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  1. Yes, I am a co-developer. We need some Age Certificates for games when we want to publish in those countries. But we are working on these, but it takes a while, and I cannot confirm the release date in those countries yet…
  2. Hi @Rowbokop, Yes New Zeland, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are 3 countries that we are not able to publush the games. But we are currently working on it so i can be published there.
  3. Hi @Rowbokop, can you please specify what country are you in? I will try to find the store link for you. 👌
  4. Hi Guys, all other versions are finally out!
  5. Hi Guys, all other versions are finally out!
  6. Hi @rednaxnxam, the PS4 trophy list will be released with the game when it comes out on store. US - 12:00 AM - New York Time EST & EU 5 PM / 17:00 - London Time GMT
  7. Hi, @Mercenary09 we have done it this way because not a lot of people have the PS5 yet, so we have the cheaper option to buy only the PS4 option. But thanks for the feedback, we will consider it in the future. Hi Guys, sorry that you do not like this game. This game was created to learn how to port game from PS5 console to PS4, so it will be easier for us to do it in the future. We are not planning to release such game in future. As I said it was done just for learning purpose and we made the best out of it.
  8. Hi, @Mercenary09Thanks for your feedback. Can you please specify, which form of cross-buy would you like to see? Thanks
  9. Yes, it will be out on 20.11.2021 12:00 EST - New York time PS4 and PS5
  10. Ye, we were thinking so. But we do not want to flood the store with the same game... We would like to improve ourselfs and create new games. Hi @rednaxnxam, All versions (PS4 US / EU & PS5 US / EU) are ready to release on 19.11.2021 around 18:00 London Time. You dont see the other version because the game with achievements was not pushed publicly yet. The Quick Mafs is comming out on 20.11. on PS4 US / EU & PS5 US
  11. U are welcome
  12. I mean yes. 😂 Give me your paypal I will send you the money for the game, since you have guesed it correctly 😜 The real question is whether you really want it to happen.
  13. Hi, Sorry we had some problems with PS4 but I can confirm you that the game is comming out on 20.11.2021 5PM London Time - PS4 US, PS4 EU and PS5 US
  14. They might add some achievements with that theme in an update.