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  1. I couldn't sleep, so I turned my trophy cabinets into a facebook quotes that my mum is always posting.


    Yes this is inspired by @DrBloodmoney's one. No I'm not calling his version a facebook quote, because his one actually rolls off the tongue well.

  2. Almost started on my alt. glad I can play for trophies now 😀
  3. Hello again friends, I've managed to to achieve the 7th game and therefore gain the "Rainbow Appreciator" rank after nearly a month. This game is a brown one, it's F.I.S.T Forged in Shadow Torch (PS4). Mini Review thing time, no rank gained will stop me from wasting my time on these things. FIST is a Metroidvainia that came to Playstation after the China project effort, I don't imagine that this one was as successful as Genshin Impact, but I enjoyed it. It's a melee focused game where you gain moves and weapons, it's got a lot of combos almost akin to a basic fighting game, I imagine that you could look the game's combat look 10x more stylish than I did. I was playing this on a base PS4 which lead to some pop in, and by that I include the walls and floors not spawning in for a few seconds when I was rushing during clean up. Otherwise it's graphically really impressive with properly 3D environments and really detailed characters... Who are animals 🐰! I didn't mention this but all the animals are anthropomorphic animals, the lead is Rayton (Who I've chosen to believe is Judy Hopp's cousin from Zootropilis) a gruff veteran who after his friend gets arrested, decides to overthrow Rabbit Hitler. Yeah... story is where this game fails, the story is very basic and relies on character backstory that they have to tell us in the moment in order for the story to make sense, it's not bad, its not even mediocre, but it's the worst part of the game. There's only like 5 cutscenes in the game which look tonnes better than the typical text boxes. I do recommend the game I had a very good time. Happy Year of the Rabbit 🐇 My Progress Now that I've ranked up, I'll post the template, which I hadn't done before now. I'll rank them so far: I Was a Teenage Exocolonist: I love this game, a densely written story with so many characters that I love being with. 10/10 Moss: Book II: One of my favourite VR games, a better sequel, and an adorable mouse, if you're picking I a PSVR2, play this duology. 9.0/10 F.I.S.T. Forged in Shadow Torch: General high quality Metroidvainia, a bunch of fun. 8.5/10 Hoa: Very beautiful 2D platformer that could have been better with better if it focused on one aspect of the gameplay. 6.5/10 Super Stardust Portable: Good fun, but not a game genre I like. 6.0/10 Teacup: Cute game whose story is kneecapped by his length and the shear number of characters in the game, none of whom get nearly enough dialogue to flesh them out 5.0/10 Pinball Heroes: It's Pinball. 📌/⚽
  4. My 200th Plat is a little special to me because it's also the last trophy I earned before I moved from the house that I'd lived in all my life: Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fuelled
  5. As much as I want new PS2 games to join the service, proper ports of the Slys, Ratchet and Clanks spring to mind as well as a tonne of licensed games like the Simpsons and Spongebob games. I do doubt those will come, but there are a bunch of PSP versions games that I can see coming: Jak and Daxter: The Frontier Daxter Ratchet and Clank Size Matters Secret Agent Clank Littlebigplanet PSP
  6. Road 96: Mile 0 announced for PS4 & PS5 (April 4th)



    I can't overstate how much I need this, I was not expecting a new game in the franchise but I'm so please to return to Petria. 

    1. DrBloodmoney


      Interesting - it was an odd little game, but one I ended up liking quite a bit.


      Hope the soundtrack is as good as the first one!

    2. breakingthegreen


      @DrBloodmoney Some Journos I've read say that this game is more musical than the first.

      The music the trailer is apparently the games main theme (much like Cocoon's The Road in the original game,) it doesn't look like there's a full release of it on youtube yet, but here's another of the artist's (The Midnight) songs that I found (and liked:)



  7. One of the main reasons that I haven't made a plan, is because I know that new games will come out this year that I would likely platinum, also I lack commitment to most plans anyway... anyway my sixth game for this, as of writing has a platinum rate of 0%... I'm so skilled 😎. It's a blue one which got trophy support added today, Super Stardust Portable (PS4). This is the PSP release in the long running Stardust franchise its the... *goes on Wikipedia* 2nd/3rd/4th entry#. Unlike the other games which take place on planet shaped arenas, this is more of a looping circle which is a lot smaller than you'll realise. It's not a terrible change, it's a lot easier to see if something is going to hit you in the immediate moment, but you do lose out on seeing pick ups from further away. Most importantly with this release we have the ability to Cheat! with the rewind mode, without it I would have no chance to complete this game. Should you play it? It is short with six stages and only 4 unique bosses but it's also only £8 outside of Plus. I had fun with it, but I wouldn't have bought it separately. 6/10 for the 6th game . # Legitmately I don't understand what counts as an entry, HD was called a remake of a the second entry from 1994, but it's deemed the 3rd game, but the PS3, PSP, PS4 and PSVR versions are all considered the same entry, I can attest though that the PSP version is definitely different due to the lack of planet arenas mentioned above and new bosses.
  8. 😄 That's Great 👍 Also, your new poster has been officially "Mum Approved!™️"
  9. I have watched both episodes now and have established that I definitely shouldn't watch this with my squeamish mother. Shows good... I have no further input.
  10. I wouldn't say that she's against describing herself as such. She seems to like it here:
  11. If anyone's interested in how my first playthrough of Disco Elysium is going, the first half of this video is a pretty good summary:


    I didn't check the trophies beforehand and Apologise 10 times is the only trophy I have so far.

  12. I'd just like to point out the choice of buying the game pre-owned, it's what I've done for Ubisoft games ever since those allegations came out. (And would do for Activision Blizzard if they would release a goddamn Spyro 4.)
  13. I heard that they were also boycotting some charities like Mermaids and GIRES. I recommend donating right away. 😉
  14. Thirteen more games have been announced in one huge block including PC indie darling Before Your Eyes, PvE shooter Pavlov VR, and PS5 versions of Synth Riders, Thumper and Tetris Effect. Some upgrades are free for previous owners, and some have a $10 fee, and some have no mention of an upgrade path.
  15. Damn, I just Platinumed a game but I already have a Green game ...So I got a Light Green in the form of Hoa (PS4) It's game number 5 for me and bought as part of the sale that's just gone. Is it a good game? My opinions are strangely similar to Teacup which was my green game. It's a very pretty game, and I mean movie quality pretty, if beauty is enough of a reason to get a game, this is an easy recommendation. But when it comes to story, this game comes up short; Hoa is only about two hours long and the dialogue is very minimal, basically just consisting telling you how to use a new move or to go to the next area, the only piece of tangible story is the final cutscene. The gameplay itself is fine, it's a puzzle platformer, it works fine, but isn't interesting until the final chapter and never challenging.