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  1. It's delisted but you can still get the Season Pass as well as the Bike DLC from Gamestop. Unfortunately though, despite the fact that you get access to all of the DLCs included in the Season Pass, there will be some races that require cars (currently delisted) that needed to be downloaded from the PS Store. Therefore, unless you have them already, you won't be able to get all 3 stars in some Season Pass DLCs.
  2. Unfortunately the only way now would be finding someone willing to gameshare all DLCs and cars.
  3. It sounds very promising. Personally I would be mostly interested in old sports titles such as FIFA 13, FIFA 14, Top Spin 4 and NBA 2K13 (not sure if it would be possible though). I'm also interested in Killzone 3.
  4. Same issue for me regarding Turbocharged. I cannot play the following events cause I don't have the required cars: - Charged, Race (Dodge Charger SRT8) - Cat Fight, 2 Round Championship (Jaguar XKR-S Coupé) - Dawn Descent, Drift (Chevrolet Camaro ZL1)
  5. I'm sure I have the Turbocharge expansion but I'm not sure about the car part. I will let you know as soon I test it. So you have Ignition and Photo Finish, right? Did you have to get them on the PS Store?
  6. Unfortunately not...I thought they were included with one of the many updates this game received but apparently you had to redeem them from the store...however, since they have been delisted, they cannot be obtained anymore I'm afraid. I got the Season Pass some days ago from Gamestop and even though it had already been delisted on PSN, it still added all the licenses for the DLCs included in it. So what really got me were Ignition and Photo Finish... 😞 I don't know if there's a workaround but I don't think so...
  7. Unfortunately it seems that if you didn't download Ignition and Photo Finish before they were delisted, now they can't be accessed anymore unless someone knows a workaround. I bought the Season Pass off Gamestop some days ago and I got all DLCs but Ignition and Photo Finish...
  8. Yes, already tried that. It did nothing unfortunately.
  9. Hi, I've recently purchased a physical copy of Driveclub and I was coming from the PS Plus Edition with Season Pass activated. In another topic, I read that the PS Plus Edition and the physical disc are not compatible with each other. When I first launched the disc the game told me that another version of the game was already present and prompted me to delete the digital version to use the disc. In the main menu, however, I've noticed that the Ignition and Photo FInish DLC are still marked by the "Coming Soon" message, thus making them inaccessible. Bear in mind that, all the other DLCs from the Season Pass are accessible. I've then gone to the Library to check the Driveclub add-ons present in the system and I've noticed the following: It seems like, regardless of what I do, I cannot uninstall all the add-ons (PS Plus Edition of the game included). Could anyone help me figure out how to access Ignition and Photo Finish? A quick initialization of the system didn't work. I'm currently trying a full initialization... Update: tried a full initialization and still the same result. Ignition and Photo Finish "Coming Soon"... Thanks.
  10. Regarding Driveclub, on the first page it states that "DLC and profile progress are intact - Old PSN ID displays. Quit and launch again to see new ID, real name and leaderboards updated". Before changing my name again today, I had set a World Record with my previous name. Does that part in yellow mean that my record will still be there even with my new name? Thanks.
  11. FYI, the Season Pass and the Bike DLC are still available on Gamestop. I bought the Season Pass from the Italian Store of Gamestop and it works fine. Season Pass here Bike DLC here You may need a VPN to access the Italian Store. Otherwise just check your regional Gamestop. Maybe they have it as well.
  12. I have another question guys. I've purchased the Season Pass and it was correctly recognised by the PS Plus Edition of Driveclub unlocking all the DLCs. Since I have purchased a physical copy of Driveclub to unlock the remaining DLCs, will the Season Pass be automatically recognised there as well? The reason why I'm asking is that I can't see the Season Pass anywhere in my Game Library. Thanks.
  13. Judging from Naughty Dog's current open positions Multiplayer will definitely be included and I'm pretty sure it will there right when the game comes out.
  14. I can confirm that the Season Pass is still purchasable on Gamestop (Italian Store, not sure about others) and the code still works. I've just redeemed mine.
  15. I think first of all I'll buy a physical disc because the PS Plus Edition has almost nothing on it even though I was able to get a trophy from the "AMG" dlc. After that I'll see if I can actually get the season pass. With all that I should be good to go for 100%, right?