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  1. Maybe you will have a better experience. Mind you, I have only played about an hour of it so probably haven't seen all of the game but I will return to clean it up at some point.
  2. It was Minecraft for me. Left my console on overnight to grind the 100 day trophy and it popped in the middle of the night.
  3. I'm not really involved much when it comes to gaming online but would love to have some new friends to compare trophy lists and help each other out with stupid MP/Co-op trophies. PSN ID: SP71Q Language: English I will accept blank friend requests
  4. Welcome! I'm sure you will fit right in. Good luck on the hunt!
  5. I picked this up from the sales expecting an easy hack and slash experience but ended with a buggy mess of a game where my hits don't even register.
  6. The trophy list looks great. Just gotta get the Parkour Fever DLC cleaned up on DL1 before DL2 releases but i'm definitely gonna pick this up as I loved the first game.
  7. Game doesn’t start at all when playing on PS5. No idea what the cause is.
  8. Yes, but only if you have less than 2 flags which is the leniency limit. If so, follow this: If you have more than 2 flags you will need to dispute them.
  9. Damn, unlucky dude. At least you got it done the proper way. It helped me out massively and thought it may help out others who have just started Bozak or are struggling with the speedrun.
  10. Hi all, I recently found out a glitch that allows you to bring in your own weapons and items such as medkits and a grappling hook into Bozak Horde, making it much easier. I was able to solo Bozak twice using this method and unlocked the blueprints for the other arrows. I take no credit for this, just sharing it incase anyone else needs a helping hand.
  11. From what I have seen (which isn't much) you need to talk to your squad and follow orders because this isn't a game to play like a lone-wolf. Winning relies on communication and teamwork. I also recommend starting out with the Rifleman class. It's the easiest to use for starters. Good luck!
  12. Dying Light 2, Dead Space Remake, Evil Dead and The Outlast Trials. Looks like a good year for us horror fans!
  13. Hi everyone, this is a first for me as I have never entered into any competition on PSNP until now. Starting Completion: 97.38% Goal Completion: 98.50% My target is to go up by 1.12%. This isn't a massive jump but that's because some of my unfinished games are either time consuming or more difficult. I was thinking that this would give me motivation to get them cleaned up.
  14. Me and my brother played through this over a few days and it was fantastic. Better than A Way Out in my opinion. The platinum trophy is very easy aside from one trophy, Platforming Prodigy. It may take you a few attempts to get the timing down and make it to the top of the Helltower. Definitely recommend to anyone with a partner.