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  1. I have yet to win a match in 80 tries in Trio matches. I'm thinking of switching over to Duo's. Since Duos was added a year after the game was released, is it possible to earn any of the winning trophies in this mode. I don't want to waste hours and hours in a mode in which I might not end up earning the trophy. I will appreciate your feedback!
  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply. First match in Duo, I was able to get a win; and the trophy popped. Glad I was able to get my first win. True, I definitely noticed that in Duo. But thankfully the matches aren't as hard since their's no extra third person lurking from the shadows. Yes! I will definitely appreciate that a lot. Definitely need all the help lol. A little fyi, I don't have a mic, since I use my AirPods as my headphones. If you can live with that, then we are all good.
  3. That's unfortunate to hear. I've been tempted to buy this game physically since I'm a huge Berserk fan. But the cost is so freaking expensive. It's like $100 dollars. If what you said is true, I might consider skipping this game. I love my boi Guts, but he ain't worth the 100 dollars lol. I hope they make a proper Berserk JRPG game in the future.