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  1. I may be in retirement before I can get onto Destiny 2 servers 😂

    1. CelestialRequiem


      I wanted to be in retirement whenever I was on the Babylon's Fall servers...

    2. LucilleRosethorn


      I feel that. Every time I went on the game I wanted to get off straight away 

  2. Any Final Fantasy II on Basic and Simple. Very short songs and not a lot of notes, took three tries.
  3. From someone who put 3000+ hours on the DS versions, this trophy list is incredibly easy and only a tad grindy if you’re simply playing the game. You get plenty of points per song for the 5 billion points if you take into account of how many characters you’ll need to level up. You need to repeat songs for quests as you can’t beat most until you have a high level party or particular items and from what I remember, a perfect chain only needs you to hit every note on great or higher.
  4. Final Fantasy XIII - Got my first Trapezohedron after killing 17 adamantoise, not too bad but I need the money more 

    1. Xylobe


      Good luck with the rest of the grind! It's a rough one for sure.

  5. Platinum #33 Babylon's Fall (PS5) Enjoyment - 4/10 Difficulty - 1/10 Time - Around 30 hours I'll be honest, only played the game because of the servers shutting down and I really didn't enjoy it. It's okay at best but I feel sorry for anyone who brought it day one, had a lot of potential but failed hard.
  6. Beat Saber - I'm on 12 hours out of the 24, half way there! I was done with everything around 9 hours in so it's just letting the same song play over and over again 🙃

  7. When you play Destiny 2 for a little and now you can't even sleep because you're constantly thinking about it

  8. I'm pretty certain you'll need to buy the season pass as that seems to be the only option available unfortunately, at least it will include the next two DLC's as well. I'll personally wait for a sale, as much as I would like to play it now, £20 is a bit steep when I know it'll go down in price in a couple of months.