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  1. They're trying to get people to buy Game Pass Ultimate which is $15.99 a month and includes Game pass and Gold, they even set it up so you could convert your remain Gold months to GPU months. They're reckoning people will go "May as well get the better version for only a $5 more"
  2. You'd be surprised how bad everyone I've met is at budgeting. Fella I knew had to sell his Playstation because he didn't leave any wiggle room and petrol when went up on price by 3p
  3. I know the "Won't somebody, please think of the children?" argument is kinda disliked, but I know many people when they were younger would only play one or two games, Call of Duty, Fifa and such. I guess these days would be Fortnite, Rocket League, and Apex would be added to that list. My point is for these types of gamers and young children who straight up rely* on long running multiplayer games. Many people simply can't afford this price hike, especially children and doubly especially in a pandemic. It doesn't really matter just how good of a deal Game Pass Ultimate is to those kinds of people, if anything removing the Gold option would lead to a even greater level of investment required. If you bought Disney+ just to watch Soul, then it probably would have been better to just buy the DVD. *by rely I just mean for entertainment or socialising with friends long distance
  4. You should be able to, yeah. Same method
  5. We can have an Ignore list? Please tell me it's not premium exclusive.
  6. It's kinda about the medium, I assume the movie worked fine as the biography book it was based on, it probably also worked fine as a audio play or radio drama, but as the mediums show imagery, that's where the story, regardless of the message, will risk being used as titillation. From what I've heard about the movie, it has its story in the right place but the decision the turn it into a film is inherently flawed. That being said medium is not an issue with gal-gun, the problem with gal-gun is the point of the game, and unlike with say, Zanki Zero, where UNDERAGE nudity can be edited out and not effect the end product, I think it would be fair to say games like gal-gun don't have that luxury... it's just... too... problematic... if you'll accept that terminology.
  7. #225 Spiritfarer, definitely my game of the year, and I'm a pile of tears now. 

  8. I know this is a while ago, but I would 100% recommend the race challenges with accelerator boosts, you can train and steadily improve at those but in the story and combat, it's got a lot of elements of luck you would need to overcome.
  9. More of the "Grindiest Trophies to Platinum" should be like the "Dancing King" trophy in the Grondhog Day VR game, I was grinning like a peacock as I boogied endlessly to platinum #218.

  10. On PS4 go on the single player and press upload to cloud before, on PS5 start the game, quit out of the tutorial intro it'll put you in and press single player a now press load cloud save. So similar to Spiderman yes.
  11. So I downloaded my Platinum PS4 save to mt PS5 version and only received one of the trophies (Collect 50 audio collectables), is this similar to anyone else's experience, or do none or all of the trophies usually pop?
  12. Yes it has. Stated at 3:14, PS Access is a UK Playstation Youtube channel, so therefore a direct source.
  13. It hard.
  14. Strategy jRPGs, like Fire Emblem I guess.