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  1. Resistance FoM and Motorstorm. They were bundled with my fat PS3 back in 2007 iirc.
  2. Yes, besides cosmetics you will get better weapons for competitive modes as well as the possibility of unlocking kickbacks straight away apparently. Basically, these DLCs cover every aspect of the game. You can literally unlock everything without having to level up (I guess).
  3. Merging worked for me as well Patience always pays off in the end...
  4. From my experience, as of now, active mp games are: - Uncharted 3 (only tdm and co-op) - Uncharted 2 (only dm and co-op) - The Last of Us - Cod Black Ops (most modes are surprisingly active, even hardcore search and destroy) - Cod MW2 (only TDM unfortunately) - FIFA 17
  5. Damn guys just chill out 😂 you're too impatient...even if it takes more than a week who cares
  6. I think it will take time, but I also noticed your old account has no trophies. I'm talking about Sega-Ryudo.
  7. Just changed my PSN ID. All trophies and DLCs are there. - U3 MP rank was reset (as expected). - LittleBigPlanet offline progress is still there. - GTA V (PS3) offline progress is also intact. - Payday The Heist progress is unaffected.
  8. That's a great idea. The first option would probably be better. I will soon test a few old PS3 games.
  9. Yes, I guess you are right but you never know, maybe he can find some people who are interested even here
  10. Well, I don't see anything wrong with his post, he's just looking for people to join his group. In fact, I think it's a good idea to find new recruits.
  11. That's not legit @Vprime77 but that's the only way to get it now and it is accepted by PSNP moderators so you are fine...
  12. Let's be honest, Dokkan is partially right in my opinion. Using glitches is a form of cheating. The fact that the rules allow it doesn't make it so that it isn't cheating anymore, it's just that you can't tell whether someone used a glitch or not to get a trophy. It's about being honest with yourself.
  13. So basically what you are saying is that you got the survival trophies without using glitches/exploits, right? I've just finished the story mode and I'm also planning to do the survival trophies without resorting to stupid glitches...I'm ready to invest a lot of time into this mode 😂
  14. It's not about bragging, it's just a matter of personal satisfaction, but as I said in other posts, everyone is free to play the way they want
  15. Personally Yuri I find it more satisfying and rewarding to get trophies without cheesing. I don't really feel like I "achieved" a trophy if I used an exploit and believe me I remember all the trophies where I've cheesed 😂 For me it's more about having fun in the process of getting the trophy rather than finding the easy way to achieve it.
  16. As sephiroth suggested, Hunter Arena may speed up the whole process. You need 2 consoles and 4 pads for Hunter Arena.
  17. Hello, I was wondering why cheaters need 3 flagged games to be removed from the leaderboards. I think a single hacked trophy is more than enough to be removed from the leaderboards unless he can prove he didn't hack of course. Is it possible to make the rule more strict? With the current state, most cheaters can easily get away by hiding the trophy list of a game and still show up on the leaderboards. This is unacceptable in my opinion.
  18. I've seen some people promoting their discord channel under boosting sessions. My advice is to join their channel and see if you can find somebody interested. If not, just leave the server.
  19. Damn leave the guy in peace...he just wants to keep track of his account. He clearly stated he doesn't care about the leaderboards, let him play as he wants.
  20. Yes I read that but since he keeps whining about it he could do that anyway.
  21. I don't understand you lolly, if you are so concerned about the situation why don't you contact Sony and report back here? That would be more helpful than telling people to do that...as said before the trophy is indeed achievable with a bit of luck so most trophy hunters already got it this way and don't care about it.
  22. They do have a refund policy. Once I mistakenly bought Tekken 6 thinking it was for the PS3 but it was for the PSP only. Called the support, they removed the game from my download list and got my money back immediately. However, I have to agree with you that with regard to trophies Sony can't do anything about it.
  23. Have you tried to contact Sony then?
  24. I was looking forward to seeing this kind of message, Lance! 😂 totally agree with you though