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  1. I am I think level 24. Anyway, for some reason, I just achieved 2 trophies and have jumped to level 375?????? Anyone else getting this glitch? How can I fix it?
  2. Thanks. I am thinking they are all code - it seems also they are likely expired even if not used. Have enquired with naughty dog as to whether they would issue another. The grounded mode is the only 1 I hand not bought. Being a triple-A I am surprised they took it off so quickly. It does not need multiplayer even.
  3. I think grounded mode plus comes with grounded mode. So both should be available in-game of the year right?
  4. It's even more nerve-racking when some things jump out on you on screen (in VR) and at the same time, your cat jumps onto your lap. Especially from in front of you :-)
  5. it will def run :-). I have the 500GB Black C Chassis console, works on that.
  6. there are a couple of sections, I can't say lol. But generally not to bad. You will get a few scares. First play through i would not worry about anything other than playing, makes it so much more fun. Can do collectables later.
  7. yeah, I am cloud saving :-) Otherwise my move controllers may need replacing lol. what do mean one preshot?
  8. ok so if you have more than one clip will stack but you always lose ammo in the weapon. thanks
  9. yeah, revolver sorry. so fro your message I take it you mean they do stack?
  10. thanks :-)
  11. No problems thus far on Psychotic until this level. After you kill the two WENDIGOS that zip around then attack, you face hordes of Wendigos after this that dash you towards the end of the level. Just before the final descent! I keep dying here not sure why it's so annoying. I have re-run this on insane and sometimes die here, but normally I get through ok. Any advice what guns are best here, revolver, shotgun, machine gun?
  12. I think pro just makes things run smoother. There is only one area I have seen screen jump, other than that it runs smoothly.
  13. I really enjoy this game, I Love horror games and my friend was one of the level designers on this and the original. I must confess I have not played the original yet, but i will be. If you have VR I think this is a must, it's great fun, but the last trophy on psychotic is a pain in the ass. Not sure this level of difficulty works well for VR, Insane is better because of checkpoints, In the intense battles towards end, the tracking can go a bit on motion controllers. I have a normal ps4 and it works well :-)
  14. Sometimes weapons seem to stack sometimes they don't. Not sure how it works, seems if you shoot a pickup you already have it adds another set of that weapon once the previous is exhausted? If you pick a flare gun once used up you revert back to the gun before. It seems however if you had a shotgun but you shoot up a pistol pick up you lose the shotgun. I am not sure if the Uzi works like the flare of the other guns? any ideas? Has anyone noticed this or anything different?
  15. Ok i did it and here are my tips.1) study the VR lUGE world record video on youtube - See where this gamer speeds up and saves time in each run and add this to your game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1wc1_Nol7A 2) refine your skills in time trial mode2) if you finish with less than 52 seconds left on Devils Dash you may as well start again. 52-55 secs left on the clock will help you immensely with the rest of the tour.4)I initially found Midnight Falls tricky, but I realised I was making silly mistakes and not taking advantage of many speed up opportunities in Construction Dash.5) In construction dash I avoided going under the yellow truck and the end of the dirt path (moving back onto the road), simply because it was too tricky and screwing up my tour. 6)for really tight areas to gain speed-switching quickly from left to right (such as a second vehicle right after a previous one), I used my hands on the headset to turn tighter. 7) I tried to keep my finish times within 5 seconds or so of point one, I slightly went over this but was confident I could make up the time in Midnight falls. So in other words, if you think you can make it up do so or restart. 8)keep away from patches on the road.9)gaining Air in certain places dramatically improves your time - over bumps in the road - see video.10) I cannot say that lifting up a bit physically makes any real difference to getting airborne. Maybe it does - it seemed to me the key was that you entry speed determined how much air you would achieve.