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  1. I’m unable to comment on the stats-related issues, as I never experienced any issues regarding such. I can say with certainty though that all trophies are attainable. For Hazard Zone, there are certainly enough players with cross-play turned on, and I didn’t have any issues in the PNW connecting to PSN only games during peak hours. The matchmaking used to be a lot slower and much more painful compared to now. Not sure if it’s due to a patch, or a larger player base, or both, but it’s much better now. You’ll probably still have AI spawn into the extraction zones and near data drive locations, and more so with cross-played turned off, but it actually makes for a more predictable and controllable outcome in my opinion and made for much easier 2nd extractions for me and my team with most human player-based teams eliminated by then.
  2. I selected the option in the settings menu for the inverted y axis movements, but doesn’t seem to work. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue. You’d think a $20 game would come without bugs like this.
  3. Agreed. I decided that it was too idealistic and unrealistic to expect a fix so I just started playing the game anyways haha. Oh well.
  4. Hi All, So I downloaded this game and noticed right away that the game title doesn’t show up properly as the header for the trophy list. Instead of displaying the title of the game, it displays “Trophy Set”. It looks really weird on my game list, and I’m a bit OCD about it, so I’ve deleted the game list entry for now (thankfully it was at 0% for trophies). Hopefully the dev sees this and updates it? Looks super weird having the 4 Need for Speed titles, Wreckfest, and then “Trophy Set”. Haven't tried downloading the PS4 version to see if it displays the same way, but will try tomorrow. This display is clearly an oversight, and a pretty annoying one for me. Would prefer that when someone selects my profile through their console they see the actual title of the game as opposed to some placeholder text. #firstworldproblems