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  1. Steins;Gate Elite I believe also technically falls into this category, the visual novel replaces its original artwork with animated scenes from the anime series.
  2. I think the fact that the PS4 version is getting an update to fix it (Which I would assume is an entire server transfer,) shows that this is likely to be a "no patches" issue rather than a actual server shutdown.
  3. To be 100% clear, I like all of the major Uncharted games and Platinumed them all at least once. I would rate them from 9/10 to 7.5/10. Uncharted 3 - This game had the best set pieces in my mind, That and I loved seeing the Sully and Drake relationship as a constant through line. Uncharted 4 - Best gameplay in the series, but it missed out on the top spot since I disliked Sam Drake for a Majority of the game. Uncharted 2 - Certainly the most impactful game in the franchise, but loses points for me having the 2nd worst villian in my eyes Uncharted Lost Legacy - This game has the same Gameplay as number 4 and my favourite villain in the entire franchise, but that tedious open world section and short length puts it in the bottom half of the list. Uncharted Golden Abyss - Ayyy it's the major game most people haven't played, It's a good game, but it lacks the set pieces that the game is known for and has one of the weaker villains. Uncharted 1 - Classic first game growing pains, little in the way of set pieces, weakest villains in the franchise, single environment, and just generally underwhelming treasure with the other games being whole treasure rooms to treasure cities... but this is... a coffin. Cursed yes, but still very disappointingly bland.
  4. I'm only at the 4th chapter at the moment and so far I've been very impressed, but I agree that the price is a bit steep. LiS 1 Released at £16-20 at launch, but of course if you played it, you'd know that it reuses the environments a hell of a lot which lowers the cost. LiS 2 Launched at £33, but there was a free demo in the form of "Captain Spirit," and every episode was in a new unique location. So the cost is kinda explained True Colours Released (Digitally) at £50, (or higher if you're getting a deluxe edition), so far the game mostly follows the LiS 1 model from what I've seen. Literally the only major expense this game in comparison to the other games is the addition of Mo-Cap technology TBH I still kinda want it to go back to the true episodic format but so long as the series sticks around, I'm happy. 🙂
  5. I reckoned that it was obvious that they just announced a single title for each month as a special little announcement, and not a full game list. Kinda like how Playstation announced Hunters Arena Legends for August's PS Plus long before they announced the PS4 games for that month.
  6. I never followed what was going on on the top of the leader board, especially since I stopped rising about 2 or 3 years ago; and now I know the current drama, I still don't care, most of us don't have the money to even afford the games required to get that, so I don't know why people bother losing their minds about it. Kinda like how I didn't care whether Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk would get to space first.
  7. If I had a nickel for every Ultra Rare arena vehicle combat game I platinumed this year, despite not platinuming any in that genre before... I'd have two nickels.

    Which isn't a lot but it's weird it happened twice. 

  8. It was easy for Virtue's Last Reward, US version had a English Dub I didn't know about, and the EU version I got with PS Plus didn't. But, I often look for excuses to Play games I love again, I own Rayman Legends on PS3 PS4 and Vita, and only recently learned that the vita is actually a bit different and the Wii U version. I do often leave time in between playthroughs though.
  9. I only really consider a Platinum dirty if it is both easy and not in least way fun, so in that regard I would say that I've avoided the truly dirty games (Little adventure, breakthrough, zj the ball ect...) Although I do often regret how I played some point and clicks and that one visual novel, I feel it's fair to say I played them dirty (skipped puzzles/ had an guide open the whole time, didn't acknowledge any story) and not had let the developers tell the stories they wanted. I took a much more laid back approach with Evan's Remains and One Night Stand and if you look on the trophy percentage you'd say they were dirty trophies (if your definition is a bit looser than my own), but actually listening to the story tells well told and interesting tales. So I'll put games that I played dirty total, and the games I played dirty and now wish I could play as an actual game (stacks included) Total games I played in a "Dirty manner:" 14 Total regreted plats I wish I could play properly: 9
  10. To be 100% clear, the bitcoin mining thing is an urban legend, there is no proof that the game used the nintendo switch for whatever bitcoins need it for. It was initially removed to being released earlier than originally agreed and being lower quality than wanted on switch. I realise you may be kidding, but I dont want people avoiding this game for incorrect reasons... just correct ones like "it looks a bit naff"
  11. Is it because of the strangely high likelihood of it getting removed from the PS Store since it was never meant to be outside of the nintendo consoles and the rights holder has been threatening action against the publisher for well over a year?
  12. Can someone who speaks Xbox tell us if we'll need a guide, and whether there's chapter select.
  13. It's on PS Now last time I checked, you probably would have to start from the begining though.
  14. hmm... I should add the simpsons game and scott pilgrim ps3 too... I was only looking at games with a Platinum trophy 🙃
  15. I saw a thread going round today about dwelling on trophy hunting disappointments with unachievable platinums, we all have a fair share of those I think. Thread below: But I wanted to celebrate owning those white whales of trophies that didn't slip through our fingers. Whether they're impossible to get due: to server closures, digital games getting delisted, a glitch making a trophy impossible added via an update, or even just that a physical copy is stupidly expensive, *angry eyes towards 3D Dot Game Heroes* So here is my list: The Legend of Korra (PS3) - Video Game Bender This Platinum Games Game's Platinum (try saying that three times fast) is now unachievable due to a delisting and no physical copies were produced meaning you need to have bought the game before 2016, tbh I kinda wish I bought the PS4 version too. The Last of Us (PS3) - Firefly Haven't got the platinum yet but I spent... waaaay too long completeing every single multiplayer trophy in Last of Us as soon as they announced the server shut down of Factions, as well as Uncharted 2 and 3's base trophies. I did this right before a major exam at uni... because I am responsible. Little Deviants (Vita) - Honor Upheld Now unachievable due to the Vita messaging service going down, I was out of my mind on the group chat on banana flavoured energy drinks getting this trophy at 4:30am, thanks again smithzzy and Achilles! Smart As... (Vita) - Intelligent Being Now unachievable legitimately due to Near closing down on the Vita, Believe it or not I actually own this game without PS Plus... I think I was the only one to be honest... Anyway... The gimmick that breaks this Plat is that you need to get street stars, 100 of them, assuming that you kept your PORTABLE DEVICE in on area it would take a minimum of 12 weeks to unlock that trophy, fortunately as a child of divorce, visiting my father's house sped up this adventure two-fold by being in to regions in one week. Fun fact I got the platinum for this game while I was in detention... responsible. Playstation All Stars Battle Royale (PS3 & Vita) - All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything Servers closed in 2019 and I got both Platinums in 2013😁 No story to tell, I just liked the game. Minecraft Story Mode Episode 8 (PS3) - To the Victor Go the spoils Unavailable due to being delisted, while I'm not certain of the PS4's version's status, I know I couldn't buy the PS3 version when the store was threatening to die, so I had to track down a complete edition of a game for the PS3 that launched in 2016 in 2021 for a reasonable price... my copy was water damaged.... ah well I only had one corrupted save... so all's well. The Simpsons Arcade Game (PS3) - Best Score Ever Delisted from the PS Store, Christ knows I'm not 100%ing this game, but I'm happy to have a few trophies. (got reminded of this games existence, or lack of by @enaysoft) SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD (PS3) - Dirty Trick Delisted due to a mess of five different companies having fingers in the pie of this game. I only have one trophy in this game... It's still one more than you'll probably ever get though to be honest. Hardware: Rivals (PS4) - Hardwearing Has already been delisted and the servers to this game are to close in December 2021 for this online only, I did not enjoy grinding this game out, I bet this game coulda survived if they converted it into a free to play game.