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  1. I'd say once is enough as well. If they did it with Max Payne 3 I'd definitely get that one though, despite beating it a handful of times already.
  2. There is repetitive, but then there is repetitive. I get that some games may have parts like that, but Mafia III is all repetitive. The beginning of the game is good, but then you fall into this structure of "go to an area, do these series of tasks, go after the boss - then go to another area and repeat". That's all the game is, really... I think the gameplay is fine, shootouts are cool, but my interest only declined the more I played. The story never engaged me that much and there was nothing to the city at all other than the missions as far as I can remember. I don't know, GTA V feels so much more full of "life" in comparison, it's not even funny. The soundtrack is great, though. All in all I wish I waited and got it cheaper - I did get it on Day 1. It's an ok game, but for me others are leagues better.
  3. Early on, when I had little experience with the game, I charged with Reinhardt and fell out of the map a couple of times. I remember this happening in Volskaya... on defense, about to lose the match. I didn't realise you could fall and the worst part, I didn't even drag anyone with me. The stupidest thing I've ever seen in a game though is a Symmetra player teleporting us to......... the front of our spawn point. (I guess it was a troll)
  4. Saved Meridian from its foe Helped Erend investigate Ersa's fate, and foiled a plot against Meridian.
  5. PS1: Tomb Raider II PS2: Grand Theft Auto III PS3: LittleBigPlanet / Fallout 3 / Grand Theft Auto IV PSP: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PS4: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain / Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Xbox 360: Gears of War 3 Nintendo GameCube: Pokemon Colosseum Nintendo DS: Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt (a frickin' demo, lol) / Nintendogs Nintendo Wii: Wii Sports Nintendo Switch: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Bold are consoles I still own. Gray are games that came bundled (I normally buy just the console and pick the game, only remember the PS3 and DS being bundled). Tomb Raider II is my first memory of ever playing a game (I sucked at it, though)
  6. Is Waffles a bad rating? I chose Waffles, but it's more like a C in my head. I don't think E3 itself was bad, because the lineup was actually rather good... except it wasn't new. I told a friend it felt more like a summary of last year, with some added bonuses (like a new AC, Beyond Good and Evil, Monster Hunter...) One thing I do believe is that the Microsoft conference sucked ass compared to anything else. Ubisoft and Nintendo were probably the best, and then Sony was fine (it felt really short though). It was like E3 2016 lite
  7. I agree with a lot of what was said by the OP. Spoilers galore ahead! Be careful. I binge watched the whole show around two years ago and overall it was a great experience, though there is a pretty obvious decline in quality from Season 3 onwards. As far as I understand, Season 3 got hit by the 2007-08 WGA strike, which sucks because the starting point was actually cool (I mean, it starts getting a bit far fetched that all of them happen to be in this other prison, including Mahone and Bellick... but still, this is a show called Prison Break). But yeah, that season sort of came and went... and then it feels like Season 4 was left to deal with the resulting chaos, and it was a bit weird compared to the masterpieces that were 1 and 2. Still enjoyable overall and I liked my time spent with the show (including The Final Break). Only thing I really disapproved of was the last scene of the finale, which was all of a sudden and... unnecessary? Then came Season 5, and after watching it, Seasons 3 and 4 are kinda better when compared, lol. It had a really strong start and it seemed like a media return that was bound to success... but then the storyline started to falter, and it all went downhill very fast. There are too many silly decisions in the writing and it really requires you to turn your brain off for a moment, otherwise you won't enjoy it. I wish they made it more about the prison somehow, but it evolved into this game of cat and mouse with a villain that was completely underwhelming and had dumb motivations. Things like Sucre showing up out of nowhere on his freighter... Michael being pretty much a God that knows everything (greatly exaggerated compared to past seasons) and then there's the whole story of T-Bag... no reason for that prosthetic hand at all, and he has a son who was half the world away, yet Michael found him... I don't know, it just didn't cut it for me. Overall, I'm still OK with the Prison Break run, and the main reason for this is how incredibly good Seasons 1 and 2 were. I like the end scene, and despite my issues with the season, it fixes the problem I had with how it had ended before this return - giving it a better ending after all they went through. It was good to see the characters again, but the storyline felt more like fan fiction at times. I felt this way when I watched Batman v Superman. Yes, I liked it - but walked out of the cinema to a massive amount of people that hated it (I didn't see anything critic-related before going). It felt weird, especially because I think there was a lot of "bandwagon" hate and I feel like this is happening a lot, especially with the bigger blockbusters (not meaning to disrespect people that actually didn't enjoy it for actual reasons, but I think it can't be denied that people jump on the hate/love train lately, as if there is this huge agreement to like or dislike something). Honestly, voicing your views on media should never lead to an argument. If anything, it could lead to some discussions that make us all open minded - I swear I've seen negative reviews of BvS with points I agreed with, that made me think "actually, yeah, that's a good point". And I've seen a lot of good comments about Prison Break Season 5 as well. It makes me sick that on social media these days, if you like/dislike something, someone will likely fight you for it - but it's up to us to avoid that staying genuine and civilised, lol.
  8. I watched the latest Doctor Who episode yesterday (Season 10, Episode 10: "The Eaters of Light"). A decent enough episode, although there is something lacking about this season... the only episodes that really entertained me like Doctor Who usually does were the two before this one. All other episodes were enjoyable enough, but I don't know, I just don't find myself as excited as before (Maybe it's just me? Who knows). I do like it better than Season 8, though, and I really like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. I'm inclined to agree. First with Breaking Bad, now this, Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould and the creative team are really some of the best in the business. Season 3 is phenomenal.
  9. This looks like such a classy remaster job, I love it. Really looking forward to the game, I completely lost touch with Crash since the PS1 days! If they also remaster Crash Team Racing eventually, then that's it: they've remastered my childhood.
  10. This trailer contributed to my hype levels far more than the first trailer did. I'm really glad that it showed just enough for us to have more information/some context but not too much just yet. This truly is the next chapter for Kratos, I think this is the game that intrigues me the most (from those shown at E3).
  11. Welcome to the forums! That's a nice history of consoles you have there. I hope you get to continue your Nintendo collection with the Switch, which is delightful (and seems to be bound to get a nicer amount of games than the Wii U).
  12. Finally acquired this! I played, played and re-played TLOU in PS3... but never got my hands in Left Behind until now. I got the standalone ver. for PS4.
  13. I'm currently playing Horizon: Zero Dawn and I'm absolutely in love in the game, it's so pleasant. It's been ages since I went for a platinum due to time (Assassin's Creed: Syndicate was my latest, which was months ago), but this seems like a straightforward one and everything there is to do is fun, really. That one is a bit of a pain indeed, I thought similar things when going for it. As much as I liked all about the game, it reaches a "I've had enough" point, although looking back, this one was definitely worth it.
  14. #22 - Assassin's Creed: Revelations The Conqueror My third AC platinum! While it's not my favourite AC, this is the one I preordered and I really like having the box and all that stuff. As part of the Ezio trilogy it's interesting to play with an older version of him and reach the end of the story, I liked how it all happened. The setting was really nice, although I wish we had more cities (like in AC2). I thought I wouldn't get this one because the weirdest thing happened with the multiplayer: the game asks me for my online code even though I'm 100% sure I already used it and played it at least once before (I earned a trophy in 2012). And since I no longer have the code, I would have to buy the online pass, which is something I refuse to do (I don't enjoy it that much and, as I said, it should be working already). However, I still had the 3 trial days available, so I said "bah, let's try this out" and then proceeded to earn a bunch of online trophies in my first match without even planning to get those. After that I only needed to get the easy ones and reach level 20 (I actually had fun with it, but I prefer Black Flag's online). That leaves only Brotherhood and Black Flag left (and I only need the online trophies in both). I'm having a blast with BF leveling up every now and then, but Brotherhood seems too tedious to boost, guess we'll see.
  15. BioShock Defeated Atlas Little Sister Savior The player has defeated Atlas The player has completed the game without harvesting any Little Sisters