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  1. Remember that there's no cheating involved while getting this trophy. The bounty is obviously placed by a modder but you still have to survive 40 minutes (or whatever it was) in-game to unlock the trophy.
  2. Congrats on reaching 100k trophies! A truly impressive achievement! Keep it up! 💪

  3. May the profile of the Ultimate God of Trophies be restored 🙇
  4. I've tested the ‘300’ Theme Bundle (PS3) https://store.playstation.com/it-it/product/EP9000-NPEO00154_00-300MOVBNDL0000IT and only 1 theme out of 3 is put in the download queue. Regarding PS4, I've tried to put the Bioshock Collection in the download queue from the browser but nothing happens when I turn on my PS4. Maybe because my storage is almost full, not sure. PS Store region: Italy ISP: TIM
  5. Unfortunately not. Unless you have redeemed the free dlcs before they were delisted, you will be missing some content: Ignition, Photo Finish and some cars required for other events.
  6. Ah ok, no worries. Nope, I have no idea. Maybe you could try to switch browser or ask a mod.
  7. It was written in the pic I posted 😬
  8. Nope. Unfortunately Photo Finish needed to be downloaded separately.
  9. A friend of mine who has all content unlocked was kind enough to gameshare his account with me.
  10. I think it all comes down to personal taste. FIFA is very easy to pick up, it's an arcade ping-pong style football game. Passes are super accurate and it's very hard to make mistakes once you get the hang of it. PES, on the other hand, is way slower, more tactical and much more realistic as far as gameplay is concerned. FIFA has better commentators, presentations and more licenses, but let's be real, it's not a game that tries to simulate real football.
  11. You should also take into account that FIFA is getting worse and worse every year so that would also explain the player decrease. Besides that, from a pure gameplay/realism perspective, PES is now far superior than FIFA.
  12. Sorry to bump this old thread but I'm getting the same exact error which prevents me from entering an event... @X7MWM did you fix it?
  13. Yes I can confirm that leaderboards are intact. They keep your results with the new ID.