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  1. Yup, it unlocked around 10 minutes after I asked. lol
  2. So I am worried I might be doing something wrong here and wasting my time, although I might not be at 50hrs track time yet... Currently I'm doing this by sitting on the track, finishing the lap, going back to garage and ending the session via menu. Is this the correct way to do this trophy or do I need to idle for like 36 hours in a row?
  3. I looked at the same guide, but for me the race is absolutely broken, and doesn't work like his does in the video. The old bee just flies off, there's that distance meter at the top of the screen and he's just 100+ meters away, right after I pass the rocks near the start, even though I am taking a perfect route behind him. Tried it multiple times and it was always the same. Also, I am on the NA 1.03 version, playing the whole thing on easy. edit: nvm.... I just did it somehow, it's just STUPID hard and will probably take everyone a few dozen tries (that's what I'm telling myself at least!). It is the hardest race in the game, that's for sure.
  4. The trophy O-Bee-Wan seems impossible in my game at least. It's a racing mission and the bee you're chasing is literally out of sight right near the start, and the mission just fails after I'm through just 1/3 of the race. I watched a youtube video and the dude played it years ago, and had no issues because he didn't chase him at all, he just went through the green rings, but in my game (on easy mode!) it's just an impossible race. Also, the counter for stinging 3 bullies resets for me when I quit the game, so I have no idea if it's missable or not, I just found one bully but am back to 0/3 after I quit the game. This is on version 1.0, the one with PS plus extra, so I'd advise anyone and everyone to just skip this game if you can't downgrade to 1.0.