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  1. I forgot how much trouble I had trying to change my avatar on this site. 



      Really? its pretty easy...

    2. breakingthegreen


      I usually work with PNGs which are a lot larger than JPEGs. I'm mostly a single-minded idiot that can't consider alternatives.

    3. PooPooblasterAOK


      ewww JPEG...I would never choose that format if I had a choice too. I'm so glad PS4 allow screen captures at PNG level. JPEG was just horrendous.

  2. I'd like to enter, I completed Donut county the other day. As for my favourite song, well since I've been at Uni I've really started appreciating the easy listening, so Denmark's Love is Forever is the one that I like the most. Also your list lacks the most intimidating chicken, Tsao from Sly Cooper 3... also there are little ones in sly 4.
  3. I'm not just posting this 'cause I have only 1 ultra rare plat. Why would I continue to try and complete a game beyond the point that it interests me? And since this site is full of Trophy Hunters, impacting the numbers. I'm more proud of my "Very Rare" Persona 4 Golden plat than my "Ultra Rare" Playstation Move Heroes plat. It's the effort that I put in that I'm proud of. Also, If Assassin's Creed 4 is added to PSPlus and the percentage suddenly goes to an "Ultra Rare" level, would that make the platinum feel more special? No, and if anything slightly devalues it since its mostly so low from people who weren't going to try it anyway, playing and deciding they didn't like it.
  4. Not including Sound shape's DLC (which is 5 years and a month.) My longest is Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, which adds up to 4 years and 6 months. The reason was, of course, multiplayer which seemed impossible so I didn't bother for 4 years.
  5. I... err... I'll pass, I'm pretty sure there are some laws about 13-year-olds and marriage that I don't wanna break.
  6. I was talking about the fact that I'm fat and british. If I made enemies out of people that didn't like creators I like, it would be me against the world since I like Game Theory.
  7. And here I thought we could be friends...
  8. Marvel at my 18 different games, a lot of these seem to be PS Move based. Surgeon Simulator (10) Road Not Taken (9) Batman: Arkham Origins (7) (Couldn't be bothered to count and order) Sport Champions Sport Champions 2 Medieval Moves Deadmonds Quest PS VR Worlds Buzz The Ultimate Music Quiz H1Z1 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Laser League Epic Mickey 2 Jackbox Party Pack Jackbox Party Pack 2 Jackbox Party Pack 3 Dead by Daylight Tricky Towers Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but so many games do this, normally it's called narrative difficulty. I think it is only called reader because it is based on a book. Also, I often find it odd that people say that IGN does overly harsh reviews, when in reality 2 thirds of their reviews are equal or higher than the metacritic score.
  10. Finally completed KH3 and got the secret movie, without a guide (subtle brag,) Now I can finally go back onto social media and no one can spoil it for me.


  11. I think that people here would like to know about the 100% stream of Donkey Kong 64 by hbomberguy. It started out as a humble charity stream supporting Mermaids (Trans support for young people in the UK) and had quickly snowballed to get shoutouts from a Congress woman, Cher, and even John Romero. #thanksgraham https://www.twitch.tv/hbomberguy
  12. It's been a while, but I think it was on the main menu and it often whiches between the legacy missions and a link to buy the GOTY edition.
  13. There's a section on HITMAN 2016 that you need to click to receive the legacy missions.
  14. Astro Bots Rescue Mission 20 hours into 2019.
  15. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Or have a lovely day off! (I only recently found out that "Happy Holidays" was seen a contentious greeting.)