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  1. I bought the game about a week ago. The game has cross-platform, so it might be a good sign. I been getting placed into servers pretty quickly, also depending on the popularity of your region. My region its North America.
  2. The Last Of Us. It's not a tough game to get the trophies. My advice for the faction trophies is too run with the medic challenges (healing players) and getting the execution or downs done.
  3. I tried and played my Dualshock 4 for Fallout 3, and It is possible to platinum this game while using this controller. I'm unsure about fallout new vegas, but it might be the same. Edited: I forgot to mention something. There is a possible occurrence that your Dualshock 4 will stop working while playing; this happens because your controller got fully charged. In my experience, I couldn't find a solution to this hassle and bought a Dualshock 3.