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  1. You can be safe by doing everything in private sessions. If I recally correctly, you need at least one player for some Numero Uno requirements. Anyway, considering that you already have Run Like The Wind, there's nothing that can stop you from getting the platinum.
  2. Of course if you only consider them from a trophy perspective they may be tedious for some...but if you try to see the whole picture, they were actually excellent games, both singleplayer and multiplayer. My fondest memories will always be the Co-op Arenas and Adventures of Uncharted 3...definitely some of the most fun game modes I've ever played with my friends 🙂
  3. Congrats on surpassing Hakoom for most trophies earned 👏

    1. ikemenzi



  4. Ok but what I wanted to say is that, among those who got the trophy after the feature was disabled, there are also those who fall into the category described above, therefore it's impossible to tell whether one unlocked the trophy thanks to an old bounty or if they got one placed by a hacker. In any case, it seems like you've already shared your thoughts about this trophy and I understand that.
  5. Correct. Regardless of how you get your bounty, you still have to fulfill the requirements for the trophy, that is, surviving 48 minutes straight. As soon as you are placed the bounty you can also go to a private session and survive there.
  6. @B1rvine seems like you didn't read my post if you keep saying that "technically everyone should be flagged" and "people earning this are in violation of the leaderboard rules". I even put the sentence in bold letters, thought it was clear enough.
  7. Stop making a fuss about it. As I said before, this trophy is not flaggable considering that some players have actually received a bounty before the feature was disabled, thus granting them the trophy automatically as soon as they launched the online portion even after it became unobtainable. On the other hand, if you really want to consider flagging this trophy then go ahead, but please make sure you also flag all those who got How The West Was Won from RDR in 1 hour...my point is just to prove that some trophies should be ignored given that it's almost impossible to determine the circumstances that led to the trophy unlock so please enough with the pointless talk and focus on trophies that are actually hacked...
  8. They don't even have to search for anything 😂...as soon as you open the GTA V forum section you'll see plenty of threads named "Run Like The Wind something"...
  9. Instead of opening a new thread every time to ask the same questions about RLTW just read the other topics or post your question there. There are at least 4-5 threads talking about the same thing...
  10. I got the code as well even though I'm not a regular PSN customer. Found the e-mail in the "Promotions" tab of Gmail. Would have never realized that if it wasn't for this topic so thank you
  11. That's where I disagree. You are not hacking anything. You receive a bounty from a hacker and you still have to survive 50 minutes in-game. In the end it's all Rockstar's fault. They refuse to fix it because they don't get anything out of it and we, the trophy hunters, always end up as being the victims. I'm tired of this disinterest shown by companies when it comes to fixing things. I already have some unobtainables that could have been easily avoided if companies had taken care of their games...but this time I wasn't gonna let it happen. While it may not be a fully legit way to get this trophy, at least it's still acceptable to me. Hackers first caused the bounties to be disabled but at least they are still placing them on randoms...
  12. In all honesty, it is as much flaggable as this RDR trophy which has never been taken into consideration. I'm talking about the hacked lobbies that allowed you to hit max rank in 1h (no, it's not a glitch). As for RLTW, it's almost impossible to tell whether someone got it legit thanks to an old bounty or through a modder in a public lobby...that's why it would make no sense to flag all those who got the trophy after the feature was disabled. Besides that, for consistency reason, if RLTW were to be flagged, RDR online trophies would have to be flagged as well.
  13. There you go sir, check MMDE's last post here:
  14. @DaivRules you are wrong. Run like The Wind is not flagged anymore. I think this is mainly due to the fact that even though it's hackers who put bounties on you, you still have to fulfill the requirements of the trophy to unlock it. Besides that, some users might have also unlocked it legitimately because they might have been put a bounty before the feature was disabled. In that case, going back to the online portion of the game would have granted them the trophy automatically. The status of this trophy has been discussed some time ago in one of the many Run like The Wind topic and it's safe to unlock. With that said, feel free to try and obtain the trophy without any negative impact on the website @Cafe-Com-Coca.
  15. @Tarsier182, I can confirm what @Abysm_Nucleus said.
  16. Resistance FoM and Motorstorm. They were bundled with my fat PS3 back in 2007 iirc.
  17. Yes, besides cosmetics you will get better weapons for competitive modes as well as the possibility of unlocking kickbacks straight away apparently. Basically, these DLCs cover every aspect of the game. You can literally unlock everything without having to level up (I guess).
  18. Merging worked for me as well Patience always pays off in the end...
  19. From my experience, as of now, active mp games are: - Uncharted 3 (only tdm and co-op) - Uncharted 2 (only dm and co-op) - The Last of Us - Cod Black Ops (most modes are surprisingly active, even hardcore search and destroy) - Cod MW2 (only TDM unfortunately) - FIFA 17
  20. Damn guys just chill out 😂 you're too impatient...even if it takes more than a week who cares
  21. I think it will take time, but I also noticed your old account has no trophies. I'm talking about Sega-Ryudo.
  22. Just changed my PSN ID. All trophies and DLCs are there. - U3 MP rank was reset (as expected). - LittleBigPlanet offline progress is still there. - GTA V (PS3) offline progress is also intact. - Payday The Heist progress is unaffected.
  23. That's a great idea. The first option would probably be better. I will soon test a few old PS3 games.
  24. Yes, I guess you are right but you never know, maybe he can find some people who are interested even here