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  1. According to my maths, getting golds every time would be 85 days exactly, and thats with all the modes unlocked at once. Would a bunch of burner accounts deliberatley lowering the diamond cup scale be feasible?
  2. I would be very surprised if IFoB used different servers, I assume that PS Premium is gonna keep them alive a little longer, not that I don't already have the trophies, but it's still nice.
  3. In all fairness the Bugsnax are meant to be... (meta-text spoilers) rather than animals or food
  4. For the ape escape question, it's unseen but with the helmets gone, they should revert to ordinary monkeys... Just googled the 100% ending Which confirms that they become friendly without those helmets in the first game at least.
  5. Just wanna check: Globox: Yay or Nay, Argument of Yay, described as a frog/toad like creature, Protagonist. Argument for Nay, Secondary main character, the wiki describes his species as "Globox's Species." Also, Ape Escape: Animals are undeniably a main part of that game, and are considered enemies, I got some pro/cons again: Pros: Apes are captured non-lethally, It could be argued that the mind control helmets are the enemy. Cons: You can hit them with a big stick, again... ememies...
  6. Lifelong teetotaler here, so that would be a no for me... Although that bread I had was very old... It was possible that it was starting to ferment.
  7. Because of my Rayman Legends routine, I should be getting that platinum in the time frame, I was wondering if Globox counted as an animal, but then I remembered all the fish. so that fear was put aside. I should also be able to get Ape Escape PS4 pretty quick, and possibly Cat Quest II... Yeah, Okay Sounds like fun. If anyone picks the redback spider, I want you to know that we'll probably never be friends.
  8. My guess would be as a means to know what games to avoid, but I'd fear it could be used as a tool to judge people recklessly. Especially since EZPZ means different things to different people. Everyone draws the line of acceptability just below what they're currently doing. I personally put the line at games which feel like cheap Copy and Paste jobs, like Breakthrough and the 'x' jumping games. I've seen some people put that level at Telltale Games, Artifex Mundi or even Lego. My main rule though is to only buy a game if I think I'll enjoy it, although I am often wrong... Storm Boy was so disappointing...
  9. There's the "x" Run games like: Also I agree with DrBloodmoney, my main rule would be if the games are sold on a system without achievements, ie the Switch, then I wouldn't count it since someone is playing them on quality alone.
  10. Having never really used emulators with rewind functions before, I have established I have no guilt using the rewind functions at all.

    1. Jeanoltt


      I was playing Fall Guys the other day and I had the impulse of using rewind😂

      It's really helpful in older games with poorly aged controls, I have no guilt at all.

    2. StraightVege


      So useful, and certainly nothing to feel bad about. Even many speedrunners use rewind and save states to practice difficult sections to perfection.

    3. breakingthegreen


      @StraightVege I used it to repeatedly whack a monkey in Ape Escape that kept killing me with rockets.

  11. Oh heavy topics are no problem, media that tackles them, (even badly,) gives me something to mull over, it's mostly sudden jumpscares that are my problem and if they are connected to particularly upsetting imagery, if Omori is more of a slow build, then that's much closer to my speed.
  12. As someone who genuinely got nightmares from watching Doki Doki Literature Club playthroughs online, is this game suitable for me. (The nightmares are a negative.)
  13. Something that I think people on this thread are missing about Undertale is that it is very much a commentary on RPGs themselves. Imma put my reasoning in the spoiler tag I wonder if Spec ops the Line came out today whether its critical war shooter message would have been lost and the game would be taken at face value. Anyway I've typed for ages, "If I had more time I'd have written a shorter post" - Blaise Pascal (probably)
  14. Also equipping outfits should net a trophy, but it doesn't for me.
  15. I'm training to be a nurse, so I've been learning a bunch of facts on how to help save people, CPR being the one that we are all retested on yearly, and there are a couple big games where it is performed so awfully, I can promise you that the characters must have just be faking death. Spoilers for Heavy Rain and Batman Arkham Origins Firstly in Heavy Rain, should you be able to save a major child character in the ending, you'll need to perform some quick time events (but not quick, you can't fail them) to perform CPR on them. Amazingly I just rewatched the scene, absolutely nothing was done correctly. I'll give a list within a list now because I've made myself angry and it may help you save a life. Compressions should be about 100-120 presses per minute, 30 at a time. Heavy Rain style CPR is at 12-15 presses per minute, 3 at a time. Compression depth should be 4-6 cm depending on age (in this case should be 5cm.) Depth in game is seemingly 0cm. There should be 2 rescue breaths between 30 compressions. Heavy Rain characters opt for 1 breath in between 3 poorly done compressions. To perform the breaths, use two fingers of on hand to tilt the chin up, and with the other hand place your palm on the forehead to assist the tilt, while pinching nose to to create a seal for the breath; finally when you perform the breath on the mouth, make sure your patient's chest raises. In Heavy Rain just breathe in the mouth and pray. Now the hand position for the compressions in the game is right, interlocking fingers of both your hands, wrists above the centre of the chest... this is all good for an unconscious non-breathing adult... But the patient is a child, you should use only one hand on a kid that size. For a drowning, which occurred in this case, you should perform 5 rescue breaths before you start compressions. Unrelated but the kid probably would have died of hypothermia. In Batman Arkham Origins two characters are unconscious, while I can't remember about one of them, for the other, it is confirmed that his heart has stopped. Batman uses his electric gauntlets to restart their heart. But this would not work, defibrillators are used to stabilize an irregular beat, not get the heart to start beating once it's stopped. Also Batman should have been doing chest compressions between shocks, otherwise they will run out of oxygen in their bloodstream.