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  1. #250 Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Also my first PS5 milestone¬†ūüĎć.¬†Now I can finally get all those plats I've had on the back burner.¬†

  2. Three Mass Effect platinums achieved in just over 2 weeks. Heck yeah!

    1. nyarLOLhotep


      Nicely done.

  3. VF5 is a remake, therefore in my eyes should be treated as a new release, otherwise we should be considering other advanced remakes as only updates, I'm certainly not considering CTR Nitro Fueled an update. And regarding Star wars, even if the servers are dying, there's a single player to sink your teeth into, which is what I'd be doing. Also it's got 79/100 on metacritic, so I feel it's fair to call it "good."
  4. Maybe I have strange tastes, but I'm not sure why people are criticising this month so much, Tango and VF5 are new releases, and star wars is a known good game that's less than 8 months old. I'd say it's the best month we've had since March. That and I have been actively looking forward to Operation Tango for ages.
  5. Same vibe:
  6. to challenge someone: be a psn friend and on a find a game mode where the friends score is lower for the trophy one Upon receiving a challenge, complete that game mode with a better score than the person who challenged you for second challenge.
  7. What would you say is the most under appreciated game you've played? Do you have any party tricks outside of games? Which guide that you've written was the toughest for what ever reason, whether that reason be boredom or difficulty?
  8. I will continue to call all vacuum cleaners: Hoovers. I will call all flying disc: a Frisbee. I will call loud sirens: a Klaxon I will call all tablets: iPad All are specific brand names, and we don't care. Please don't accuse developers of being lazy or indoctrinated over a generalised naming scheme. Or is this satire... Now I think about it it could be...
  9. You can usually tell if a rumour is true if the announcement in question is something literally no one wants or cares about. Like when there was a rumour about the Lego Harry Potter being remastered, Why would you lie about that, it'd be pretty weak to waste your credibility on. But saying "EXCLUSIVE GAME" is coming to "CONSOLE YOU OWN OR PC" seems to be much more common because that's what people want to see and so we don't ever really notice that the super fan servicey that aren't announced the next week, never happen. I think it'd be safe to say this rumour lay in the no one cares pile, so I believe it.
  10. I hope that they have the Druids be a minority of the population, since at the time of the vikings, Ireland (and I am welcome to be corrected) was fairly prominently Christian. Valhalla does annoy me with it's historical inaccuracies when the other were fairly solid history-wise. I watched my brother play a bit and the game said "Don't kill any monks" and I was like "that's what they did, those are vikings, they killed or enslaved monks." Yeah my hope for the DLC is low.
  11. MySims Sky Heroes Platinum achieved after a literal decade and an account lost during the PSN hacking during 2011.

    1. MidnightDragon



  12. I feel like I have to defend Devil's Daughter for a second, bare in mind that I have only played DD and C&P, perhaps it's just because I like my games to throw tangible consequences in my face, (Unashamed Telltale type game fan here), but DD actually had some callbacks to the cases I cracked tagged on in the ending which I loved trying to justify. Trust me when I say that frequently visiting Baker Street Station when I live London makes you know just how many portrayals there are, there's an anime dog Sherlock, there's gnome Sherlock, there's a sexy Henry Cavil Sherlock and even a crap Will Ferrell one. These days I'm just happy when the stories are good. Really liked the BBC Sherlock too...
  13. The AA Game industry has been super quiet on Playstation for ages, and Frogware is one of the last major studios in that vein. The thought of an open-world I fear may be more than Frogware can manage, but I haven't yet played Sinking City, so I hope I'm wrong
  14. In case you may being considering buying the game. (Not the bitcoin mining thing that's a myth)
  15. #SavePSStore feels like refloating a sunken ship, compared to my current plan of looting the ship before it drifts away.