the winners ^-^
  3. Going through the past few pages to give hearts, but can use a few as well ^-^ Many thanks!
  4. Can someone pass the popcorn?
  5. So uh, I think I might be missing something, lol. Two people have clearly earned trophies, but they are not unlocking for me? The requirements are being met. Tried multiple times - with the 2-4 controllers/players idle, other times with them all active. Tried against CPU. Tried against 1, 2, and 3 players/CPUs. Nadda =[
  6. Oh I'm not eligible because I've admittedly played a few of those games, lol - it was just a general "what if" question =]
  7. I can't enter this, but one question - what if someone is eligible to enter except for a game because they wrote the trophy guide for it? I know they don't really need guides at the end of the day, but seeing Burly Men at Sea on that list kind of broke my heart, haha. Asking just in general in case anyone might be in that situation.
  8. I reached out to Digerati this morning regarding the trophy. The contact on their website is actually a distribution team member, but he has been tremendously helpful in getting the information to the development team. It sounds like they are aware of the issue and are currently working on a patch to fix the glitch. Estimated time for the patch is unknown (it can take anywhere between two weeks to a year...). If I happen to get more information, I'll update this post with the new info!
  9. Just a heads up to everyone looking for a quick 100% with this game... The "Filled Hold" trophy appears to be glitched and unobtainable on the US version w/ minimal earners for the EU version. Per 8Floor Games, the trophy is supposed to unlock by simply completing all the Sea Wolf levels - nothing special is required and there are no restrictions on power-ups. As you can see by the amount of people stuck at 90% (I feel your pain!), simply completing all the levels does not work. Until they fix it, it doesn't look like this game can be completed to 100%. EDIT: Well someone got the trophy... so it is obtainable... EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED! You need to play through the Sea Wolf levels WITHOUT using shuffle when your deck runs out of cards. You can use the shuffle bonus and the joker bonus, but not the actual shuffle button. If you can't finish the level in one 'round', hit select and choose replay.
  10. Game on
  11. I have confirmed with the Devs that this level is glitched and is currently impossible to get. You need a time of .7 seconds to get 3 Squariness. They are working on a Patch to fix the error. Until then, 100% is not obtainable.
  12. Hey all This is the last trophy I need for my plat- I will be sure to return the favor to anyone who plays my level! Greatly appreciated!!!!!!