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  1. I did that but still the same problem I have try it with 3 different ps3 no luck I can find my friend in players and lobby matchs But I can't in ranked And I try everything no luck
  2. Almost a month still same problem I have trying everyday at least 1 hour to find my other account or any other opponent No luck I think I may give up in this game
  3. I let my ps3 searching for 2 days without turning it off still no luck I stil don't know what's the problem it's only happen with my account
  4. Did anyone found a fix to this problem? I can't find anyone I have try with my friend and with my 2nd account And also with new accounts no luck I can't play any ranked game
  5. Yes I just got the online trophies It's still work
  6. Yes Most of the trophies autopop if you got the platinum in 1 version
  7. I have tried that with wwe 13 and all stars not working the game frozen after accepting the invitation I have an old invitation for wwe 13 and all stars both not working
  8. When The ps5 version will release? Thx
  9. Same happen to me I was in the lobby both trophies pop on warm up Jp version
  10. Same happened to me did you find any solution? I can't move New update come they fix it
  11. Yes U need to play 1 tournament match in jp version
  12. Just got my 100% back And also the jp stack auto pop