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  1. It's Doctor Who Day today and for my 15,000th trophy, I got the completion trophy for the new VR Dr. Who game. It's got the Dr. Who logo and I'm so glad that this milestone happened on this coincidental date.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Congrats on milestone!

    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Great milestone ūüĎć

  2. 25 more matches! Bringing it to 55.
  3. Suckerpunch did the same thing with Infamous: First Light Assuming the trophies are going to be similar from the PC release of the Stanley Parable, there a whole odyssey dedicated to the perceived lack of effort of a particular trophy. Accounting+ awards you the basketball trophy even if you haven't completed it saying "Let's just keep this between you and me"
  4. By and large, for lego games you only really need to google where the Red Bricks are for the minikit (and others types) detectors. Then there will be arrows pointing to where the collectibles are.
  5. You can select an option for specific trophy lists to be hidden from others. Press the options button on the list and pick that option. Then BISH BASH BOSH you're back on the leader board.
  6. I want to add Batman Arkham Origins, it's the only main game not on PS4 and I think it's well worth playing, servers are still up too.
  7. 119 out of 167 below 50% If people expect me to go for harder ones... no... I'll play what I find fun, alternatively whatever's on offer on the PS store.
  8. Anyone watch state of play? I got kinda hyped for Away, UNTIL... I saw that snake which had the patterning of a harmless snake. The saying goes:" Red next to black, cut it some slack. Red next to yellow, It'll kill a fellow."


    I'm just kidding, it looks good.

    Still not sure why people keep expecting E3 quality presentations, when Sony will have the same amount of games to show either way, just this way they'll be more evenly distributed. 

    1. SinisterPledge


      Looking forward to seeing more of that Predator game.

  9. I forgot how much trouble I had trying to change my avatar on this site. 

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Really? its pretty easy...

    2. breakingthegreen


      I usually work with PNGs which are a lot larger than JPEGs. I'm mostly a single-minded idiot that can't consider alternatives.

    3. PooPooblasterAOK


      ewww JPEG...I would never choose that format if I had a choice too. I'm so glad PS4 allow screen captures at PNG level. JPEG was just horrendous.

  10. I'd like to enter, I completed Donut county the other day. As for my favourite song, well since I've been at Uni I've really started appreciating the easy listening, so Denmark's Love is Forever is the one that I like the most. Also your list lacks the most intimidating chicken, Tsao from Sly Cooper 3... also there are little ones in sly 4.
  11. I'm not just posting this 'cause I have only 1 ultra rare plat. Why would I continue to try and complete a game beyond the point that it interests me? And since this site is full of Trophy Hunters, impacting the numbers. I'm more proud of my "Very Rare" Persona 4 Golden plat than my "Ultra Rare" Playstation Move Heroes plat. It's the effort that I put in that I'm proud of. Also, If Assassin's Creed 4 is added to PSPlus and the percentage suddenly goes to an "Ultra Rare" level, would that make the platinum feel more special? No, and if anything slightly devalues it since its mostly so low from people who weren't going to try it anyway, playing and deciding they didn't like it.
  12. Not including Sound shape's DLC (which is 5 years and a month.) My longest is Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, which adds up to 4 years and 6 months. The reason was, of course, multiplayer which seemed impossible so I didn't bother for 4 years.
  13. I... err... I'll pass, I'm pretty sure there are some laws about 13-year-olds and marriage that I don't wanna break.
  14. I was talking about the fact that I'm fat and british. If I made enemies out of people that didn't like creators I like, it would be me against the world since I like Game Theory.
  15. And here I thought we could be friends...