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  1. Thanks, im doing more or less exactly these tips that you are explaining in investigations (Y), for sizing videos im using your buddy @A_B_Y_S_S_1 since some weeks ago, The Monster List Need: Giant Crown Tobi Kadachi Paolumu Odogaron Pink Rathian Lavasioth Black Diablos Nergigante Kushala Daora Vaal Hazak Mini Crown Great Girros Radobaan Rathalos Uragaan Teostra Not Necessary (im not wasting my time in get these) Lunastra Deviljho Im doing slowly the hunt of last crowns, because i love this game! See ya!
  2. Same Here, i have more of 700 hours of playing game, it´s so difficult grind with all crowns with 200 hours or less, need 5 mini gold crowns and 8 giant crowns for plat yet, i love this game since monster hunter freedom unite but never completed these crowns for the long grinding, now is the time for get it!
  3. I got firstly Triple Kill! Yesterday in my first try in online, only missing This Is Living, tomorrow maybe get the last online trophy, because you know the information that those servers down October 24-26th.
  4. Well, better not add more comments to this topic, I already hid it if that was the problem, however now I can not prove that you can get it without the need for platinum bronze to get master of the universe, thanks for your explanations, see you later!
  5. SiraphaeLRD VVVVVV No, that isnt true because you can win that trophy without get Gold or Platinum Run (these have been got with deaths, master of universe is passing that mode, without gettting any death) so your fault towards me is incongruous.
  6. Well, I pre-ordered: - Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. - Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Thinking possibly: - MegaMan X Legacy Collection 1+2 - Spyro Trilogy
  7. So lucky, that you get all possible trophies guys, although ive never played this good game!!
  8. SiraphaeLRD EA Sports FIFA Football I told few weeks ago, that my brother used applications for obtain these trophies, the others were 100% legals, here only told me, that hide this trophies were enough, so im going to hide, for avoid this problem again! Thanks for the advice!
  9. Hi, this method still works because just now i've finished this trophy in my Mortal Kombat XL!
  10. Well, until now i havent problem with the game, i began last night and everything ok ( have telltale account, and psn on), tonight im going to play more chapters, any info ill put here!
  11. Well, its ok, I did not see the need to create a theme, but if its necessary to delete this message do it, and I will leave the game hidden, I have no other choice then. Thank you for your help, friend!
  12. Hello, good afternoon I have been an official member of this page back in 2013, which was when I became a psvita, but for university issues I moved away from video games for good time, recently I went back to do a psvita as well as a PS4 to use that of the remote play, it turns out that my brother I have left the laptop for him to also play (he is 22 years old) I linked both devices to my previous account since I understand that he must have the same account so that he himself work, because I like to show others all my trophies obtained since I started to date, but my uncertainty translates to what I have been doing for a few days now, I notice today that my brother is using illegal applications, since I see my trophy account that got all the online trophies of Mortal Kombat for PSVita without being able to get them (I do not know any other game, but this one is the most remarkable, besides that I have some that with a n little of dedication could get the platinum legally without any problem, since I have the cartridges), I have already removed the device to him, but since the damage is done, my situation is that I have hidden so far because the face of embarrassment falls, for fear of being banned from the page and playstation but I want to be very sincere at the same time, and I would like to give me some solution, because I love this page and the organization in how they show has fascinated me from I started here, friends, I reiterate again that you give me some solution, thanks in advance.
  13. Injustice Gods Among Us : Ultimate Edition Around The World
  14. The Hardest i´ve finished is Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified has some trophies really hard, jeje as well another one i´ve not finished is Treasure of Montezuma Blitz this ridiculous trophy nuclear blast is so hard