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  1. thanks I got the trophy 😊👍, no only online trophy left but no PS5 players help me
  2. ps5 new updates will fix all system issues and menue...maybe in future
  3. good, I thought they will never fix the issue
  4. let me know if you find a way around this issue 👍
  5. interesting news from Sony, when will this happen ?
  6. The new update also has a new jailbreak, these hackers hack faster then before, new ps update must be strong to stop this
  7. easy with friends
  8. because its old, but easy plat I got
  9. same trophies 👍
  10. its FREE on PS plus
  11. very challenging 👍
  12. its a little grind, but not hard plat
  13. its Easy Plat
  14. its playable
  15. it works