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  1. Aight... Big TT Walking Dead fan here... so here you go The Walking Dead Season One All story related apart from two missable trophies in the DLC episode (episode 6.) You earn the plat after you complete the 5th episode. Episode 6 needs to be bought separately on the PS3 but is included on all other versions. The Walking Dead Season Two No Plat this time, but all include and all story trophies The Walking Dead Michonne All story again, no platinum. The Walking Dead The New Frontier Platinum this time, all story. The Walking Dead The Collection Includes all the prior games, and the two missable trophies from season one. The Walking Dead The Final Season Many missable trophies, Platinum available. Some episodes necessitate replays. The Walking Dead The Telltale Definitive Series Every episode previously released, one trophy per episode. Platinum available.
  2. I think I may have discovered another contentious issue in the trophy hunting community again.
  3. As the title states. This was made possible due to a team of fans working on resurrecting the experience over many years. I am unaware if trophies can be earned on it at the moment. But even if they aren't I'm sure someone here gets a kick out of hearing this news. News article below EDIT According to some outlets, the servers aren't online yet such as eurogamer
  4. I assume don't mean most expensive to 100% out of the LEGO games *Flash backs to buying ungodly amounts of LEGO Dimensions figurines.*
  5. I got the Plat legit, it's not like there were no bugs, (these bugs were on the PS4 version before the PS5 version launched) for example, the fall down the garbage shoot trophy i for whatever reason I completed 5 times before the trophy popped, the other my friend didnt get the "from stage to garden" trophy when I threw him (I got it solo by jumping with the moon ball.) I think the main clincher is the 100km in ballform which was by far my last trophy, but its easy to think it's glitched if you forget that 100km (60 miles) is a long a**e distance.
  6. Since I'm a European my PS5 came on the 19th. Anyway, my list will be in order of my favourite games, and not necessarily enjoyment to platinum. Green games I think are good, Amber are okay, and Red I did not like much at all. Ratchet & Clank:Rift Apart Bugsnax Astro's Playroom Hitman III Deathloop It Takes Two Life is Strange: True Colors Sackboy: A Big Adventure Spider-Man: Miles Morales Spider-Man Remastered A Plague Tale: Innocence Knockout City Maquette Immortals Fenyx Rising Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Destruction All Stars Man Eater Hunter's Legends Arena Energy Cycle
  7. And if it doesn't, they'll pull a Square Enix and just say, "yeah... it's the developers fault, games as service itself totally works and doesn't make games a grindy repetitive bore."
  8. Yeah, I kinda experienced that when I was playing, not as badly due to a lack of misogyny and racism, but enough to understand. What I assume was 5 friends who were playing together in what I think was French. On the first vote, the were all discussing, I didn't understand and they all voted for me within one second of each other, I then said that they were all mistaken (I was innocent and had been the only one to hand in the keycards,) then one of them just said in a shouted in English "OH MY GOD SHUT THE F*** UP YOU F***ING LOSER!" So yeah... play with friends...
  9. People can kill personoids, one person grabs, the other chokes, on level two and three, people can also kill other each via fire, crushing, airlock, drowning, dropping, and electricity. Not saying the game isn't unbalanced in favour of the impostors, but this criticism is untrue.
  10. There are moments of hilarity I found like when someone figured out at the start the if the two personoids can kill two residents the game becomes unplayable even tho they were rumbled: the lady was giggling furiously as me and the other resident tried to kill them and they tried to kill us, knowing they were rumbled but only ending when the oxygen ran out. But moments like that are rare with random people, a stream lined text chat would really make playing with randoms a lot more fun especially if they don't have/won't use mics... as for trophies... yeah you'll need to boost them
  11. Imma add images 😉 1) Doctor Who - A show that has to be made on purely creativity, where in one episode, an ill equipped British army try to claim Mars for Queen Victoria, and literally the next episode will be about Romans and Celts bonding over the shared threat of a snake faced wolf. 2) Primeval - A fairly blatent attempt by ITV to steal the success of Dr Who and it successfully managed to grow it's own identity. With earth being covered with the occasional portal to another time period, so a group of resourceful but strangely under qualified government workers have to try and return them through the portals. Also this show did Cordyceps turning people into zombies way before the Last of Us. A major reason I kept watching was the genuinely sweet romance arc that lasted the entire show between Connor and Abby. 3) Taskmaster - Funniest panel show ever in my opinion, 5 funny folks are tasked with a series of challenges in which they earn points, contestant with the most points at the end of the series wins a trophy, the tasks are made to be worked around, creative and typically funny thinking with bring wreck and ruin in equal measure. For example, "Fill this eggcup with your own sweat." So Sara decided to pay one of the camaramen to buy his sweat off of him. 4) You, Me and the Apocalypse - A show managing to successfully balance the comedy and tragedy of the upcoming end of the world. We follow 4ish groups who all seem to be connected to each other as we see that many of them have arrived in a bunker in Slough, more and more get revealed as the series goes until the end of the would occurs. With themes of faith being a prominent emerging from most of the characters, whether it be gaining or loss, it's easy to say that that it's not like most other shows. 5) Good Omens - Boundlessly funny and creative, it's the show that can, and does, feature a scene where a witch hunter gets pulled over in his car but so newly arrived extra terrestrials, which delay him on his way to the village that contains the literal spawn of Satan, who has just been convinced to turn a nuclear reactor into a boiled sweet. It's the reason to own Amazon Prime in my opinion. Other one's I'd recommend... Assassination Classroom A Series of Unfortunate events The Wrong Mans WandaVision Gravity Falls Persona 4 the Animation Science of Stupid Erased Owl House Milo Murphy's Law Ghosts (BBC, haven't seen CBS one yet) iZombie
  12. Yes, the final episode bypasses the need to search for the episode on the store, the reason is that when you buy the disc you have the legal right to the season pass content, so as long as the store is up, so will those episodes. And to confirm, I got the trophies from the disc version not too long ago. This will work with all Telltale game discs that don't have all the episodes on disc, possibly except for minecraft season 1 season pass disc, which only grants you access to 5 out of the 8 episodes, You'd need to get the Minecraft complete adventure for all 8 episodes.
  13. I'm all for addressing the root cause, but the idea that "we as a society" can do it together is kinda simplistic, we all work in different industries, and the major group that would be remotely effective at big change is those who decide governmental spending (more spending into mental health treatments, more spending for mental wellness training at work and schools, give people less stressful work lives with more options etc.) All that we can do are small actions since it's very difficult to enact sweeping changes, if the developers want to do this, that's fine, even if it'll have little to no tangible effect. Even if it just lets the dev team sleep better at night.
  14. I liked it for the (I'd say Hitman-esqe ) way that you had to find the right way to exploit the physics engine to catch those little fellas in addition to everything you listed.
  15. No one mention that I would have paid a lot of money for an excuse to play more Bugsnax to them, they seem very suggestible.