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  1. Ah perfect - thanks for clarifying that!
  2. No anger here =] Congrats on the plat, glad it all got settled. Started making me nervous about the actual trophy guide haha!
  3. Ok just for the sake of all sanity across the board, have the runs you've been doing been all new runs? No upload/download save files or anything? I just went back through the videos and the things I listed up above are all accounted for - I didn't open the door fully at the start to look at Mia (didn't fully open up the door at all really), so that's not one. You already have the foxes done, so that was going to be my next guess, that perhaps they count towards the trophy (in an odd sense of spying...). I'm not really sure what else exactly you'd be missing =/
  4. The spy locations: - At the start, through the peephole, looking at Mia - When you first arrive at the Delphi House, ignore the phone and go down the hallway, spy through the right door - Refuse therapy. Choose the right blur for a quick spy on Hannah - Hang out w/ Tobi, there is a spy opportunity after the piano (in the hallway outside of Hannah’s room) - Hang out with Kirstie, there is a small spy scene looking in on Tobi in Hannah’s room - Back at Erica’s flat, look through the hole in the wall twice — once to see the “intruder” and once to look at Blake - “Lie” to Blake after hanging out with Kirstie or Tobi to spy on Blake/Ballard - Underground the first time (Must lie to Blake) - look through the middle window, with the flashing lights - Underground the first time (must lie to Blake) - ignore the windows and go through the left door once. Interact with the table with the bottles in the next room for a Ballard scene - Underground the first time (must lie to Blake) - go ignore the windows and go through the far left door. Try to go through the next far left doorway for the Blake/Lucien scene - Accept to go with Mia, towards the end in the lobby of the Delphi House, peak around the desk to see Ballard talking to a nurse
  5. Err I don't know about that. Erica needs to go underground for the first time after you "lie" to Blake. If you choose to hang out with Hannah, she'll already be where she needs to be to do so. I rarely got the opportunity to spy on Blake/Ballard when choosing Hannah. But... if you hang out with Kirstie or Tobi, she needs to leave the room and will peak out the door before she does, allowing you to spy on Blake/Ballard. The kiss isn't required for this. So just be sure to choose one of those two, lie to Blake, and you should get the chance to spy on Blake/Ballard.
  6. Oh definitely agreed on the lighter sections - that didn't occur to me right away so eventually I try to slow down the cursor a bit to show which option it's actually selecting. A text guide is being created off of these (as well as an actual trophy guide for those who don't want to use a walkthrough) - I needed a small break from the game, which is why they're not posted just yet. I can only stare at Erica's face so much before she starts to haunt me in my nightmares.
  7. As requested, platinum walkthrough for the game =] Trophies that unlock from Part 1 (playthrough 1): - Farewell - Service! - Personal Space - Impulsive - S Ranking - Enigma - We Need to Talk - Keeping the Peace - Magic! - Into the Moonlight - No Survivors - I See Dead People - Failure to Comply Trophies that unlock in Part 2 (playthrough 2): - Proud Father - Subliminal - Calligraphy - Kirstie's BFF - Fall Out Girl (must have played Part 1 for this) - Hero - Happy Family - Innocent Trophies that unlock in Part 3 (Playthrough 3): - Tobi's BFF - The Butterfly - Foxy (Must have played Parts 1 and 2 for this) - Voyeur (Must have played Parts 1 and 2 for this) - Botanist (Must have played Parts 1 and 2 for this) - Backstage Pass (Must have played Parts 1 and 2 for this) Trophies that unlock in Part 4 (playthroughs 4-6 - I did not go with only 5 for this): Playthrough 4: - Hannah's BFF - Backstabber - Prisoner Playthrough 5: - Not Alone Playthrough 6: - Paperwork - Thank You - That's a Wrap!
  8. 4 Videos - 1st one is playthrough 1, 2nd is playthrough 2, 3rd is playthrough 3, and 4th is playthrough for (Backstabber route) and just the minimal notes needed for runs 5 and 6 - tried to split them up so if you don't do it all in one go, you don't lose your place. I've read it's possible to get the plat done in just 5, but I didn't test it as the collectibles lined up with the endings for me. EDIT: ETA is about half an hour for the final one.
  9. If you're still missing the Botanist trophy, try checking the small fridge in your neighbor's flat, where Steinbeck is (it's just under the hole in the wall). For those waiting for platinum walkthrough videos, they are uploading now ^-^
  10. Yeah you need to be the one to actually kill her so either the pink or the clear medicine will do the trick! For into the Moonlight...
  11. Just about that. It'll take a minimum of 6 FULL playthroughs to get the platinum for this. You can get most of the trophies in the first 4 runs then just spend the last two lollygagging around for the last two endings. Makes it a little tedious imo, but 9 hour platinum is still not that bad.
  12. Nope! The only two trophies that need to be done in one playthrough (each) are "Kill everyone" and "kill no one". Everything else, the progress towards the trophies stack across each playthrough.
  13. Peephole at the very start (marked 1st on your list) When you first enter Delphi House, don't answer the phone. Instead go down the hallway and peek in the right door to spy on Ballard and the Chief. In Erica's apartment, the hole in the wall marked 3rd on your list - you need to look through it twice When you do rounds with Kiristie, you'll come back to Hannah's room and be able to spy on Tobi When you hang out with Tobi, when you return from inspecting Erica's flat, interact with the piano for another opportunity When you need to lie or tell Blake the Truth, lie then peek out your room to spy on him and Ballard(marked 2nd on your list) When underground for the first time, go through the left door and interact with the crate/glass bottles to spy on Ballard When underground for the first time, go through the left door twice to spy on Blake and Lucien (marked 4th on your list) When you're with Mia in the lobby, peek around the front desk to spy on Ballard with a nurse There's a point where if you refuse the therapy, you'll end up outside and have two options - look in front of you for a fox or look to the far back right to see Hannah. I'm not 100% positive if this one counts yet. The locations that I can remember off the top of my head are.. - When you hang out with Tobi, you'll pass out and wake up in the garden with a pedal between your toes - When you have the option to accept or refuse to go with Mia, refuse (and keep doing so) until you get the option to go back to the house alone. There is another pedal here (credit goes to sonicbluray for finding this one) I'm still working on confirming if the pedals hanging in the flat where Steinbeck's body is count, if the pedals in the box by Hannah's bed count, or if the ones in the dreams count.. though the latter two are story related.
  14. Looking at about 90 mins - 2 hours Ok let’s try this - this is the full notes I have from that run (also apologies as I think I was mixing up notes prior ><) (apologies for not putting it in a spoiler beforehand... was on mobile... ><) A few people are
  15. I don’t have time to test it right now, but I noted down everything I did when I got the trophy (looked at the masks at the start of the Delphi House, did therapy, followed Blake into the flat, searched Steinbecks corpse - read the note in his pocket -... when at the Chiefs house, I said the image matched and said Mia was faking it)... I just did another run to recreate it and did everything but read the note on Steinbecks body and did NOT get the note from the inspector, so that must be a key part to it. I’ll be able to confirm tomorrow if no one else does beforehand. — Just got the plat for this so wanted to extend my thanks to everyone in this thread for your help. Would’ve been rough trying to figure out this one alone!!